Hacking the Afterlife with Luana Chuck George Elvis and Jennifer Shaffer

Jennifer Shaffer is back from her two week trip.  Today's podcast was unusual for a number of reasons - I mentioned that Luana and Marlon showed up during a podcast I did with "Mick and the Psychic" - which I will post next week, to give them time to post it on all their podcast outlets.

As always, Jennifer and I have not discussed the contents of the podcast, and clearly she was not aware of my conversation with Luana and Marlon - sometimes she is aware of conversations I've had with Luana and others, but in this instance, they were more interested in bringing up the topic of the recent catastrophe in Texas, where 19 children and two teachers were killed.

I had not planned to discuss it, nor had Jennifer, but my friend Charles Grodin brings it up in the podcast, and I did my best to ask him questions about the process - what happens in cases like that. How does it work?  Especially for the little ones who may be confused by the process.

The portrait he painted for Jennifer was unusual - and at the same time in line with the research.  Our loved ones on the flipside tailor the experience so that we can have a soft landing when returning home.

George Michael and Beethoven stopped by for a chat - as noted, both were interviewed in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" but they wanted to speak about frequency, and how everything is attached to it - including memories.  The idea of creating adventures and memories is part of why we choose to be on the planet.

Elvis stopped by and gave a mini review of his film "Elvis" (In a previous week, he gave it a "leveled thumbs" neither up nor down - but he wanted to speak of how films are memories - and how they too have frequency attached to them, so we can remember different periods in our life.

It's a freewheeling investigation into tapping into the afterlife.  Thanks for tuning in.

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