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A topic came up in a forum the other day, a person asked "What about the historical accounts of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and other avatars being "sent" to the planet for our own good? And further, asked if there was "any historical evidence that these people actually existed?"

I'm not a scholar.  But I play one on TV.  Just kidding. I've read and corresponded with a few biblical scholars, including Ian Wilson, who's written extensively about the Shroud of Turin.

So far, a number of between life hypnosis sessions, people claim to have known him,
seen him, or heard him speak in public.  All of their accounts generally describe the same person
(even though that may be influenced by paintings) but all have described the same
intense reaction to being near him - something akin to "being mesmerized" "transfixed"
"losing their breath" and in more than one case, tears and red cheeks the closer he appeared.

But on a general note, I included a chapter in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" Volume 2, where a medium claims to be speaking to Jesus during a session.  And some things were said in that session that corroborated my own research into the arena... but here are my notes about her post:

Actually, Jesus is mentioned in the Qu'ran more than Mohammed. (excellent translation here from USC -) Identified as Isa, in that book, there's a claim that he survived the Crucifixion and traveled to India. In Asia he's known as Isa, or Issa. There's quite a bit of evidence of his travels there, if you care to examine it, from the years from 12-29, roughly, traveling along the silk route and teaching, learning from others along the way.

There's a book written about his journeys that was translated by a Sherpa, who translated it to Russian for the explorer Notovitch, who translated it to French when it was published. Later in the 1960's, another Indian pandit  (Swami Abhedananda) read the same original book at Hemis, and concurred that Notovitch's translation was correct. (I mention this as Notovitch was assailed after the publication, but I like to point out he didn't translate it - his guide did).

(well made doc about the reports of his having been in India prior to his trip to Jerusalem)

I've read the book, been to Hemis, seen the BBC dox on the topic (available on youtube) and a friend made a film "Jesus in India" that explores the evidence of these stories. There's a website, "tombofjesus" that offers written accounts from other languages of his travels in Persia, India, etc. in their "documents" section. Even Josephus, the Roman historian mentions Jesus. 

When it comes to stories about Krishna, Brahma, even Buddha, they're a bit like the greek myths - there may or may not have been these people who existed and were written about, Herakles, Hercules, etc, and their stories have grown over time.

However, if you ever get a chance to visit the "relics of Buddha" tour, you can examine for yourself the hair, blood and written scraps and other pieces of famous Buddhist icons, including his own relics that have been preserved for 2500 years. But in Jesus' case - yes, there's quite a bit of evidence of his existence. What's happened however, is like the Greek stories, and the Indian stories, that his path and journey was edited/changed/developed by those who had a vested interest in how they'd like events to happen. 

Like editing out women from the apostles, or even editing the four gospels so they all end on the same sentence. Unlikely to happen when they're written so far apart by various people - and the Hemis book follows the story as told by Jewish merchants, who had one key detail different than the Roman version - their book claims that when Pilate asked Jesus about his comments about "render unto Caesar" that Jesus said in effect, "why are you wasting our time with these questions when you have the power of life or death over me?" at which point, Pilate orders his immediate execution. (with no side trip to Herod).


In this account, the Sanhedrin, Jewish leaders protest vehemently, as Roman law precluded killing "holy men" of the Jewish faith, and argue that Jesus is "of the book" and not subject to Roman law. To which Pilate throws them out. They are the ones who did the Jewish ritual of "washing their hands" of his death, as a Roman prelate was also the head of the religion, and would never have performed a sacred ritual of their religion in public - it would have been heretical. 

So the Roman editions of the Bible include the Sanhedrin being blamed for Jesus' death, and the Roman prelate "washing his hands" of the event. A convenient narrative that appears to have been added when Rome became Christian, and the Gospels were gathered and edited in the council of Nicea.

The Tibetan narrative ends with his "death on the cross" but other narratives pick up from there - when a fellow named Yuz Asaf (the anointed one) travels back to India in 33 AD, with his wife or mother Miriam (of virgin birth). There's a monument to Yuz Asaf in Persia, quoting him as saying "I am the light and the way." That fellow moves to Kashmir, where he's buried, and there's a plaster cast of his feet next to his tomb. Whoever this fellow was, clearly had survived a Crucifixion.

I was interviewing a medium the other day, who appeared to access Jesus during her session - (and I include a transcript from another session with Jesus and a medium in "It's A Wonderful Afterlife" volume two) and in this case, the medium claimed that Jesus showed her a quick series of images in succession - Krishna, Buddha, Brahma, etc - and the medium asked "These are all you?" And then after a pause said "No, he's showing me that all of these people were avatars, and that they're energetic makeup is closer to source, that's why when they're on the planet they have a stronger ability to be connected to the spirit world."

She also claimed that Jesus said he survived the Crucifixion, ("with the help of both Romans and his followers") and that he came here to let people know how close we are to the afterlife, that it's not far away, and that we are all equal over there, and should treat each other the same over here. I thought that was pretty interesting. In essence, what I've learned is that religion is humanity's way to explain, reconnect us to the spirit world, where we are forgiving, filled with love and see each other equally. And this examination of people under hypnosis - from a purely scientific point of view - is a way of proving to people that is the case.

And finally, and this kind of blows my mind, I got an email from someone the other day including their LBL where they described in detail "the plot" of how they pulled off the most famous trick in history - that of making it appear that Jesus was dead (Using the teachings of an old wise man "from the Orient" who showed us how to "stop all breathing." - the same thing was said in the account in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" that he had been taught "yoga techniques from a Tibetan monk"). And this transcript includes what and how he was able to leave Jerusalem, "changed his name" but was traveling with his "wife Miriam." 

This person read the account in my book, was startled at how in line it was with her own LBL, where she was a man in Jerusalem, and a friend close enough to Jesus to know the story behind the story of how they helped him escape. (Mind blown!)

I come from a long line of Catholics, both Irish and Italian.
My grandfather was baptized her in this 5th century chapel in the Alps.

Is Jesus mentioned more often than Mohammed in the Qu'ran? Yes. Does the Qu'ran claim that Jesus survived the Crucifixion and went to teach in India? Yes. Does the Gospel of Thomas claim that Jesus sent Thomas to India, and then later he saw Jesus teaching there? Yes. Are there monuments to Isa in Asia that seem crafted by the same guy in the Bible? Yes. Is there a statue to Yuz Asaf in Persia? Yes. These aren't debatable facts. 

As I mention in "Flipside" when interviewing former President of the Newton Institute Paul Aurand, I asked if there were any "recurring themes" in his clients. And he said he'd had numerous clients who remember lifetimes during the life of Jesus and how much his death (or disappearance) affected them. And then I filmed a woman (in Flipside the chapter "He Turned Sunset into Sunrise") who recounted the same story of knowing him, and his affect on her. I've known this woman for years, and was as startled as she was to learn this detail.

Then I found Dr. Brian Weiss' own experience of remembering a lifetime when he met and dined with Jesus, and then how when he was working on a client under hypnosis the client suddenly announced that "you were there too, Dr. Weiss. On the Via Dolorosa." And Weiss had never told anyone that he remembered being there when Jesus supposedly carried the cross for his own Crucifixion and this man described accurately the color of robe he was wearing (with "orange piping." a small detail, but a detail).

 I know at least one Harvard PhD who's working on a book about mediums and their experiences being "contacted by" or working with Jesus. And he's doing so under controlled experiments at his lab as we speak. So we'll see what science has to say about the existence of this "fellow from the Flipside."

So - that Jesus dude gets around. 

Whether he's a figment of our imagination, a figment of the collective unconscious, or actually a dude still helping those who cross over and he tells them to come back (as happens often in NDEs) - that remains to be seen. 

An awful lot of people from all walks of life claim to have seen him during their near death experience - but always as the fellow who says "It's not your time yet."  

He's not reported showing up in people of other faith's NDE's, they appear to have their own avatars who show up to send them back to the planet. 

But the bottom line is, research into these accounts hasn't even begun. And that's why I'm  here discussing it. It should begin.

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