Oracles of Tibet and Manhattan Beach

I met with two Oracles this week.  One is from Manhattan Beach, the other is from Dharamsala.

Here's the Oracle of Manhattan Beach:
The Oracle of Manhattan Beach Jennifer Shaffer
She works with law enforcement agencies nationwide to help people find missing persons.  I've interviewed her extensively for the book "Hacking the Afterlife."  I can vouch for everything that's in the book with regard to observations she's made about the flipside.  I cite the evidence when she talks about things that she couldn't know, but I don't know, but later prove to be accurate.

You can find out more about her at - but sometimes we get together for lunch and when that happens, you never know who is going to show up.  As I noted here earlier, Michael Newton showed up last week - the man I made my documentary about. (see the post below) 

The reason I'm saying "he" showed up - instead of saying "someone who appeared to be Michael Newton" is because in his messages to me through Jennifer, he dealt with "new information."  That is information I didn't know that he knew, and later had to look up to confirm whether it was accurate. And it was.

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to see my old friend Thubten Ngodup, better known as the Medium of the State Oracle of Tibet, or informally as Kutenla.  I have interviewed him in the past, we met in the 90's and I produced a CD for the Nechung Monastery

Video from the CD "Nechung Monks" in Dharamsala, India

I met Kutenla long before I began this flipside research, but of course, it's all part of the same endeavors. 
 What's the difference between a Tibetan Oracle and a Manhattan Beach one?

Practice, practice, practice.  

Sorry, that's an old joke.

Basically Jennifer sees, hears, senses things as a medium that are related to the person who is sitting in front of her.  They may be relatives coming forth, friends who've passed, or just images coming from her spirit guides to help the person in front of her identify what they are trying to impart, or who they are trying to connect with.  

This can be an emotional experience, especially when someone comes through who has recently died, as my dear friend experienced a few weeks ago, when her brother came through and proved to his sister that not only was he still in existence, he'd been keeping an eye on her the entire time.

But in the case of the Tibetan Oracle - Oracles have a long history in Tibet.  They were typically someone in the village who had the ability to "see" into the future, and was consulted over crops and all kinds of things that people needed to know about.  Typically the Kuten would go into a trance, and then report whatever it was that he saw or heard.  Kutenla is the "chief" Oracle for Tibet - and advises them on any number of things, from his Holiness the Dalai Lama's travel schedule, to what location a hospital might be built, or what might or might not occur.

What's his and her rate of success with predicting the future?  Well, I can tell you that based on my research the future is not set.  So the ability to predict "likely outcomes" depends on a lot of things.  So if you're seeking out an oracle for a glimpse into the future, remember that it is not set, it is not locked down, and they can only tell you what they're feeling sensing or experiencing.

In the case of the Oracle of Tibet, he goes into a trance during his experience. He's completely unaware of what he's saying or doing, and he speaks in a 13th century dialect that only a few monks know, and can translate for him.  If you're familiar with flipside reports, you may consider that the 13th isn't really all that far away from this time and place - and being able to talk to someone who once was on the planet and is still accessible, is the basis of "Hacking the Afterlife."

I know that the previous Oracle saved the Dalai Lama's life when he escaped Tibet while under attack from the Chinese.  That event was reported in the film Kundun. There are many other instances where he has been completely accurate, and from what I've seen of his trance sessions, there is definitely something unusual going on during them.  His physical features change for the most part, his tongue turns black for example, and other abnormalities.  

I'm not making any claims here - my point remains the same - these things should be studied, examined, but when you add them to the work that I've been doing on the architecture of the afterlife, they aren't as odd as they seem.

with Kutenla The Medium of the State Oracle of Tibet
The Oracle in Action:

So today over lunch, Jennifer and I were visited by a friend who died recently - and his daughter who died this past weekend.  Even though I was close to both of them I was able to ask some pretty specific questions to each of them about their experience.  She said she was experiencing "being like Peter Pan" without any strings, moving around.  In his case he seemed to be hanging out with friends and doing things he always did; golf, ride around in a boat.

Both of them gave me specific details so that I could impart them to their loved ones - in response to the question, "Is there anything you can tell me or show Jennifer that is so unique that your loved ones will know beyond a shadow of doubt that it's a message from you?"  They both gave me specific events, and when I report them to their loved ones, I'll report back here.

Sunset Santa Monica

Then someone I knew briefly showed up and had some specific messages for a close family member about her friend.  I don't know the friend, I know of the friend, but the details were pretty specific, and I've passed them along.  I have no idea how they'll be taken upon hearing, because after all, when you've been a skeptic of all of things for so long, unless you experience them for yourself, it's very hard to accept or even hear them.

Kathleen Bird York's Cub Pic. Cool.

This fellow who spoke to Jennifer was a Cubs fan - and he said "We're all enjoying what's going on with the Cubs up here too."  Meaning that the success of our favorite teams doesn't die with us - it continues on.  How cool is that?


In response to Neil deGrasse Tyson's view of the afterlife...

Came across this interview yesterday: (actually the part on the afterlife begins at 2:22)

As my old Harvard/Oxford trained professor Julian Baird used to say "I'd agree with you but then we'd both be wrong."  Neil says "No one remembers what it was like before they were born."  That's not accurate.  

Michael Newton ("Journey of Souls") had over 7000 cases where people remembered not only "before they were born" by why they were born.  Dr. Helen Wambach ("Life Before Life") had over 2000 cases where people remember the same thing - why they chose to come here, why they chose their lifetimes.  Usually it's to "help someone else" or to "fulfill some kind of an agreement."  These memories are accessible to people, if only they look for them.  

 Just because someone doesn't "remember before they came to the planet" doesn't mean they can't remember it - nor does it mean that there isn't an experience prior to it. As Neil points out - everyone experiences a rainbow differently, why wouldn't everyone experience the afterlife in a different fashion? 

 Perhaps Neil might look to Giordano Bruno, and actually consider what Bruno experienced that caused him to be burned at the stake. Bruno claimed he'd had an "out of body experience" where he saw other galaxies.  His consciousness left his body and went for a trip around the galaxy - which he reported on, and was later killed for not denying it. 

 Just because others haven't had the same experience doesn't mean that others can't or don't have that experience. Insects can see UV light, humans cannot, but that doesn't mean that it's not there. 

People have near death experiencies where there is no oxygen to the brain, and yet they are fully conscious - for example, the man who came back to tease his doctor about the surgeon's "orange tennis shoes." 

 Why was that so unusual? The man had been blind from birth. Had never seen "the color orange" in this lifetime. If Dr. Tyson examines Dr. Sam Parnia's work, or Dr. Bruce Greyson's work at UVA, (or Mario Beauregard PhD, or Gary Schwartz PhD) he'll see that these scientists are arguing that consciousness is not confined to the brain.  (I refer to Dr Greyson's youtube talk "Is Consciousness Produced by the brain?")

 And if it is NOT confined to the brain, and if thousands of people can remember verifiable previous lifetimes, or in the case of my latest book "Hacking the Afterlife" are able to learn "new information" from people no longer on the planet - that is, information that cannot by cryptomnesia, hypoxia or any other reason - information that they could only have gotten from someone clearly not on the planet, but who can answer questions or give new details about their lives --- then it behooves us to examine this information as a scientist would.  Without prejudice.

At some point thousands of people saying the same things about the afterlife becomes a dataset from which to examine why that might be happening. It's not a belief, or a philsophy, or a religion - it's data. What does the data say? Well the data says consistently, and can be replicated, that we choose to come to the planet. And that when we're done with the play that we've performed, or the task we've accomplished, we make a conscious choice to "go home" (as all 35 people I've filmed under deep hypnosis have claimed.)

It behooves us to try to examine the research not with a preconception about the nature of what we want reality to be - but for what it is.  And when you examine these cases, people generally don't find themselves lying in bed thinking "oh gee, why do I need to get out of bed? What's the point if I've lived many lifetimes, and I'll experience many more?" In the research, we find people eager, anxious, happy to get up and help others. Anxious and excited and happy to come to this planet to experience life as we know it. And now that they're aware of it, have no fear about leaving it.

 So #LarryKing, #NeildeGrasseTyson if you want to end your fear of death, or actually examine reports from the flipside, check out this research: "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and "Hacking the Afterlife." Or my documentary "Flipside: A Journey into the Afterlife" where I film people under deep hypnosis talking about past lives, and their life between lives - and included Michael Newton's last filmed interview.

I'll be on Coast to Coast with George Noory on Nov 4, 2016 to discuss these topics. I invite y'all to tune in.

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