Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders on Dreams

Another mind bending session with Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders on the flipside. I posted some photographs on Facebook of Luana who appeared in Francis Coppola's first film "Dementia 13" as it's being released on Blue Ray this week with a commentary by Francis.  And when mentioning that on our podcast, Jennifer revealed that she's been "reading" a member of the Coppola family since 2009.  I have no idea of how that came about - it clearly didn't have anything to do with me or Luana since Jennifer and I didn't meet until 6 years ago, and I had not known that she had "met" or helped someone from the family meet with folks on the flipside. Luana was close with Eleanor and Francis, and we spent many years at their home for Thanksgiving, and as noted in the podcast, Luana spent many times going up there to visit on her own. Francis not only cast her in Dementia 13, she did voice over work for him the Godfather (she's the voice of the nurse who moves Marlon Brando in the film), and also contributed to the script of "One From the Heart." Fans of this podcast know that Luana was instrumental in dragging me into the flipside, since passing in 1996 in my arms.  She started showing up visually, audibly, in dreams - until I made a concerted effort to "find her."  If she was able to visit me, why couldn't I visit her? And have been doing so since I fell into the research behind "Flipside." Then, Luana become our conduit for our "classroom" on the flipside. As noted, it was Tom Petty who said "Your friend Luana is like the bouncer at the stage door with the list of people who get into the VIP lounge. No one gets to speak to you unless she approves it." Today I got an email from a woman in Italy who asked Luana for some help with a classroom she is teaching, and had the distinct impression that Luana said she would, and directed her to look at a video on my YouTube page ("Going Home" a talk I gave at an iands event.) Anyways, this is a podcast about "Hacking the Afterlife." And Luana gives a number of "Life Hacks" in this one, talking about how to interpret dreams, and how to allow that the visuals we see may be related to other lifetimes as well as other adventures. Mind bendingly so.

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