Nirvana and the Flipside

Interesting story came to my attention the other day...

Portals are everywhere.
A friend on Facebook posted this story about her dad: 

"Many of you know my dad recently passed. 
 Here is one of the incidents I experienced with him in hospice. I was alone with dad one day, he was in bed, he called me to the bed and grabbed my hand. 

He was seeing something from the "beyond", and I could feel his energy rise, and his eyes were darting back and forth and at the same time he cracked a wee smile. He said loud and clear.. "Nirvana." 

He was squeezing my hand with a decent grip for a 94 year old man in hospice. Then, as fast as the show appeared, it left.. He let go of my hand and said, Oh crap, I'm back!!!

I wrote to her; 

"Condolences... and yet, this about sums up my "Flipside" research. On one side "Nirvana!" On the flipside: "Oh crap, I'm back."

Portals literally everywhere.

What's going on here? 

It's quite common in the hospice stories I've heard. Usually seeing someone, often a loved one, sometimes a stranger (over here, not over there) beckoning. Sometimes a vision, like Steve Jobs saying "oh wow, oh wow, oh wow" before he passed, or Roger Ebert calling it "a vastness you can't imagine" - it's as if the filters, or interference shuts down, or is shutting down, and we get a glimpse of the flipside. 

The "oh crap" part is funny, because over here we're slow, we're heavy, we lose the feeling of unconditional love we feel over there. But we also forget why we came here while we're here, to change lives and learn lessons.

Her dad Will perfectly sums up the difference between here and there. (He's not gone by the way; he's just not here).
I'm sure he's adjusting, lots of pals to see again, stories to share. I hope Will reaches out to his daughter; not everyone is tuned the same, if he can figure out the tuning, he'll reach out. Either in dreams (easiest) or some other fashion. 

Dr Elisa Medhus got a physical phone call from her son Erik on her cell (hardest). It took that dramatic step to get her attention. But you never know - think of a question you don't know the answer to, and ask it aloud. (Holding a pic, according to the reports, seems to help) If they can, they'll answer it.

Are you seeing something I'm not seeing?
So when you wake up in the morning, it's good to think a bit about what will said.  Is it "Nirvana" or "oh crap?"  I think we can choose Nirvana - and the more we see it here in our conscious minds, the sooner we'll see it there when the time comes. 

My two cents.

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