CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLIPSIDE KIND - great story from George Noory last night

Last night Coast to Coast AM George shared an incredible story when we were speaking about "voices that save your life" - they're telepathic, they aren't sound waves - yet they saved Gary Schwartz PhD, Bill Bennett and George. 

A voice said "stop the car" coming up to a green light in St. Louis, he ignored it at first, then he heard it again "in his ear" and pulled over narrowly missing being run over by a driver running a red light.  

Great story, which was in line with the topic of "telepathic communication from folks offstage."

See more stories like it in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLIPSIDE KIND.




Telepathic Close Encounters

Hosted by

George Noory


David Blume, Richard Martini

Wednesday - March 27, 2024

Alternative Fuel & EVs / Telepathic Close Encounters

About the show

First Half: Ecological biologist and expert in alternative fuels and sustainable agriculture, David Blume reports on why electric vehicles are losing popularity and food prices continue to rise. He'll also update his work on bio-fuels, and the importance of local government and supply chains.

Second Half: Author and filmmaker Rich Martini will present his latest work and research into communicating telepathically with people off planet, and people who have never incarnated on Earth, using hypnosis and guided meditation.

New book!!


So there's a new book to mention: 



I'll be speaking on COAST TO COAST AM  March 27th

and will be appearing at the end of May (May 30th to June 3rd): (schedule to be announced)




With Paul Hynek, Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Pascal Michael, Sarah B. Cosme, Anthony Peake, Richard Martini and Host, Tim Crawford.

This panel will explore the various forms of non-human intelligence reported by individuals around the globe that expands our understanding of consciousness and reality. Discover the mysteries surrounding non-human intelligence and the fabric that connects all versions.

 Here's the speaker lineup

“The Woodstock of UFOlogy is a weekend of education into the Science of UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life”
- Forbes





Here are two chapters that include interviews with Garry on the flipside.



By Richard Martini, Foreword by Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders



As noted, Jennifer and I generally don’t reach out to people we don’t know. However, in editing this book, I notice that each time we’ve asked Luana for someone to “show up”, Jennifer says something along the lines of — “she just yanked him in here.”

In light of that, I was thinking about Stephen Hawking’s recent passing. But not from the aspect of “Gee, I wonder if he’s out of his wheelchair?” I know that he’s out of his wheelchair, as the thousands of cases I’ve examined, the 45 between life sessions I’ve filmed, and the countless testimonials that Jennifer has given me in her sessions attest to knowing that “Stephen’s okay. He’s fine. He’s just adjusting.”

This following conversation occurred about a month after his passing. I decided to include some other famous atheists — just to see if it was possible. Prior to this conversation I “asked for” (said their names aloud) of a number of people that I wanted to see if we could chat with.


Rich: Okay, we decided to see if we could do something unusual. We’re going to interview someone neither Jennifer or I know, or have ever met, and are not aware that any of our group members know.

Jennifer: I did ask them if we could do this. I got (we will be) “shooting to his frequency.” That was the visual that was given to me.

Shooting to his frequency? Whose?

Stephen Hawking.

(Ding! I had yet to mention his name.) We know it’s easier to communicate with people we know. But we are going to try an experiment.

I know nothing about him other than…

He had a “Brief history of time.” (Name of his book)

And he had that disease… what was it? Lou Gehrig’s disease?

I think that’s correct.[1] But we’re not going to try to speak about his career or the stuff that is common knowledge, but we want to ask him about his journey or path. That is, if we can access it. Class? Who’s here?

That was interesting, Luana brought forward Stephen, but he is standing. He is very handsome.

About how old is he?

“About 29,” he said.

Is he wearing glasses?

No glasses. He just looks healthy, vibrant, that’s what I’m being shown. I’m asking, “Is he 29 or 19?” They said, “he’s 29.” I asked if this was when he had the disease…

(Note: I also listened later to Dr. Elisa Medhus interviewing Hawking via a medium at She also said the same physical things here; that he looked 29, no glasses, etc.)

As we know, from our research, we appear as we’d like to appear on the flipside.

I’m being told he did have it when he was 29…

But let’s talk about your path and journey — first of all welcome to our class, Stephen.

(Jennifer smiles) He finds this fascinating.

From your point of view, who do you see in our class? Just us or others?

He just showed me the tops of our heads; an aerial view.

Can you see any of the members of our class?

“It’s frequencies, it belted out to like…” I asked him, “How many would you say?” He said, “In all dimensions.” I asked, “One hundred?” He said “No, hundreds of thousands of people.” I asked, “In this dimension?” He said, “In all dimensions.”

What’s that answer in response to?

(The question) “If he can see our class.”

Are there other galaxies and dimensions that he can access or that access him?


Have you talked to anyone back here since you checked off the planet?

“Yes.” His wife.

(Note: Stephen married Jane Wilde, 1965, divorced 1995. They had three children, Robert, Lucy and Timothy.)

I think he was married three times… which wife did you reach out to?

“First wife.” He’s laughing; “I wasn’t the easiest person to get along with.”

I know, you did have difficulty, but you spent a lot of time together. You were very close, you had kids together.


I think that’s right. (It is. Ding!) Who was there to greet you when you crossed over or what was the process of crossing over?

He says, “I didn’t believe there was a cross over.” I asked, “Did you believe in the afterlife?” and he said “No, I believed in the universe.” He’s being literal. Showing me that he didn’t “cross” anything.

I’m aware that he was famous for being an atheist and didn’t believe in an afterlife. But can you tell us, what was the process? Did you see anyone from the other side before you died?

He did see people before he died. He said he saw his caregiver. (She) looked kind of like a nanny, she took care of him when he was first sick… felt like, a long time ago, as a young man. She greeted him with a smile.

Did you realize you were in the afterlife or did you think you were in a dream?

“I didn’t feel like I was in the afterlife.” He says he was realizing he was not understanding where he was… or what he was coming to. It was a “dream within a dream.” Luana just showed me the example of the car as a reference.

(Note: In Harry Dean Stanton’s story in Book One, he claimed that Luana showed up prior to his death, which he thought was a hallucination. Then when he found himself in a car with her, he thought he had “fallen into a dream” of their trip to the Monterey Pop festival in 1967. At some point in the journey, they suddenly had a flat tire, and as he was fixing the tire, he said “Wait a second, we didn’t have a flat tire during this trip. So this isn’t a dream.” And the driver replied, “I know.” Harry said Luana had given him a “soft landing” by making it appear as if he was in a dream, but then made him realize it wasn’t a dream.)

Rich: Right, so then what happened?

Jennifer: “I was met with such love.”

By friends and family; people you knew or didn’t know?

By both; people he knew or recognized from the past and family members.

Was it that feeling of love that made you realize you were in another place?

Jennifer touches her nose as if to say, “right on the money.” (Aside) I only get that in our classroom discussions with Luana.

Once you realized where you were and that the laws of the physics of this place were different, what did you think? Or what have you been doing in terms of your adventure since then?

(Jennifer laughs.) He says “I’m taking a break from not having to do anything. I was so focused. I was so focused on the universal existence. I didn’t think there would be a continuance in the way we view it.”

You’re saying there is (an afterlife) or there is not?

“I did not think there was a continuance. Of how people viewed the universe. Or god.”

In terms of the concept of God; have you had the experience of “opening your heart to everyone and all things?” Is that the unconditional love that we’ve heard about?

“Yes.” (Jennifer aside) I asked him, “Did you call it (that experience) God?” He said “No.”

(Note: in the discussion of “God” it becomes a brain freeze moment or a religious moment to discuss “God” for most people. In this research I’ve consistently heard that God is not an object or a person, but a mechanism or a medium, the way consciousness appears to function. The response I reported in “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” to “What or who is God?” was “God is beyond the capacity of the human brain to comprehend. It’s just not physically possible, but you can experience God by opening your heart to everyone and all things.” By taking this answer literally — that God is an experience of unconditional love rather than an object, I find its easier to refer to “God” as an “experience” to avoid full religious brain freeze.)

But for the purpose of our understanding that word that we use (to refer to God) — am I correct in saying God is not a physical object?

I asked him, “Is God a physical person?” and he said “No.” He said, “It’s the frequency of the heart.”

Let me ask you about consciousness; please correct me if I’m wrong. My theory is that consciousness is not an object but a medium or mechanism to understand what is going on.

Funny, he just showed me… and then he showed me my heart… and he showed the frequency of my heart, how it acts like a boomerang.

So, consciousness is not an object but it’s a like a frequency?

“Yes.” That’s why he showed me my heart. (As an example of consciousness being the “frequency of the heart.”)

We talked about this before, that ricochet or boomerang effect, of sending out love, and feeling a wave that comes from the heart; we send it out and the frequency comes back to us like an echo… But maybe he doesn’t want to talk about this topic, we may not have enough time.

“It is time.”

It is time?

“Yes. It’s so esoteric that many people won’t get the concept…” and he just showed me the word “terminology” and just showed me the word going “poof.” (Meaning don’t focus on the terminology.)

Since you’ve been back there, have you visited a black hole?


What was your impression?


What’s the function of a black hole? A portal to another universe or realm?

“Neither.” (Jennifer pronounced the word as “nigh-ther” rather than the way she normally says “nee-ther.”) “It’s a way that people from all dimensions get to communicate without any static.”

Well, that would be a portal, wouldn’t it? For people to communicate through?

“Terminology.” He just showed the word again (and waves her hands as if it was being blasted away.)

All right, let’s bounce around a bit. Stephen, did you know or ever meet Christopher Hitchens?

(Note: Jennifer has no idea who this is.)


Can you bring him forth for us, so we can have a conversation with Christopher?

He said, “No. Because that means I would believe in the afterlife.”

Hahaha. Very funny.

(Note: After Christopher Hitchens passed, the New Yorker ran a cartoon of a man on a psychiatrist couch saying, “I had a dream last night Christopher Hitchens came from the afterlife to tell there is no after life.”

This is an opportune moment to remind the reader that no one has claimed during any of these reports that any religion is accurate or correct about the afterlife, or even about a god or an existence of God.

In fact, every report is contradictory to the dogma expressed by religion, every philosophy. These reports are not saying anyone, including atheists are wrong or should “believe in God” — no one has been able to define God or consciousness accurately. “All roads lead to home.”

During these interviews, we’ve often heard atheists express they wished they hadn’t “wasted time to argue about it.” From Wikipedia’s entry on Hitchens: “As an anti-theist he regarded the concept of a god or supreme being as a totalitarian belief that impedes individual freedom. He argued that free expression and scientific discovery should replace religion as a means of informing ethics and defining codes of conduct for human civilization. The dictum “What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence” has become known as Hitchens’s razor.” Wikipedia)[2]

I want to ask Christopher about his friend who jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge? Is he aware of that?

(Note: This is a detail not known by the public in general, just one of those odd things I happen to know via someone who knew this person in Palo Alto where Hitchens once lived.)

“Yes, they’re all together.”

Who greeted you as you crossed over?

I want to say a daughter.

What was the mechanism for you? At what point did you realize that you were in the afterlife?

It was seeing that daughter — I don’t know if she was born, she may have been a miscarriage, but she was someone that he saw that he knew that felt very familiar.

(Note: Hitchens had three children, a son and two daughters still living. His mother committed suicide when she was 50. Sometimes, people claim to encounter a child who didn’t make the journey (Harry Dean Stanton seeing a “child” in his hospital room, and telling us a week prior that this was his child from a miscarriage), sometimes we’re greeted by the conscious energy of person’s “higher self” including people who are still alive on the planet — but roughly two thirds of their energy is always “back home.” (I.e., “I’m seeing my mother, during my near death experience, but she’s still alive.”)

I try not to judge whatever comes through but report it verbatim. Hitchens does not have a daughter who died before him, (“Great! Now I can return this damned book!”) however, Jennifer heard him refer to “his daughter.” If I (or Jennifer) had “looked him up” prior to inviting him, we would have known that detail.)[3]

Rich: Since you’ve been back there, what kind of things have you been observing? I know it doesn’t seem like very long time for you. (He passed in December of 2011 at 62 of a brain tumor)

Jennifer: “Things popping up…” He showed me things… (uses her hands) like people popping “up.”

Oh, so you’ve observed people coming from here to there? Have you greeted anyone? They must be startled to see you.

“Yes.” Did he have a grandson that died?

Don’t know. I have a friend who told me about the suicide of Christopher’s friend. Can you tell us anything about that path or journey with that person?

(Note: A close friend told me about this friend in Palo Alto; it doesn’t appear to be public knowledge. I gave my friend a copy of “Flipside” to pass along to the family of this friend of Christopher’s. I searched Christopher’s life story to see if he had a grandson who passed, as I did, I heard “godson” and on a hunch tried that search. Turns out he had a godchild in Zimbabwe, though don’t know if it was a boy or girl or if they’re still on the planet.) [4]

Jennifer: They’re comparing notes. He put on boxing gloves.

Rich: Who are you boxing with?

His friend who jumped.

You guys like to box over there? Is your friend okay?

“He’s way better.” He just gave me a rainbow — I don’t know know what that means, but perhaps his friend had trouble with sexual issues.

Christopher, what’s it like to box or be hit on the flipside? What’s that feel like?

He’s showing me it’s a frequency; if you think of two dials, and one you turn up for pressure, and the other you turn up for feeling. Like you turn it all the way up for the most feeling, and then you feel it… It gives you the sensations (of boxing.)[5]

(Note: It’s likely the last thing many would associate with this famous journalist; boxing. However, according to his autobiography, Hitchens reluctantly boxed in a school at “Mount House School” but remembered it all his life, writing in 2010; “I had my socks knocked off me in the ring, but why do I remember it after half a century?”)

Rich: You feel it on your head? On your body?

Jennifer: “It’s a great way to practice, if you turn it all the way down you can do the motions but you don’t feel it, but if you turn it all the way up the action becomes more profound.” He’s trying to show me how to increase the power…

Like amplifying?


That’s unusual. Thanks for that. I just wanted to gather a few atheists together to talk about the afterlife. Allow me to introduce you all to Harry Dean Stanton, a fellow atheist who is part of our class.[6]

They know Harry Dean. They loved “Big Love.”[7] And your buddy Billy came through and said, “Of course they did.”

Stephen what would you like us to impart to your fans or friends who miss and love you, or even people who don’t believe in the afterlife? What would you like us to tell them?

Tell them not to. (Jennifer aside: “Not to what?”) “Tell them not to fight how we live and die. Eternity exists if you believe it exists.” I asked him, “What about atheists?” and he said, he’s showing me… He said, “Atheists get black holes as their heaven.”

Ha. Very funny. So back to black holes for a second.

“It’s terminology,” he keeps saying.

I understand, but as you mentioned, its function is a portal or some kind of a communication hub, so people can communicate, so that means… therefore…

“That there is a bigger existence. Yes.”

Anti-matter goes through a black hole, is that correct?


(Note: We asked this question to Julian Baird after I heard it was a key question from physicist Michio Kaku. “Why is there more matter than anti matter in the universe?” which was answered in Julian’s chapter.)

Rich: People in other realms have their own experience relating to black holes?

Jennifer: “Yes. They feel the frequencies from all of it.” I asked, “Are you famous elsewhere or here?” He said, “I am in the hearts that know me.”

Let’s ask you about your journey and path — before you came to the planet did you know that you were going to have ALS and chose this life anyway so that you could focus on the stuff you learned?

“Yes.” He’s like “I just didn’t know how difficult it would be.” He’s saying it was hard on other people, his first wife. He’s still in love with his first wife. “Very strongly,” he says.

The thing you want us to impart to your friends and fans is to not fear death?

He said “Don’t fear anything. And allow the multiverse to come through you.”

How do we do that?

He just showed me a cutout of a person — that you can hold up, so it’s a bunch of people but the same person (a paper doll chain). He’s showing that as an example of all of our past lives. “You and your past lives, everyone lined up — they exist in all of those dimensions with one heart.”

Being able to access all of yourself, to access your other lifetimes in order to access other realms? Cool. So, Stephen, you chose this lifetime, correct?


Why did you choose this difficult lifetime?

(Jennifer smiles.) He’s funny. He said, “Because they had toilets.” He said having conveniences meant he wouldn’t die as a child. He said it allowed him to have enough longevity to make people think and believe in the stars relative to their own beliefs.

A few weeks ago, just before you passed, you published a paper about multiverse. Do we live in a multiverse?[8]


How do you feel about that paper now? “Just terminology?”

“It was my last attempt to not to be face to face with… or to come to grips with what was going to happen.”

A last attempt of not coming to terms with… one last way of putting off…

“Yes, not coming to terms with an afterlife.”

Did you have a near death experience in your life?


(Note: It wasn’t something I was aware of, just popped into my head. During a bout with pneumonia, he reported that he had a “near death experience.”)[9]

Rich: During your NDE, did you consciously experience anything other than your body, did you fly around?

Jennifer: He says he “Thought it was a dream at the time, something he didn’t understand. Later, he tried to map it, make like a grid, tried to make it tangible — and it came as something to do with the stars.”

Since you’ve been back there, have you been able to visit with any of your heroes or examine any of your lifetimes?

Apollo? He showed me a Greek god of some sort.

What’s his name? Is this a person?

He then showed me a Trojan. Like “Tommy Trojan” at USC.

(Note: Listening to Dr. Medhus’ interview with Hawking, via Veronica Drake. With her, he recalled a lifetime as a Roman prelate. A number of other details are similar. He claimed that he had been wrong about the content of black holes, and used the term portal to describe their function. He also said that the big bang was not a singular event, or that there was a specific God per se. But he did talk about consciousness being the “same thing as God” in his interview with Dr. Medhus. It’s the same thing Jennifer and I have been hearing from various people — that “God” is the “connection that is between all people, and for a more specific term to use the word “love” or “Unconditional love.”)

Did you live in that era of Troy and the Trojan wars? (Taking a wild guess, knowing USC’s mascot is a fighting Trojan).


So in a sense, you have been able to reconnect with old friends?

They didn’t like him then. He showed me war.

Then didn’t like him? Why?

“He was a warrior, not caring about life.”

Were you a good at war, a good warrior?

“Yes, very decorated.”

What country were you in, Greece?

He’s showing me Germany.

What era was this? A long time ago or more recently? Or have you had many warrior lifetimes?

I’ve had many but am remembering one in particular — I’m getting 1602 but it’s negative. Like BCE.

(Note: In the interview with Dr. Medhus, he also remembered being a soldier in that era.)

I understand. Before the common era — the Bronze Age…. Who were you fighting against?

“Everybody.” (Jennifer makes a frown) He showed me women and children dying.

(Note: It’s common in people reporting previous lives, they lived the “polar opposite” of another lifetime at another time. Michael Crichton revealed in his autobiography “Travels” that he remembered a lifetime as a Gladiator; a detail I think influenced his later film “Westworld.”)[10]

(Jennifer frowns). Now I’m not going to like him. (She listens) Oh! (As a reply) He just showed me the era when I was in Salem dunking women thought to be witches.

(Note: Jennifer is making a point and the person she’s speaking to “projects” or “pulls” from her memory an image that can be used as a metaphor to understand what she’s seeing. In this case, Jennifer remembered (as reported in “Hacking the Afterlife”) a life where she tortured “witches” back in the Salem era. He’s reminding her, so she would not misjudge Hawking’s memory of a life as a brutal warrior.)

In your between lives realm, who’s your guide? A man or a woman or neither? Can we meet your guide?

He first showed me Jesus, then I saw Buddha; he said it was “That same frequency.”

You’re saying your guides or your members of your council have that avatar frequency? How many people are on your council?

He said “Three, but (they’re) on a higher level.”

You’re saying like a “council’s council?”

“Yes.” Wow, that’s the first time I’ve seen that.

Note: It’s in a few cases I’ve reported; people claim to have had access to, or seen “higher councils.” Every person has a guide, and a council that helps them evaluate how they did during their lifetime. But I’ve heard that council members also have their own councils and counselors. Kind of super intelligent, wise souls. He’s had so many unusual lifetimes to say the least, so makes sense to me.

“He’s saying that you invited five people today?”

That is correct. (Ding! Before our meeting, I often say aloud the name of the person I’m asking to show up. In this case in my car, I said five names.) I was thinking of what atheists I might invite, I thought of my old professor Julian Baird who we’ve talked to before, Harry Dean Stanton, perhaps Christopher Hitchens and Stephen. Wait, there’s one more. Oh, by the way, how about Ricky Gervais? He’s a famous atheist. Christopher, did you meet Ricky?

“Yes.” He has.

He’s a terrific humorist, like yourself Christopher. Any message from you for that famous atheist?

He says “Tell him to keep it up. It makes people search within for what their beliefs really are. It’s keeping them “in the question,” even the ones that are angry.

Even the ones that are upset, that’s a good thing?

“It only means he’s popular.”

What do you want me to tell Ricky?

“That he’s easy access.”

Christopher, your message to Ricky Gervais is… “Keep it up” and “You’re easy access?” Sounds like sex references.

“To not back down. It’s not about jokes; it’s about the frequency.” He says, “Ricky, you can’t love cats and not believe in the afterlife. If you love cats, then you must know that they see things that are not there.” So he must know there’s something up beyond cats. Without hesitation, without reservation, Ricky is like a pitchfork — (Jennifer aside: “No pun intended, he’s showing me a pitchfork”) — and Ricky challenges people in the best way without them resorting to war.”

(Note: Ricky Gervais is an important animal rights activist; posts about it often. As to “atheism;” no one in this research (people under hypnosis, or speaking from the flipside) claims any form of man-made religion is “accurate.” They often say many are “wrong,” use it to “have power over others” but they offer “all spirituality leads to the same truth” (about “unconditional love” being the normal state of being on the flipside.) That’s not my opinion, theory or belief; it’s just what they consistently say.)

Stephen, there are people suffering with Lou Gehrig’s disease, ALS, they’re suffering and their loved ones are suffering… what can we say to them?

He said “It’s just a costume. They’ll get a new one.”

(Note: In his interview with Dr. Medhus, he said it was a “wiring of the brain issue.” That if we understood how to rewire the brain, we would be able to help those suffering from it.)

Are they conscious of what’s happening around them?

“They are not, but their higher selves are. They’re (people with ALS are) more infused with their higher selves than we are.” (Laughs) “But Ricky Gervais is not aware of his higher self.” He shows me “just a teeny bit, just enough; like a kitty treat worth of awareness.”

I remember the fifth person I requested; Garry Shandling. He was a Buddhist, but didn’t believe in an afterlife per se.

I see him. I love his voice.

They just did a film about his life on HBO.

He said it suucked how he died. (Jennifer aside:) I don’t know how he died.

He called his doctor, said he was having chest pains and the doctor told him to lay down for awhile, call him later if it continued.

“That was a joke,” he said.

Who greeted you on your crossing over?

“His sister.”

(Note: Neither Jennifer or I were aware that Garry lost his brother early in life, and he spent a good deal of time in therapy about that loss. After this interview, I watched the film, and then came back to transcribe this transcript, startled to see this answer. I thought “Why didn’t he say his brother?” As we’ll see in an ensuing chapter, he changes that answer.)

Rich: Anything you want to say to your girlfriend who sued you after you kicked her off the show?

Jennifer: He showed me her before you said that. He said. “She dumped me!” and the group is all laughing… He says he was mad that she didn’t love him.

Your pal Judd Apatow made a documentary about you. (“Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling”)

He says, “He channeled it.”

Is that a joke? What do you want to tell Judd?

He gave me a smile emoji.

Any advice for Judd?

“Tell him to stop rethinking the beginning.” “Allow.”

(Note: I met Judd and Leslie Mann in my friend’s Cafe in Santa Monica “Real Food Daily.” I told him about my film “Cannes Man;” he told me to “send it over.” I thought he’d love the self-deprecating humor. Based on the scene in “The Disaster Artist” where we see how much he likes being interrupted while eating, I doubt it.)

Anything you want to tell Jerry Seinfeld?

“To shut up.”

Ha. He did an episode of “Comedians in Cars getting Coffee” with you, and you both spoke touchingly about the meaning of your life.

“Jerry didn’t get it.”

When you crossed over, were you surprised?


What have you been doing since then?

“Playing golf.”

With who?

“With all my atheist friends who didn’t believe in the afterlife.”

Haha. Okay. What’s your handicap?

He showed me “negative 4.” Then Stephen Hawking interrupted to show his handicap; “a wheelchair.” They’re all laughing.

What is the golf course that you are envisioning yourself playing on?

These boys are doing a lot of puns. He showed me “golfing on water.”

Do you go out and play 36 holes?

“Two holes.” He’s telling me they go off and play two holes… very far apart. He showed me like you tee off in the U.S., but then you have to cross continents to get to the first hole.

Like the tee is in California and the hole is in Tibet? That’s hilarious. When you’re creating this construct, are you actually on a place on earth where you golfed or is it just in your mind?


So you might be playing literally on a course in Scotland while others are playing. Gives new meaning to “playing through.”

“You take the information from what you have here and infuse it with you have there.”

By the way, Garry, have you met our teacher Luana before?

He showed me that brief moment when you spoke with him at the restaurant — I think everyone gets connected when our energies connect.

Did you meet any of these other guys around you? Stephen, Christopher?


Well class, this is Garry Shandling. He’s very funny.

“I guess I am.” Oh, Robin Williams just waved his hand.

Oh, of course, you know Robin.

He was one of the friends that met him as he came into the other side.

When he crossed over? I read that Brenner had a joke he wanted to be buried with dollar bills…

“In his pants,” he tells me.

Right, so he’d have cash to hand out for tips. “Ya never know.” All right anything else you want to tell your friends and fans?

He showed me Julia Louis Dreyfus… the actress? (She chuckles.) He said, “Tell her he should have listened to her.”

She’ll know what that means? Stephen, what else can we tell your friends?

“Tell them to hone in on who they are, and how they are.”

In terms of past lives?

“Yes. That will give them the infinite.”

Stephen, do you like our concept “You can change the future by changing your past?” Should be a name of a chapter.

He’s saying it’s “easier access.” He’s showing me that if… — “If you are someone who has a handicap, then it’s easier to access your higher self and this other realm.”

Okay, we’ll call your chapter “Easier access.”

He said he wants it called “Black holes and the Infinite.”

Will do. Question I have; can we access your mind later on so that you can help us solve problems back on earth? Not theoretical ones, but ones that deal with water, earth and pollution?

He says, “You can access my consciousness but not my thoughts.”

He’s very precise. Okay, I just mean, can we talk to you and ask questions we don’t know the answers to?


Like “How do we turn salt water to fresh water cheaply?”

He showed me that Tesla had done it in 1938. I feel like Tesla knew how to do that.

I’m familiar with Tesla’s life, wrote a script about him. I’m not aware of any invention like that, but of course with all the patents he had, it’s possible.

He’s showing me somebody’s already done that.

That would be an interesting way to access your mind, if at some point you could help us draw what’s in the patent.


Perhaps we could do a session with a scientist, someone familiar with that language, or have a physicist do a session, take out a pen, and Jennifer can tell him what to draw.

(Note: Just like Jennifer did in “Hacking the Afterlife” when she drew me a map of Saipan, based on hearing it from Amelia Earhart’s point of view, when I had just returned from visiting her jail cell on the island. The map was eerily accurate, as I had just driven the roads, and knew precisely what she was indicating on the map.)

“Yeah.” He showed me a language that he would use.

Is that too mundane ask you to help us do something like that?

He said, “Yes; it’s like teaching first grade compared to what he’s doing now. But fascinating.”

During one of my between life sessions, I saw myself in a classroom on the flipside, and the teacher had drawings on a blackboard and was trying to explain to me how crystals come into being — he showed me symbols and I realized that one symbol was “intense pressure over time.” Symbols that I don’t understand but a physicist might. In terms of memory… Where does memory reside? Outside of the body? We know it’s not only in the brain, where do past life memories exist?

“They exist in your heart frequency.”

Does everyone have a unique heart frequency?

“Yes, everyone.”

I’ve heard the description before,[11] of geometric shapes or fractals that contain all of our memories that travel with us.

“That’s the frequency in and of itself; it is like the chip that contains memories.”

And those memories of previous lifetimes?

“Those memories are held in the electromagnetic field of yourself and is held in (the frequency of) our soul… at least that’s our best interpretation.”

I’m asking if it’s possible to access that information.

“Through your mind.”

Under deep hypnosis?

“Belief.” And he’s laughing about the whole belief thing, by the way.

Question is; how do we access those memories, those fractals, geometric shapes?

“Sitting still. By being still.”

Through meditation?

I asked him if he was “being still” while he was in his wheelchair, and he said “No, because his mind was going constantly.”

Being still allows access to memories of previous lifetimes, which allows us to access our loved ones on the flipside as well. Further it helps us to change our past by revisiting it as a lesson, or a class that we’ve had — and by doing so that changes our future. But Jennifer and I are doing it in another way aren’t we?

“Yes. Active stillness equals belief. If you believe you don’t have to have your mind go crazy trying to debunk it.”

You had a number of warnings for the planet about robots, artificial intelligence, etc while you were alive… but now that you can access the other side, any thoughts on those?

He showed me robots in movies; “The fear of artificial intelligence is related to the fear of black holes, of God, and the idea that robots could take over.”

Does he now believe we have no reason to fear?

He just showed me Ricky Gervais — because he just did that same thing to you…

What, make me crazy?

He’s saying we allow ourselves to be controlled by AI, by electronics, and we need to detach from them.

He no longer fears that we’ll be controlled by these things?

“Absolutely 100% correct,” he says.

Anything else you want to tell us?

“You have one more question in your notes.”

“Aliens…” he said he was worried about us being visited by aliens because Columbus proved that explorers don’t always have the best intent.

He says, “We’re all aliens, it’s just a construct.”

(Note: In my books people under deep hypnosis claim the process of incarnation is that we are fully conscious individuals who choose to come to the planet, and we do so via the permission and connection to the human animal that we “helped evolve” over millennia.

They claim we only bring “about a third” of that conscious energy to any lifetime, that we don’t do that in connection with other animals on the planet, as the animals here have their own “journey and realms.”

This short answer contains basically the essence of what people under deep hypnosis claim consistently about the journey. (I’ve filmed 45 sessions, done 5 myself and have examined thousands of others. “We are all aliens, it’s just a construct” echoes what I’ve learned over the past ten years of filming people under hypnosis.)

Not that “aliens” means something strange, scary or different, but that our “conscious energy” comes here from “back home” and we choose to incarnate here to learn or teach lessons, until we’re done and then we “return back home.” (As reported)

In essence, his “answer” wraps the nature of reality into one sentence, one equation. When we realize “we are all aliens” (or are all immigrants) it pushes the onus onto us to realize that we chose to be here, that we must share the planet equally.)

Anything for your pal Richard Branson? The owner of Virgin Galactic promised to take Stephen for a space ride.

“Tell him to dream big. Because it’s not a dream.”

Okay, thank you Stephen.

Luana kissed your forehead. Do you have an anniversary coming up?

Sherry and I were married on April fool’s eve ten years ago.

You’ve never told me that. Luana said, “Happy anniversary.”

No, I have not told you about our anniversary. (ding!) But thanks class for proving once again our pals still do exist!


Yours truly with the pitchfork guy


By Richard Martini, Foreword by Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders




Pere La Chaise cemetery in Paris


In the last book, Anthony Bourdain came through loud and clear and gave us notes on just about everything — how to reach out to his opera singing daughter (didn’t know he had one), what kind of food I should put in my diet to help my health (string beans) and an antidote for depression; (meditation.) He’s funny, charming, and always has something to add to our discussions.

Here we are at another session at Fishbar in Manhattan Beach. My questions are in italics, Jennifer’s replies are in bold.

So class, who wants to talk? Luana?

She has like a whole list of things; she did this her papers. (Pretends to be straightening out a stack). “They’ve been waiting.”

Can we ask Anthony Bourdain a question?

He’s here; wearing jeans, blazer and a shirt, smoking a cigarette.

I read your interview with a medium and Dr. Medhus on, anything you want to add or correct about that?

He said that we helped him be able to do that. He said that right off the bat.

In terms of slowing your energy down, what’s the formula? How many degrees do you need to slow down?

He said “You mean like a recipe?”

Is slow the right word?

He said “s l o wwww...”

Are you half the speed up there? Two times? More?

“Yes, it’s just different.” He said “It’s like being on the freeway instead of a road. And on this side, we’re on the dirt road. He showed me a freeway, a regular road, a dirt road; different types of paths.”

So do you slow yourself down by half? Or two thirds?

“It depends on the person; what’s going on in their head.”

Like with your friends, or Asia Argento; how much do you slow yourself down to talk to her?

He says “She’s not aware of him… he’s been trying to — to everything to reach out to her.”

Anything we can do?

“Give her the book,” he said.

In your interview on Channeling Erik you said you met God, speaking as if he was an individual.

Anthony is smiling.

My question is, was that a metaphor or a physical person that you met?

He’s showing me that it almost felt like a hub. He says “Like a frequency hub, like an electrical outlet and other frequencies come from that and we all make up the one.”

(Note: For fans of my other books, we’ve heard this often. God is not a person, object or thing — more like a hub of consciousness that functions beyond our capacity to understand.)

Okay, so the idea of who or what God is — it’s like a medium… like water or oil?

He showed me me.

Well, you are the medium. But I mean like paint is a medium for color.

Jennifer taps her nose as it say “that’s it.”

From what I understand you were talking to a medium, Veronica Drake, Eric Medhus and his mom Dr. Elisa Medhus, and in the interview they quoted you saying that you’d “Met god and he was hilarious.”

He was laughing before you asked the question — I asked him “Did you see yourself?” He said that he did.

You’re looking at the source or the medium of everything. He did say that in the article, “Everyone is connected.”

He showed me like the base of a power switch; he showed me that spot… it’s interesting.. I saw him moving with tons of glass, you know how in the film The Matrix, how everything moves together in slow motion?

The bullet effect?

Those are the speeds I’m seeing. It’s the same things in multiple dimensions…

So speed is like time?

When you asked that, I was triggered to ask “Is that (visual) speed?” He says “We create speed and time here.”

In our dimension?

“Yes. It’s all at once there.”

(Note: Meaning once we are “outside of time” on the flipside, we can observe things in “all dimensions at once.” I.E. We can observe all of our lifetimes.)

What do you want to talk about Anthony? You’re the great interviewer.

He’s fascinated about how to communicate with this side, and he’s trying to reach her…


Did she have a fall recently? He showed me her stumbling.

Maybe he’s referring to her being sued by some friend of hers.

He said “She’ll get up, she’ll be unscathed.” It was like he showed me her getting up and wiping off her arms. He says “That’s part of her charm.” He’s showing me that she would throw things, she’d break things.

Anthony’s interview of Asia in her home gives a sense of who she is; a complicated person.

He says “and I’m not?” He says he was the one who complicated things…

But compared to her?

“She’s a comet. Ten thousand trillion times a comet…”

Anyone else need to stop by?

My dad.

Hi Jim. Ask how’s your class in astronomy with the 8 armed teacher?

(Note: She makes another appearance a year later, at the end of this book.)

When you put it like that… he says he’s learning so much; there’s so much to learn.

Like what?

Like how to travel. He showed me orbs… how to travel… between dimensions. That’s interesting. I was wondering why you see faces in orbs, it’s like an imprint.

Are you talking about orbs you see in photos? My understanding is that they’re fractals that retain all the information of your previous lifetimes.

He says “That’s true.”

But why do they have different sizes?

And colors. Because of your lifetimes.

(Note: There’s a discussion in another book with a librarian from an Akashic library, who said that “orbs” or “fractals” are the actual “books” from a person’s library. They travel with them from life to life, and are available for study in between lives.)

So bigger the orb, it has more information? Is it true they pick up gunk? Because in my first deep hypnosis session, I visited that classroom where they were cleaning the fractals or orbs.

My dad says “Yes. They get gunk like cars.” My dad loved cars.

Like cars pick up engine oil?

If I’m seeing this right, wow, they pick up gunk because of what we’re doing with the earth… the way we’re traveling whatever is happening, cutting trees, killing oxygen… causes gunk to form on them.

Okay. But in terms of these orbs… can you show Jennifer one of these orbs Jim? Let’s look inside.

He showed me like a pathway, you don’t feel like you’re in that…

You mean opening up an orb would be like opening up a top and you look inside and see a pathway?

It’s like a convertible inside.

Do they contain the emotions of previous lifetimes? One person I interviewed said they saw a holograph of themselves.

(Note: In “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” a woman reported seeing one with her guide. She said it was a fractal, but inside was a miniature version of herself, a bit like the Carrie Fisher avatar inside R2DT in “Star Wars.” She said it looked like an idealized version of herself.)

That’s what I saw before… when I ask to see someone’s health — I see the hologram of the person. Their past present and future.

Does she see the perfected person?


Is that a construct created by your imagination, or by the soul itself?

I would also see their etheric self, even when their self here was horrible.

Anthony who would you like to interview? Is there someone you want to interview on our behalf? Someone you’re curious about.

I’m seeing Aretha again.

What do you want to know from Aretha?

Jennifer laughs. This is so fun. The best movie is in my head; Prince just came by, then Bill Paxton, and then Aretha came in; her voice is just so amazing. She has this perfume, it smells good. (Jennifer listens) Now she’s showing me you playing guitar — like last Tuesday, you were playing?

I was.

She’s trying to help you.

I was playing the original version of “The house of the rising sun.”

(Note: It’s on under “Richard Martini”).

Prince helped as well.

That’s funny. It sounds weird to say it, but I’d be lying if I didn’t report that I did “feel assistance” while playing it. Just noting that I did feel something.

You have not told me that — so for her to come through and tell me that –

You’re right. I never told you that I perform or play anything. I don’t think you’ve ever seen me play.

I saw piano and guitar…

That’s accurate. Billy, we saw you sneak by.

He’s jokingly waving Aretha away, as if she’s “old news.”

I was talking about you on the set the other day..

He said it was fun.

I was talking to someone of you… I spoke to Renee Zellweger.

He said “Tell her I said hi.”

Okay, Prince you snuck in?

Billy is like, “That’s it?”

Well Prince snuck in — I saw that they put out some new songs for you… your thoughts on the new material?

He says “Time doesn’t matter — but it does.” Jennifer aside: I asked “Do you guys miss time?” They said, “No.”

What do you miss Prince?

He showed me the female body. He’s trying to joke around. He says, “He misses being famous…” then laughs.

So on the flipside you’re not famous, just another soul?


But people who run into you are aware of your talent?

“Yes, all the lights that you see; you see them all together, you hang out with people who have the same frequency.”

That’s why you hang out with musicians for example?

“That’s why there are so many in this class… and actors.”

All part of the same healing light of the universe?

Jennifer aside “I asked him what color he was radiating; purple?”

We asked him that before; that day he said red. What does he look like now?

I’m seeing orange. I didn’t know we asked him, I was just kidding. It’s like the more you know, the higher the frequency is.

(Note: This topic came up in “Flipside” — people were asked “If you could see yourself in a mirror, what color would you see?” Michael Newton said that over his 30 years, he saw all colors of the rainbow, and the older souls had the darker colors — dark blue or purple.)

That’s a good question for Anthony to ask Prince, Robin or Bill. I think we started talking to you fellows a couple of years ago.

Bill said “Like three.”

I would guess your knowledge is exponential compared to what we’ve learned… It was Michael Newton who turned us onto this concept or radiating colors.

You mean Morton.

(Note: When Michael Newton showed up the first time, Jennifer said “Morton is here.” I said “Who’s that?” She said “The guy you did the documentary about.” Since then Michael Newton refers to himself as Morton when he shows up.)

Yes, Morton; he said it was a reflection of how you’re feeling at that moment — someone who is purple could radiate a different color depending how their journey or path is…

That’s why they can’t lie.

You’ve said that before. But in terms of communicating with us — we’ve only progressed so much in the past 3 years, but you guys must grow in knowledge exponentially on the flipside. Is that accurate?

“Not all are affected in the same way. There are so many different people.” By the way Rich, they’re telling me you are famous over there.

(Note: That’s an odd thing to hear, being told I’m a celebrity “over there.” Vanum populatum everyone. “Annihilate vanity” — in this case ego. But lottery numbers would help… can we give a guy a break?)

That’s funny. But let me ask Prince; when you’re called upon by Luana to come forward — as we’ve heard “the light goes on that the class is happening,” and people just show up… do you look forward to this, what’s your feeling about being in this communication class?

He says “It’s a lot of fun, because we (Jennifer and I) don’t discount what they say.” Jennifer aside; you taught me that, “Don’t judge it, don’t discount any of it.”

(Note: Sometimes Jennifer will see an obscure image that does not make any sense to her, but I suggest she not “judge whatever comes in.” It’s funny to hear this from these folks, people often tell us that it’s frustrating their loved ones don’t believe they still exist.)

A bit like the Gary Shandling reply, when he told us that he was “golfing” on the flipside. I asked him quite seriously how he did that, to construct the courses from his experience or imagination, and I asked him specifically how many holes do you play, is it like 36 holes? And he said “No, two. They’re just very far apart.”

He’s here.

How are you doing Garry? I understand Judd Apatow is making another film based on your diaries.

Garry says “He wants him to do it.”

You guys were very close friends, correct?

He says, “Yeah, he’s excited about it.”

(Note: In “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” Jennifer interviewed Garry about his tempestuous relationship with his former manager Brad Grey. Brad passed away at 59, not long after Garry died — so we took the opportunity to chat with him.)

Rich: I want to ask about a couple of key people Brad Grey.

Jennifer: I don’t know who that is.

Would you tell Jennifer who that is?

They were friends when they were young, best friends, felt like they were together.

(Ding!) Brad was Garry’s manager and knew each other from their early days. Then Garry got really successful so did Brad but then something happened.

A divorce.

Brad’s around he can pipe in.

What’s his last name?

Grey. They did have a divorce of sorts.

Yes, they split up, I know that …

It was over finances… money.

He’s saying “It was very stupid. It was big and that’s what made it so stupid.”

It was battle.

It took a huge battle. Nine years?

Sounds like it; it wound up in court. Garry had to testify…

About how Brad mismanaged it.

Garry won big sum of money…. but lost because it took a toll on his life and heart and everything else.

“It killed him.” He said “It killed him.”

Well you’re not dead now are you Garry? No!

He said “Try using that joke on the other side.”

Okay, I will. So listen, Garry you helped a lot of writers, you helped make careers, when are you going to start helping me?

“I already am,” he said.

You helped Judd Apatow have a successful career and a life.

I don’t know who that is.

He’s written and directed a bunch of films… Directed the film about him.. The “40 year old virgin.”

I loved that movie..

Judd said Garry helped him write or rewrite it, is that correct Garry?

He said “A third of it.”

In the film, they all spoke of how much you helped other people, other comedians; you’re aware of that correct?


Garry what’s your view of Buddhism now… in the film that Judd directed, called “The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling” you talked about detachment.

“It didn’t work” he said. He’s laughing and said…. “He held that hot stone.”

Luana can fill you in, detachment is great if it means to let go of anger, fear, stress, all the emotions you don’t want to have, but you stay connected to love. It doesn’t mean to detach yourself from love or positive emotion, because that’s why we’re on the planet.

Some people don’t want to do all that.”) From “Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer.”)

I also noticed our classmate Gilda is in the news, her documentary “Love Gilda” is out and its fun to see her make people laugh again.

The person that is in the film is channeling her — whoever is putting it together…

You mean Amy Poehler? She’s the host of the show.

She’s telling me that she’s basically channeling her; then I saw Jim Carrey who did that for that comedian, what’s his name.

Andy Kaufman? Wow, okay, I spoke to Jim one night about Andy because his sister moved into the home across the street from my parent’s home in Northbrook. Is Andy Kaufman available?

He’s hanging out with Robin Williams at the moment.

So Andy, when I was in high school, I came across that guy “Tony the Healer” the healer that you went to see when you were ill. It must have been startling for you to realize the guy was a faker.

“Yes, he was.”

Why did you choose to check out so early in this lifetime? Or was that an exit point?


Who was there to greet you when you crossed over?

“It was a lot of people…” it felt like it was his sister… if she’s still on the planet, it could have been somebody that was like her.

You’re saying it felt like a sister?

It might have been a twin that died in childbirth.

Okay. Since you’ve been over there, what’s been your experience?

He’s made everyone laugh.

You were famous for making fun of the joke or bit itself.

He’s showing me that he channeled somebody else. A comedian. Someone from the 1920’s…


Buster Keaton comes to mind.

Andy, are you going to come back soon?

He says “He helps comedians.” He showed me Amy Schumer.

Are you helping them with the kind of comedy you used to do — avante garde? Or just general creative tips?

He showed me Amy looking at a scene and then seeing something in the corner, “looking outside the box.”

Okay, very good. Class, any questions for Andy? Luana?

They’re dancing.

Andy, Luana, who’s making you laugh?

I don’t know why, but I got shown Tom Petty. Have we talked to Tom?

Indeed we have. He gave us the name of the book “Backstage Pass to the Flipside.”

(Note: As noted previously, Tom said that “Waiting in line to talk to Jennifer through Luana was like waiting in line backstage to get a backstage pass.” Tom comes through again later in the book, with private messages for his daughters which I passed along. But Jennifer rarely recalls anything said prior to a session with her.)

Tom are you making Luana laugh? Or is she playing guitar with you?

“They all are.”

I sold her old antique guitar to a folk singer back east.

“It was a good thing,” she said.

All right Luana any parting words? Should we kill (a much hated politician) or just have him executed?

She showed him tripping over his tie. They showed me (a Supreme Court Justice) with devil horns and a pitchfork.

That’s perfect and annoying.

They’re saying ‘It’s all about disrupting the norm to get people involved. It’s that same frequency. There’s an inner revolution without the violence that’s going to go on.”

Who said that?

All of them did.

Okay, Jennifer has to go. Thanks class! Catch you on the… you know.

On this day, the anniversary of Garry Shandling’s passing, I post these two interviews. Jennifer Shaffer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases ( Luana Anders is our moderator of our “classroom on the Flipside” — where we interview people she brings to our class (Tom Petty said “She’s like the bouncer with the clipboard of who gets into the VIP lounge.”) Hence why we called the books “Backstage Pass to the Flipside.” Our podcast is HACKING THE AFTERLIFE

Anyone can do the same. One can use a simple guided meditation (as described in the “Workbook” in book #2.) Or use the meditation described in “Divine Councils in the Afterlife.” Using hypnotherapy, in this case mediumship, in other cases simple guided meditation we can access people we knew or loved. They still exist. They aren’t gone, they just aren’t here.

[1] “Stephen Hawking had a rare early-onset slow-progressing form of motor neuron disease (also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, “ALS”, or Lou Gehrig’s disease), that gradually paralyzed him over the decades” Wikipedia


[3] “He took pains to emphasize that he had not revised his position on atheism, articulated in his best-selling 2007 book, “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” although he did express amused appreciation at the hope, among some concerned Christians, that he might undergo a late-life conversion.”

[4] “I’m fairly globalized: My father was Anglo-Celtic; my first wife is Greek; my second wife’s family came from Odessa or thereabouts, and I have a godchild in Zimbabwe…”

[5] Hitchens reluctantly boxed in a school tournament at “Mount House School.” (“Hitch-22 A Memoir” by Christopher Hitchens. Hachette Book Group. 2010.)

[6] For his last days, Carol Blue wrote about them eloquently

[7] Began airing in 2006 on HBO

[8] Stephen Hawking submitted a final paper days before his death.” USA Today.


[10] The term “Germanic” referred to the tribal groups and alliances that lived in (Northern Europe.) The Nordic Bronze Age is a period of Scandinavian prehistory from c. 1700–500 BC… (Wikipedia) Troy was under siege in 1250 BC. (

[11] In transcripts from “Flipside,” “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife Vols 1 and 2”

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