Flipside and It's a Wonderful Afterlife climbing charts at amazon kindle. Thanks Coast to Coast!

Hmm. Wonder who dined here?

"Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" climbing the charts at Amazon. "Flipside" is #3 in its kindle genre, Volume One is #4 in its genre, Volume Two is #11.  Alert the media. (Thanks to George Noory and Coast to Coast)

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Best Sellers in Occult Parapsychology

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Best Sellers in Occult Near-Death Experiences

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"Coast to Coast" with George Noory talking Flipside

Thanks for tuning in to "Coast to Coast" last night... it's always fun to talk to George Noory!

Here's a book talk I did last Saturday at the International Association of Near Death Studies in Chicago.  90 minutes, it's called "Sacred Heart."

Also...I forgot to mention two books worth examining - "My Life After Life" by Galen Stoller, and "My Life After Death" by Erik Medhus ( - both have detailed descriptions of the architecture of the afterlife.  By and large they report the same - that its remarkably similar to here, perhaps because of "shared focus" by other individuals.  There are some fascinating sidebars in both books. Galen wrote the introduction to "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" (volume 2) from where he currently resides on the flipside.

(this won't be up for long, so if you want to listen, do so asap)

Trends Report/ Afterlife Research
Date:Wednesday - July 15, 2015
Host:George Noory
Guests:Gerald CelenteRichard Martini

In the latter half, author and filmmaker Rich Martini discussed his research into the afterlife, including near death cases and between-life hypnotherapy sessions. He's particularly impressed by cases where people access "new information" that they didn't know beforehand. For instance, in Eben Alexander's NDE he is given a guided tour of the "Flipside" (afterlife realm) by a woman he's never met. Later, the family that put him up for adoption shared a picture of his deceased sister (whom he wasn't aware of) and he recognized her as the woman from his NDE. Martini had his own such incident during communications from his deceased father who mentioned six names to tell his mother of people he was hanging out with on the Flipside. While Martini didn't know the names, his mother recognized them as his old friends from WWII.
Interestingly, a criminal attorney told Martini that her clients, who have been brought up on manslaughter and 2nd degree murder charges, say they've been visited by their victims either in dreams or as manifestations in the room. The deceased victims all say relatively the same thing to the people who killed them by accident: "I'm OK. I can help you." Martini also talked about the experience people share between lives, and how they are reunited with their soul groups. Soul groups sometimes incarnate together to work on specific purposes or premises as a way to learn and evolve, he explained.
News segment guests: John M. Curtis, Robert Zimmerman


Tonight Coast to Coast Radio and Today Tara Marie Live! talking Flipside

Just back from a fun event in Chicago talking about Flipside and the Afterlife... will post asap.


On the Radio today at 3 pm PST, (6 pm EST) with my pal Tara Marie Segundo on her Tara Marie Live! blog radio show...

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And.... just got a call from "COAST TO COAST" AM RADIO and I will be appearing live with George Noory tonight from Midnight to 2 am, EST tonight.


Tired of hearing about the Flipside? Okay, I'm sorry about that. Not much I can do. But here's the point -


It's your friends and loved ones on the Flipside who are making these appearances happen.


I spoke to a friend this past weekend about the loss of her son. I asked "Has he been to visit you in any fashion?" She said "no." Then she said "Except for a dream I had where I saw him at this giant party at my parent's house. He seemed happy and was having fun. And I was startled and said "Wait! Where are you? How can I find you?" And he laughed and said "Mom, just look at the pictures."

She wanted to know what that meant.

Dreams might be the best way to reach out to you.

I said that in the research (thousands of accounts, which some people don't consider research, they consider them "anectdotes." Well, if you gather a thousand anectdotes from people who've never met who say the same things about the afterlife, you no longer have an anectdote. Call it what you want - some form of mass hysteria, hallucination, delusion - it doesn't change the statistical amount of replies involved saying the same thing over and over. And those results are replicable. Meaning, given the proper setting, the proper therapist, they can repeated by the most ardent of skeptics, disbelievers or people on the planet)... again, the research has many accounts of how it's possible for a person to contact their loved one "via dreams."

They say - that is, the people on the flipside say - that the way to do that is to mesh their energy with yours. They say that it's difficult to mesh their energy with yours when you're sad, upset or in another mind frame, but that it's easier if you're calm - or in a dream state. They find a dream that makes you comfortable (a party at your parent's house) and appear to them and state whatever it is you want them to figure out, research or look up later.

In this case, my friend's son said "look at the pictures." Looking at pictures, according to these reports, is like accessing a holographic memory - a slice of time if you will. As the photograph captures that slice of time. Magnetized ions capture the visual, but it also captures (somehow) energetic information. Code if you will. And that it's "easier for them on the other side to be in touch" with their loved one through photographs.

Here's a loved ones photo alongside of his ashes.  Good place to start.

So. Think of a photo as a portal. It's not about making it easier for you to contact them - it's about making it easier for them to contact you. Take out a picture of your loved one, imagine them in present tense, imagine them standing in front of you - and express whatever it is you want to say ALOUD.

As moments after I said this to my friend, a woman overheard me talking and said "I heard from my son after he died the same way. He said "speak out loud mom" so that he could hear me.

So there you have it.

Speak out loud.

A pic of someone outside looking in.

See you on the radio!!!!

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