A tribute to The OA and Allison Wilke Gryphon

 Another post about the show “The OA” – finished watching it, and was very moved by the scope of this series.  The best word I can use to describe it is "Transcendant."

Zal and Brit from their series "The OA"
As noted, the show is loosely based on the NDE experiences.  It's genesis was Brit running into a woman who had a near death experience, and told her about it.  Zal credits Dr. Ray Moody's book ("Life After Death") with background info on these events.  I'd also recommend people check into Dr. Bruce Greyson's work (considered the godfather of the science involved, he's at UVA and is featured in my book "It's a Wonderful Afterlife.")  Also Dr. Sam Parnia's "Awareness" project is extensive.

But "the OA" is the first show I'm aware of that has dealt with these events from the perspective of what happens to people during and as a result from them, instead of adding some form of "it's all an illusion" skepticism.  People tend to argue the "god spot" argument, although it was proven inaccurate by Mario Beauregard's MRI studies showing transcendent experiences aren't found in any one particular spot in the brain. His most recent studies show that "past life memories" are also not activated by any particular spot of the brain.  

I've spoken to scientists about the argument that hypoxia is involved, cryptomnesia is involved, or even synesthesia.  I show in my book "Hacking the Afterlife" that is not, could not be accurate when it comes to learning "new information" from someone no longer on this side of the veil.  (And "Veil" is not my choice of words - it's an old word rarely used, but often used by people on the flipside.)

For those coming to my blog for the first time, I have a documentary called "Flipside" and four books based on similar consciousness events: Flipside covers thousands of cases of people under deep hypnosis experiencing the same things, It's a Wonderful Afterlife covers NDEs and scientists talking about consciousness, and Hacking the Afterlife includes using mediums to access the same individual that has passed away.  

All I can report is that the research is consistent and replicable.  (Another way of saying poor Hap could have saved all that trouble by reading one of Michael Newton's books on the topic, but I digress).

My talk with George Noory at Gaia TV. 
The series also covers a number of unusual esoteric practices without fully explaining them, or getting into the details of where they come from. For example the “yoga movements” the main characters do with such passion are related to yoga movements like “tensegrity” a movement spawned by Carlos Castaneda and people who were into his work – using the “energy” from a person to adjust and change its flow.  

This is related to the energy of chakras, and the overall energy that is in the body, and sometimes practitioners can heal, or help people with physical problems by doing these kinds of movements, without touching the patient.

They’re also related to the “Six Yogas of Naropa” – a series of mental yogas that were taught to Indian holy men around a thousand years ago by a teacher named Naropa and passed primarily through Tibet (via Marpa, Milarepa, etc). These yogas include being able to forcefully move consciousness from a living person into a person (or animal) that has recently deceased.  

These were known as “secret” yogas for a long time – not because they were secret, but were passed along orally from teacher to student, and weren’t written about until this past century.  These yogas were taught to the very best students, and those who mastered them were reportedly able to move energy, bring dead animals to life, to “walk through walls” or do other super human feats.  

I’ve read about them, have seen reports of them in a variety of sources. I’m not aware of anyone currently on the planet who can do them – other than the “inner heat yoga” which is taught to all Tibetan Buddhist monks.  It’s covered in the book “Mind Science” where scientists show that a person meditating on the “inner fire” can actually withstand extreme cold.  Monks literally go naked into the snow and are covered with wet blankets, which are so heated by the inner fire that they eject steam from them. Clouds of monks in the snow. That I have seen or witnessed being filmed.
The Potala. I took this pic of HHDL's old pad.
I’d like to applaud the filmmakers for including a number of these practices in their show, and at the same time treading the thin line of “it’s all in your mind” or it’s all being made up... which from another perspective it is during the story.  But like all great stories – from Sherezade to Homer, from Plato to Hitchcock, great story tellers bring us into their world, and allow us to swim in the pool of their thoughts, and then emerge from the other side of the pool with a new outlook on life.  This show is “Touched by an Angel” with science and a vast body of NDE research to back it up.

For those who have watched “The OA” on Netflix, the show ends with a tribute to Allison Wilke, an associate producer on the show. Some folks, naturally, have assumed that she was the star of the show – that indeed she played the main character. Of course, that’s not the case. Allison Wilke was an associate producer on the show, and passed away just recently, this past November.

Allison, according the what I’m reading on the web, went by the professional moniker of A.W. Gryphon. Born in Manhassett, New York, she is “known for her work on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011), Vertical Limit (2000) and Daddy Day Care (2003)  according to IMDB.  But a cursory look shows that she was involved with much, much more in her life, and it was in relation to healing others.
AW Gryphon's IMDB pic 
In 2014 she wrote/produced/directed the documentary “What the F@#- Is Cancer andWhy Does Everybody Have It?” She produced the TRP “Wellness DVD Series for Children with Autism and Special Needs.”  In her career she worked on a number of projects for a variety of producers, from Jerry Bruckheimer on “Pirates” to the Blair Witch project. She didn’t bring us those shows, but lent her talents and effort to making them. She wrote about her battle with cancer on the Huffington Post.

The reason I mention this is because, well, she’s a metaphor for the show.
From her H Post article about returning to life after cancer.
We aren’t consciously aware of why we choose to come to the planet. We are afterwards, once we get off stage. But here she had this pretty intense amazing career in show business, changing and affecting lives by her talent, wit and wisdom, and the last thing she worked on was this show about angels.  The show itself posits the question – are there angels among us?  It argues that those who go through difficulty (like having an NDE and choosing to come back) are people who are angel like – who help the rest of us with our struggles on the planet.

Photo of Allison is captioned

But I’m saying that the research shows that we are all in that same boat.  We all choose to come here. We all choose to struggle and go through difficulties “on this stage” of life.  

We are all coming here by choice and we learn from the experience.  Some of us are stronger, deeper, more talented at this journey than others – it’s been reported that “older souls” choose the more difficult lives because they believe they can handle them.  

So when you see someone struggling physically, mentally, think for a moment about how difficult it was for them to agree to come here and live this lifetime, to make this journey. They’re doing it to further the knowledge of their own existence, but its also to further the knowledge for all of us.  They’re literally heroes who have gone into the battle so we can learn from it.
Cover photo for her documentary
Brit Marling and Zal Batmangilj brought us this show "The OA," but it’s pretty amazing the depth and breadth of these messages of condolence to Allison and her family and reflect directly on the message of the series.

That we should all be so lucky to work on something that will change or affect people’s lives in such a profound way.  

I post a sampling here because although I didn’t know Allison, I’m sure her family, friends and colleagues are moved and touched by these messages. By sharing in their grief, we all share in the magic and beauty that is life.  We all share in what her work in life, and on this show brought to the planet.  And continues to do so.

Here's Allison's Ted Talk...  


You want to know what an angel looks like?  

Take a look at Allison's photo above, and then read these notes to her from friends and strangers moved by this show.  We can't see the power of our work and what it has on other's lives... except for those rare instances where we can.

From “Condolences” and “Legacy” websites.

“Angels - NDE and Miracles and the human spirits capacity to struggle in an imperfect world between heaven and hell , sanity and insanity and to sometimes overcome or push through the primordial soup of a native dance carried through self sacrifice, forgiveness and suffering - all elemental waters of a deep pool of mystery that many people are called to become immersed within - to always remember that the ends do not justify the means . The Authors, directors and actors of the film OA have it seems had glimpses and insights of that fleeting plane of consciousness just beyond a mortals reach - a pool from which are born - Angels. Thank you.”

Posted by: Murray - Edmonton, AB - friend   Dec 21, 2016

Life gives a time and place to begin or to end. Our every existence is beautiful when we look past the earthly flaws into our spiritual being. Our guide to connections, love, living, and a purpose. We are all beautiful souls existing for a reason whether we believe it or not. Allison Wilke, thank you for your connection, love, living, and purpose in life.........

 Posted by: Amelia  - Omaha, NE   Dec 21, 2016

Big person, R.I.P Allison, the best history OA in this moment im crying after to see it, god bless you, and thanks for the history that chance my life ever

Posted by: Abraham - Guadalajara, NY - friend   Dec 21, 2016

la mejor historia que he mirado, OA Allison R.I.P ando god blasse you so much you touch my soul and my heart, in this momen im crying after to see OA it's a beautuful history
Posted by: A friend   Dec 21, 2016

Just finished watching the show OA. I cried like a baby at the end. Beautifully crafted. For to meet in the other dimensions.

 Posted by: Eylem  - brooklyn, NY - acquaintance   Dec 21, 2016

I just binged on OA. You have given me hope with much food for thought and spiritual growth.
RIP Allison

Posted by: Bonnie - Foxboro, MA - Friend   Dec 21, 2016

Just watched the OA, it was a beautiful thought provoking journey. Your mind is awesome and I know you are with the angels. RIP
Thank you for the beauty of it all.

Posted by: Deborah  - Covington, LA   Dec 21, 2016

Thank You for giving life to the truth in such an amazing way. I am more now because I followed your journey. Now I have a better understanding of who I am and I am very grateful. I had a NDE and I chose to come back. This story has changed me in a really good way. Blessings to you and much love.

Posted by: Mary    Dec 21, 2016

Just finished OA. May you never feel alone in the darkness and may you always find a way to see the light when you do. R.I.P. Allison. May memories of you be as beautiful as your spirit once was.

Posted by: Makira  - Provo, UT - Acquaintance   Dec 21, 2016

I just finished watching away its 1:30 in the morning I didn't want it to end. 2000 her family and friends thank you for giving such a phenomenal show for giving us hope for what we all truly believe in! God Bless see you in the light Angel

Posted by: Kerre  - Greenville, SC   Dec 21, 2016

May we come together in another side.. Thank you

Posted by: Enes - student   Dec 20, 2016

Thank you sharing your life with us.

Posted by: Can - Istanbul   Dec 20, 2016

I Just watch OA. Rest in peace beautiful soul

Posted by: A friend   Dec 20, 2016

Just binged watched The OA. Beautiful show. Loved it. RIP Allison. We will miss you

Posted by: Elena  - La quinta, CA - Acquaintance   Dec 20, 2016

Just binged watched The OA. Beautiful show. Loved it. RIP Allison.

Posted by: Hortencia  - Rialto, CA   Dec 20, 2016

So beautiful, touched my soul and made me cry. R.I. P. OA

Posted by: Philip - Cork, NL   Dec 20, 2016

Allison,spiritual awarness is a beautiful gift to those who search and then get it ! Perhaps a glimmer of our high learning comes via through these gifts ,given to angels like yourself who have the gift of sharing in a way the rest of us can be blessed by them !! " Thank you Allison can't wait to be in your presence again .. OA "what a blessing" Stephen

Posted by: Stephen  - Redding, CA   Dec 20, 2016

Just finished watching The OA. Incredible show. RIP beautiful OA.

Posted by: Pamela - Jacksonville, FL   Dec 20, 2016

Thank you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful mind in all the confused ways we know. In a dark hour it helped make sense and you untangled the chaos. You fulfilled it.... I held my hands up.

Posted by: Lia  - New York, NY   Dec 20, 2016

May you live in eternal peace and everlasting happiness. I believe we shall see one another on the other side. Thank You.

Posted by: Michael - Longview, WA - friend   Dec 20, 2016

Rest in Peace

Posted by: David - Melbourne, Australia   Dec 20, 2016

Just binge watched OA, loved it.RIP Allison

Posted by: Jennifer - Oceanside, CA   Dec 20, 2016

I've never experienced such a heart breakingly beautiful story such as the one told in The OA. The ending left me literally breathless and goosebumps took over my body. RIP Allison. And thank you for this story.

Posted by: Greg  - Boston, MA   Dec 20, 2016
I am so saddened by the loss of such a wonderful and talented person. The OA was a sensational and beautifully written show, it gives my soul peace in knowing that what I have always felt is now realized. I am now more relaxed in knowing that there is beauty in believing in such thoughts. I am now happy and can move forward with a profound look on my life. Peace and love OA you were taken too soon love and light , namaste.

Posted by: Mary  - Palm Bay, FL - Student   Dec 20, 2016

May you continue to live, learn and pass the good message along. I was captivated by the OA. Great job. Thanks for reinstilling hope not only in myself but in others.

Posted by: Paul - New York, NY - friend   Dec 20, 2016

Thank you for you. Your work is done. Rest In Peace. Beautiful legacy.

Posted by: Tony - Chicago - friend   Dec 20, 2016

Thank you so much Allison , an Angel who opened so many hearts and souls to eternal love peace and unity. We are all light souls and we are all one . Let there be light and love with you always . OA is a masterpiece . Thank you Allison Wilke Angel and let there be light and peace on earth .

Posted by: Monica - SPOKANE VALLEY, WA   Dec 19, 2016

Just seen OA moments ago, now I understand, Thank you.

Posted by: Willie - Seattle, WA - friend   Dec 19, 2016

Sometimes people can paint the most beautiful picture of what your mind could only dream of, and make our wildest dreams become reality...she did exactly this. I just binge watched the entire season..."when you die, there's just more life." I believe this to be true entirely. See you on the other side OA

Posted by: Adam - Windsor, ON - acquaintance   Dec 19, 2016

"The OA" was one of the most profound pieces of film making that I have ever seen. I am heartbroken to know you will not be with us to produce more. Your message was loud and clear and I can't thank you enough. Wherever you are, Allison, I hope you are surrounded by love, light and joy. Rest in piece, dear angel.

Posted by: Angel - Holbrook, NY - acquaintance   Dec 19, 2016

I for the first time in my 48 years can & will accept passing on.. Alison you are a sweet angel now. I hope one day to meet you in our universe so I can hug you for giving me peace to live my life .. Not being worried anymore is a miracle. Because of you & The OA. ❤❤❤

Posted by: Rhonda - Sydney, Australia. - Acquaintance   Dec 19, 2016

I'm not really a student, but I want you to know that I watched the show, it gave me a little something to believe in. It was strange and beautiful. I watched the ending movements about 10 times. Showing the strengths of what people can do if they come together. Thank you and may you rest in peace wherever you are

Posted by: Sean - Columbus, OH   Dec 19, 2016

The OA gives strength... thank you

Posted by: Jessica  - Henderson, NV - acquaintance   Dec 19, 2016

You made me feel again
Posted by: Chris  - Milton, FL   Dec 19, 2016

Now you know you're truth :) Thank you for bringing The OA to us. You left too soon but I hope you have your peace, see you someday Allison. RIP
Posted by: Tiffany  - Virginia Beach, VA - acquaintance   Dec 19, 2016

I really loved the way you produced the connection of all things in the universe. There are many things that we are not the centerpiece of, the universe was provided to us.

The movie very symmetrical for and appreciated and connected within us all for the goodness of love and light. We have to be willing to sacrifice as it was always the greatest gift! We only have to reach within our soul to make the universe different.

Posted by: V - Atlanta, GA   Dec 19, 2016

I believe in Angels. And I loved the story told in the O A, which I believe you must have, too. I hope you are traveling through all the other universes and spaces in between that we as mere mortals cannot. May your journey be filled with wonder and happiness and continue on to places unknown. Send a sign from the other side if you chose. I will listen. Even if you can only whisper. Your story is not over. Another one has just begun.

Posted by: Jamie  - Monroe, LA   Dec 18, 2016

May the bright light from your most inner being keep you swaddled with LOVE, PEACE and BLISS! Thank you for living us The OA.

Love and Light
your Friend for ever!!

Posted by: Petra - Santa Monica, CA - Friend   Dec 18, 2016

Just watched and loved The OA ... was spellbound by it ... and shocked at the end, to see you crossed over at such a young age. I was riveted by the story line, as you are a phenomenal actress in it. We share the same birthday, Nov 7 and I had a NDE at age 2 - was in a coma for 2 weeks. I remember it in detail to this day. You are now in a place of Peace, Love, Light and Bliss. I hope we will meet one day -- on this side or That!
Posted by: Susan  - Callander, Ontario Canada - Friend   Dec 18, 2016

Just watched your movie OA & Heaven has received its brilliant angel..we all will be forever grateful for your message and courage.

Posted by: Carol - Studio City, CA - Friend   Dec 18, 2016

Thank you for the contribution you left all of us with OA. Rest In Peace.

Posted by: Michael  - Chicago, IL - Friend   Dec 18, 2016

The OA what's an opening experience. Your life ended way too soon . We'll meet again .

Posted by: Larr  - Dana point, CA - Acquaintance   Dec 18, 2016

Just watched the OA and your video for the why foundation about cancer awareness,.. breaks my heart to read you passed over, probably went and became an angel yourself, my condolences to family and real life friends,..

 Posted by: lex  - delft, The Netherlands   

The OA was beautiful. See you on the other side.

Posted by: Greg  - Chicago, IL - Acquaintance   Dec 18, 2016

Sorry you passed too soon. The OA was eye opening. Rest In Peace.

Posted by: Lauren - Knoxville, TN - Friend   Dec 18, 2016"


Powerful messages all.  Many are directed to Brit Marling, and Zal Batmanglij, for this show, for the OA, but we are all part of the same wheel that creates beauty.  They chose to dedicate the series to Allison and her journey here. 

We all share in this beautiful adventure called life, and like all the 35 people that I've filmed under deep hypnosis have said, when he leave here we "return home."  

That's good to know.  That home is not here.  Home is somewhere else, and once we get off stage, we go back there.  "Home." 

Where Allison Wilke Gryphon has gone. Home.

As I wrote the above post, this lyric came to mind:

And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom
Let it be

Let it be, let it be, let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom
Let it be

And when the broken-hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer
Let it be

For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer
Let it be.....

(from "Let it be" by Lennon and McCartney)


The OA and The Flipside

Just watched the first four episodes of the new series on Netflix "The OA."

Spoiler alerts ahead!  So if you haven't watched up to episode 4, then g'wan and do so.  Y'all come back ya hear?

Okay.  Team. Gather up.  Let's get in a huddle so we can talk about this show in whispered tones.

"I think Brit Marling is an alien."  What? Who said that? No she's not. She's from Chicago. "But look at her movies, "the East," "Another Earth" - I mean, c'mon, she's obviously not from this planet.  She writes and stars in films that are about "off planet experiences."  And none more impressive than her latest offering, done with some guy name Batman." And it's produced by Brad Pitt! 


No, that's Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij.

Batman and his Robin: Brit Marling. (Cub fan? Hope so)
All right now, team. Let's get this straight. Her show is called "The OA." They may reveal what that means soon - but I'm getting "the Original Angel" as in "the original gangster..."  It may also just be omnopoetic - OA sounds like "Away" which is what happens to you when you are from "Away."  (And for those who've been up to Maine, everyone who isn't from Maine is from away. Whether it's Vermont or Mars, everyone not born in Maine for at least five generations is considered to be "from Away."  Or from "OA."  Which is OK (and not Oklahoma).

What's "The OA" about?  

It's about near death experiences who come back and may or may not act like "angels."  The argument, as put forth in the show is that people who've had an NDE have "Chosen to return to Earth" despite knowing what their adventure might entail, and so therefore can be classified as angels.

Well, team, let's clarify something off the bat.  "I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong" as my old professor Julian used to say.  Which means "That's not in the research."  What is in the research is that WE ALL CHOOSE to be here.  

So if you follow that argument, WE ARE ALL ANGELS.  Which may or may not be the case.  It's possible if you consider the Earth a stage that we choose to perform on - and that nothing that happens to us on stage can ever be considered "negative" - it's just an experience with another actor who we agreed to be on stage with, it's just an experience we might have agreed to explore, it's just an experience - because once we're off stage or "back home" (as people call it) then we are no longer bound by the rules of the stage.

Let me clarify.

This series is loosely based on the books by Dr. Ray Moody. (As reported in the interview with Mr. Batman in the Hollywood Reporter.)  Now I haven't seen his name mentioned in the credits, so I sincerely hope they've made some agreement with regard to his stories, which were gleaned from numerous cases over a lifetime career of dealing with Near Death studies.  

But aside from that obvious question - the question becomes "are they actually recreating real stories or are they just lifting pieces of them to fit their storyline?"

Well the answer is both.

For example, Brit's character has a "spirit guide" who speaks Arabic to her when she's on the Flipside - either via a near death experience, or in her dreams.  The guide (Kaithun - which means "origin" in Arabic) speaks to her in her native tongue, Arabic, and Brit's character speaks to her in Russian as a young girl, and later in English.

I found that to be accurate.  We all have a spirit guide (according to the research, which includes Michael Newton's and mine), sometimes more than one, and when we greet them in the afterlife they present themselves as the way they want to be presented.  They speak whatever language they speak in their mind - so we wouldn't be hearing "Russian" or "Arabic" but "mind speak" - but by having her speak in Arabic and having Brit's character understand is a cool way of presenting this fact.

Same goes for the scene where Brit's character confronts the school teacher who is adamant about expelling the bully - but Brit's character offers "You've been doing these lifetimes as a teacher for a long time now, and don't you think its about time you started to teach the person who needs the teaching the most; ie. the bully?"

This is something a spirit guide might say in an afterlife council meeting.  When examining a person's life, or helping them examine it, council members frequently make cogent and profound statements like this that offer a different perspective.

These reports can be found in the work of Dr. Bruce Greyson, my pal who invented the near death experience scale, and whose talk on consciousness "Is Consciousness Produced by the Brain" is epic.

Check it out.

It's as long as four episodes - but MORE MIND BLOWING.  And it's science to boot.  Yay.

But let's examine some of the concepts in the show.  Like "what it's like on the flipside."  Is it a green screen room where stars are all around you? (Nice effect gang).  Well it depends on the person.

Like the other day, when having lunch with Jennifer Shaffer and someone came through (a famous film director who died, but whom I had met years ago) and as I was asking him about his experience on the flipside, he said, "No one ever comes over here (to the flipside) wishing they "held back more" during their lifetime."

That's the kind of profound (new information) sentence that I could never create - and that Jennifer doesn't share, or didn't until she said it aloud.  It's not the kind of perspective we could have over here - after all, our whole lives we've been told to "restrain" and "don't do that because it's too much" or "hold back and be quiet" - when the very reason for us agreeing to come to the planet is to "go beyond the pale" "do whatever it is that we're supposed to do" "take a leap off a mountain."  After all, what's the point of being here if we don't explore it to its fullest?

Brit Marling (Getty Images)
Which brings me to the failing of the show.  I can't call it anything but that - because they just didn't do enough research to understand the architecture of the flipside - (that's a link to the audible version of my book "Hacking the Afterlife") and that's not a fault, but it is a failing.  The key story line in this season anyway, it's a scientist (inventor, who lives beyond his means, but we're told he's sold patents in the past) who has been torturing individuals who've had a near death experience, by making them go through it again and again.

It works as a metaphor - for what people assume is going on during their lifetimes on Earth - that we're in some kind of grand experiment, and since we don't die, we can't die, no one dies, it's not that big of a deal that the "scientist in the sky" is putting us through this.  As a metaphor - I get it.  But it's sooooo wrong.

Let's go back to the Angel concept.  "They choose to come here so they have a noble cause by coming back from their death experience."  Well, yeah, that's true. But WE ALL CHOOSE TO COME HERE. Not just the near death folks.  They're often given a choice - "You can stay here, back home, or you can go back to your life and finish what it was you were going to do."  People who have these experiences (Dr. Eben Alexander "Proof of Heaven" or Trumpo (prescient name, isn't it?) in "Heaven is for Real" or Dr. Rajiv Parti, or David Bennett, (Voyage of Purpose) or Anita Moorjani... to name a few) - all of them chose to come back here.  But my point is that they also chose to live this lifetime. To examine these realities. And to experience being outside of it.

That's just in the research. 

Eventually, Brit and Batman-glij will get to the Flipside books where they can read transcripts of people saying precisely the above.  And see the cites and quotations, and interviews with scientists who explain and explore why this is the case.  And it will likely become part of their universe.

At least I hope so.

(If so, give me a call. I'm in the DGA/WGA)

But the reason I use the word "failing," (being a former music critic at Variety, I was excoriated for never having a "bad word" to say about musicians) is because these characters (SPOILER ALERT!) spend 7 years being tortured by this crazed NDE "scientist" when all he needed to do WAS ONE SESSION WITH A MICHAEL NEWTON TRAINED THERAPIST to examine what these people were seeing.  (In LA, I recommend Scott De Tamble, but outside of LA, check the Newton Institute searchable website for someone you click with.)

I've done that - I've filmed these sessions - people who've had a near death experience, RE-LIVING - OR GOING THROUGH THE NDE AGAIN - while under hypnosis. They're able to revisit EVERYTHING they experienced during the NDE (without the pain) and are able to examine, explore, and understand - as well as meet spirit guides who help them explore and understand these profound concepts.

One 6-8 hour session, and the crazed scientist would have had ALL THE EVIDENCE he needed.  Because these session are replicable and they're consistent. Which is what science requires for experience to become data.  Consistent and Replicable: Dr. Helen Wambach reported on thousands of cases, I've filmed 35, Michael Newton wrote about his career of over 7000, there are over 200 hypnotherapists Newton trained that are currently working across the globe, and they've had thousands of cases as well.  And everyone says basically the same thing about the journey of souls.

Relatively - meaning, no matter who asks the question, no matter what the background of the subject, they experience the same hallmarks others do who've never heard of the research.

Doesn't matter what age, what religion, what background - basically, those who can take that adventure into the between lives arena, report the SAME HALLMARKS.

This is not my opinion, belief, or some form of philosophy. I'm just reporting these research. It is what it is.

On the other side of the coin, we have a film like Collateral Beauty. I haven't seen it yet - but have seen the trailer and read the reviews.  Sorry to hear that it's not well regarded.

I hear there's a copy of Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls" on a desk in the film about grieving and "the dead."  I'm sorry that the box office numbers have been bad for this film, like I say, I've yet to see it, but it's the kind of thing that those in the industry will say "It's too much of a downer, this death thing."

I agree.

It is a downer. Unless you realize no one dies.  There's no point in consoling Will Smith if he's going to spend the rest of his days believing that his daughter is gone, or "lost" or some other version of "resting in peace." Never to be seen again.  Or floating on a cloud.

That's not in the data. That's not in the reports.  What is in the reports, talking to people who used to be on the planet and no longer are, is that they're on to another adventure. Just like this one.  They're not "gone." They're just not here.  I'm sorry if that's upsetting, or beyond logic.  It is consistent in the data.  It is what it is.

Doesn't mean the topic will ever be "commercial," or that it will be for everyone. (ie "The ABC Afterlife Spectacular," brought to you by Heavenly Acres.") After all, we all agreed to be on stage here together, who wants to have a show where some nut is always turning on the lights and shouting "Hey! It's only a show! This is only a stage! Stop worrying so much about how the play ends! They all end! They all have a new beginning. Stop worrying about how you or your loved ones are going to get off stage!  Just enjoy the show!  And turn off the damned lights!!!!"

So, this Brit and Batman-glee-Jay (sorry, it's easier to remember) - some would argue that they must have had off-world experiences in order to be able to create this kind of prescient and sentient material.  

Pete Smith, President of the Newton Institute told me (In "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" that up to 30% of their clients claim they've had "off world" experiences, either in a past life, or by being visited by people who aren't from "around here."

Are these two filmmakers people who've had "off world experience" and are bringing their higher conscious selves to the screen?  Could be. 

The only way to know would be to put them under deep hypnosis and find out... and if you're interested, let me know. I've filmed 35 sessions so far - and a session with you both would be FANTASTIC.

Brad, you can come along as well. Get a handle on why you chose this lifetime. Ask Angie, she knows me from "Salt."  I drove her out of Korea.

Stay tuned.


Past Indian Lives, Epigenetics and the light at the end of the tunnel.

I was conversing with someone on Facebook about their native American heritage.  When we think about "past lives" and reincarnation, we often connect it to what we know about DNA and genetics.  "Hey, I'm Irish and Italian, is it possible that my genetic code remembers the lifetimes of my ancestors?"

My favorite pic of Sitting Bull. Sitting at the same table
I sit at every time I go to Rome and sit in Caffe Greco.
He's with Bill Cody, from the Wild West Show. You can't see me because
I'm in this photo 100 years later.
Epigenetics is a new branch of science that claims this to be true. Well, actually it's a new branch of psychology meets biology, and people are trying to prove or disprove the theory. The idea being "imagine if I could take a pill and I would no longer be connected to the diaspora my relatives suffered through!" (Note: Scientific research is driven, in the most part, by capitalism.  If someone wants to be able to sell or profit from science, they sponsor a study.  This isn't news - it's just the nature of the beast.) 

The basis of the research comes from a study where rats were killed while the smell of roses was prevalent. Then their offspring were exposed to the smell and they showed panic and fear.  "Oh no, the creep who murdered my dad for an experiment is back."  As William James, father of modern psychology (and some credit with marrying quantum theory with psychology) points out - "Just because we can observe something in the brain does not mean  that it necessarily springs from the brain."

Meaning, there are many reasons why the rats fear humans who smell like roses.  It could be that they're remembering the fear from their progenitor (I assume their parents were murdered first, and then extracted to make new mice to prove this diabolical point.) or it could be that their loved ones on the flipside are screaming "Look out! This guy who smells like Minnie is coming to kill you!" 

The reason I sound disbelieving is because based on this afterlife research I've become aware that all animals are sentient.  Full stop.  Their sentience is related to their journey on the planet, just like ours.  And the fact that we continue to experiment on animals so that we can benefit humans is... well... kind of old fashioned, let's say.  

Cruel?  Perhaps.  Insane? Okay, I'll accept that.

I'm not arguing vegetarianism here, although my billion or so pals in India have embraced it. (Older dataset and all).  I mean plant based diet may be the healthiest diet around, but why force people to do what's good for them? How would they learn?

But it's possible the "spirit" of these rats has returned to warn their offspring.  I mean it's not a likely scenario, but is also a possibility.  When we look at the rodent in Africa who when bit by a poisonous snake knows what plant to rub against to cure themselves of the snake bite - what's happening there?  Is it that their code has that information? Is it one of their parents whispering in their ear? And when did the code begin to pass itself along genetically?

Or ants that move their colony after 5 years due to overcrowding.  At what point did they determine that five years was enough? And how is the message sent? (ant mail?) And who sends it?  And why?

I had a professor in college who said "You don't have to know the answer to your question in order to ask it.  In fact it's better if you don't know the answer, because asking the question gets the reader to think."  Smart guy that Julian Baird.

So today I was thinking about the journey.  Here were are on the planet, with a limited amount of time to pass along information.  We do our best to learn as much as we can, and then pass it along. Either we speak it, film it, tell our family, friends, or write it into books.  Now we have facebook and email to pass along information.  And what percentage of that information gets to the rest of the species to keep it moving along?

Hello? Any sentient beings left?
Well not much apparently.  

Here we are arguing about things that people have been arguing about for decades, and perhaps longer - and yet, its as if we're starting the arguments over from scratch.  That might be part of the journey on the stage of life - that we get onto stage with only so much information and try to enact it.  After all, how do we get notes from all the other actors that have played this same part?  Wouldn't it be lovely if just prior to going out to do Hamlet, we could converse with everyone else who has played the part?


So today a woman wrote me about her son who is part native American and is just beginning to access and process that information.  And is hopeful it will take him out of his depression he's had since the election - as everything from his perspective is looking dark, is looking pointless, is looking like there's no light at the end of the tunnel. 

I sent her this video.  It's Scott De Tamble doing a spontaneous "past life regression" with a woman who was at one of my book talks.  I was talking about my own past life memory of being a native American and witnessing the massacre of my wife, son and tribe. And how I thought it so extremely odd that if I was making this information up, why I'd allow myself to feel that kind of tragedy.  And I did feel it when I saw it, experienced it. 

Woman listening to my talk burst into tears.  Scott asked her if there was something I had said that caused that reaction.  She said there was, and he asked "would you like to explore it?"

So she did.  In front of an audience.  I know this woman pretty well, we've been friends for a long time, we had never talked about this work or research.  She worked at a University, and told me she was interested in the topic of "between life hypnotherapy" which "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" is about.

Here it is: 

As noted in the text, she remembers some details that aren't easily accessible. That she came from a Sioux tribe in Virginia sounded implausible as she said it - until I found her tribe living in Virginia prior to the "Trail of Tears."  She mentions having to burn all the clothing of her tribe so that they could "rest in peace" in the afterlife is not an easy detail to access - I found a reference to it in a book about western native American traditions written in the 1800's. I also found it mentioned in Apache death rituals mentioned here:

So - is she like the mouse remembering an event that happened to someone in her blood line?  She is not part of this blood line, so that's not physically possible.  

Is she remembering a lifetime of someone else, who just happened to experience these events? (The Jungian unconscious theory) Also not likely, since the memories seem to be related to her journey through all of her lives - the lessons she signs up to learn.  

I've shown in Flipside that two people have had identical memories of previous lives - they were married to each other in the 1840's - but I used two different therapists to ask the question on two different continents - and neither the subjects or the therapists knew of their shared background (but I had heard it from one person, and suggested we do a blind test with the person he saw in his past life memory.)  I arranged for the session with this woman who didn't know anything of my friend's session, nor did the therapist asking the questions.

So remembering a previous lifetime is not someone picking up on the "leftover" energy of someone else's lifetime.  

Could it be hypoxia or cryptomnesia? (Hypoxia - hallucinations from lack of oxygen, cryptomnesia remembering something you read or heard somewhere else)

What she says is "new information."  It's not anything that she could have known (most people will automatically argue that the Sioux are from western US and not know their history without the forensic search) - the information she recounts is specific and detailed - unlike the accounts that are written that are available through forensic research and the information is not anything that could come from a hallucination - as it's accurate.  

Could it be synthesthesia? (The wiring of the brain somehow picking up the wrong message). 

Well, that wouldn't account for the details she's remembering that are not part of the public record... burning clothes to release spirits, or building model huts and burning them to release spirits... it's not a common practice among any tribes.  
It's just light in the Vatican. Its only light in the Vatican.
And it's not part of her lifetime of memory or experience.

So why is this experience light at the end of the tunnel?

Because the veil is lifting. I'm talking about events and experiences that are becoming more and more common on a daily basis.  And once a person has had these kinds of experiences,they start to end seeing the planet as some kind of polarized, walled off experience.  It's like the overview effect that astronauts report after circling the earth; they no long see borders. They no longer see races. They no longer see gender. They no longer see clothing or status or wealth.

All they see are humans.

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