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At the insistence of my colleague and pal Jennifer Shaffer, I'm announcing (trumpets please) that I am starting consultations "about the flipside."

If you've heard me speak on the topic at "Coast to Coast AM" or on "Beyond Belief" you know that George Noory calls me "The Afterlife Expert."

I can't do what Jennifer Shaffer does as a medium - speak directly to folks on the flipside, and I can't do what Scott De Tamble does - spend four to six hours speaking directly to your guides on the other side while you're under deep hypnosis - but I can do something that touches on aspects of both.

And that is "talk to you and your guides about the afterlife."

I know that sounds odd. But in my experience, people are attracted to this field not because they're "just curious" - but because either someone on the flipside needs to speak with them, or one of their guides wants them to access this information.

And I do so without hypnosis of any kind.  In fact, it's often over coffee, in my favorite coffee shop.  So no one is hypnotized during these sessions, however, they all say that they "feel as if they've been hypnotized" because they see, sense or experience things they've never experienced before.

Here are a few examples that I've filmed:

1. Santa Barbara
2. Dr. Drew 
3. Live on the Radio

I always insist - to the point of being annoying - that anyone who seriously wants to examine or put themselves deeply into this research should seek out a trained hypnotherapist who does this kind of work.  I recommend finding a hypnotherapist who can take them further and much deeper than I ever have the patience to do so - and in that case, I recommend hypnotherapist trained by the Newton Institute. I do so because I've filmed dozens of sessions from folks who were trained by them.
With Jennifer Shaffer and Scott De Tamble

In Los Angeles, I often work with Scott De Tamble, who is an expert in this field. He has done hundreds of between life sessions, and I've filmed a few dozen of them.

When a person wants to have direct contact with a loved one on the flipside, I recommend reaching out to Jennifer Shaffer.  I've worked with Jennifer, she works with law enforcement and has done over 3000 cases already.

I've been on "Coast to Coast AM" as the "Afterlife Expert."  So if I'm expert at anything, it's at asking questions that elicit answers we don't think we're aware of.

So if you're in search of understanding the architecture of the afterlife, I can help you do that, as well as to help you access certain elements of that journey from dreams or other events.  If you've had a near death experience, or some other consciousness altered event, I can help you access the event on a deeper more profound level than your memory can.  

I've done this with a number of individuals live on stage (see above links) and recently I did so with a fellow who reached out to me here in Santa Monica.

This man had a dream one night where a voice said to him "You need to learn how to speak to your children after you're dead." 

The sentence startled him, had no idea who said it or why. He began to research the topic and found me living in the same town. He contacted me after reading a few books on the topic.

He was startled by the sentence.  It wasn't a topic he was researching, it wasn't something he was focused on, and needless to say, the sentence, as clear as it was, disturbed him.  Who said it?  Why did they say it? Was it a warning of some kind?

We met for coffee and discussed it.  He told me about his life growing up, the journeys he had been on, and nothing from what he described seemed to prompt this kind of message.  I broke it down into three pieces for him; 1. The sentence was said at a time when he wasn't stressed.  If he had been, had a health issue or some other stressful event, he would have associated it with that problem.  But since it was not, he would have no associations to attach to it.  2. It mentioned his children, which made it a more heartfelt message - if he had heard "you need to learn to speak to people on the other side when you're dead" it might have been dismissed as a generic "message."  But since his children were attached to it, it gave import.  3.  The message, for good or bad, had caused him to find me so I could walk him through it.

Then we began to talk about who the person was who might have sent the message.  He said he did not know who the voice was - but I asked him to "open himself up to the possibility that he might know who that was" and to "allow an image of that person to come to mind."  (Again, no hypnosis, just coffee.) At some point, he glanced over my shoulder and began to describe someone he saw in his mind's eye. A friend. Not from this life, but from previous lifetimes. 

We examined those lifetimes.  He remembered being a soldier with this fellow back in the 1300's in France, where they were comrades that helped people in the countryside to fight against other marauding people.  Like a mercenary, but the word "musketeer" came to mind.  He had a name and a place for these activities, and I was able to research and find them to be accurate.

We walked through another lifetime memory, that of him and this fellow fighting alongside soldiers in "red coats" against soldiers in "blue coats."  They were fighting for survival mostly, but in this case when asked to say his name back then, he spelled it as Pawnee. 

This fellow is not from the U.S. so he was not aware of the British soldiers paying the Pawnee to fight alongside of them against the Americans during the revolutionary and War of 1812.  He later looked up the outfits that he had seen in his mind's eye, and found accurate descriptions of what he saw.

Pawnee as described by this man who had never heard of the tribe.
But it's not enough to ask about previous lifetimes - more important is "What did these lives have in common?"  Or "how do these lives relate to your overall journey or theme of your life?"  He examined that as well, and at some point I walked him into visit his council.  

It was there that he met some of the guides that have been overseeing all of his lifetimes, and I asked the members of his council detailed questions about their own path and journey.

We also spoke to an "entity" that appeared that incarnates here on the planet as a tree. We asked her questions about that journey and when asked about opinion of humans this feminine entity said "She feels sad." I asked "Why?" She said "Because humans have lost their ability to communicate with trees. Thousands of years ago they had the ability. But they have lost it. Not many humans can communicate with us."

I didn't invent this conversation. The man I was speaking with, fully conscious, had never heard of anyone "communicating with a tree."  But there, over coffee, we had this unusual conversation (from the man's subconscious answering my questions, like "Can we talk to this entity? Is it male or female, neither or both?") that allowed us to get an answer to a question that neither of us had ever thought to ask, or ever thought could be answered. 

Trees are sad on our behalf. At least this one was.

All of this took about two hours over coffee at my favorite spot.

Jennifer insists that people will want to "sign up" to do something like this with me on a regular basis. We'll see.

with Jennifer Shaffer and George Noory

So I'm offering this service to anyone who might be in Santa Monica who wants to reach out and talk about the flipside. I can so via phone, skype or in person.  

If you'd like to schedule a consultation, send an email to me at MartiniConsultants (at) gmail - and we can figure it out from there.  Thanks for tuning in!

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