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With Paul Hynek, Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Pascal Michael, Sarah B. Cosme, Anthony Peake, Richard Martini and Host, Tim Crawford.

This panel will explore the various forms of non-human intelligence reported by individuals around the globe that expands our understanding of consciousness and reality. Discover the mysteries surrounding non-human intelligence and the fabric that connects all versions.

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“The Woodstock of UFOlogy is a weekend of education into the Science of UFOs & Extraterrestrial Life”
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Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Junior Seau, Jim, Luana and PRINCE

It's that time of year again - the Super Duper Bowl, and we have a super duper podcast to enjoy.

Some years ago, we were just starting this research, and the Microsoft found Paul Allen passed away.  So as an experiment, I asked three people we'd spoken to on the flipside, who knew him, to come forward and help us chat with Paul. 

At the time I didn't know that we could "invite anyone" - but figured if we could invite Paul, he'd be more comfortable with some of his pals.  Much to my chagrin (It's in the book BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE and in the documentary TALKING TO PAUL ALLEN, JUNIOR SEAU AND DAVE DUERSON on YouTube. 

Paul Allen showed Jennifer that two football players who had suffered from CTE were there to greet him. Why? Because of Paul's brain institute.  Jennifer didn't know that there was an institute, I did - but they came forward to tell Jennifer that "Joe Namath had cured his CTE using oxygen therapy."

She didn't get it the first two times they came through - because she doesn't know football, didn't know the Quarterback they were showing her. It was only after looking up what they were saying "Quarterback" "CTE" did I discover that Joe has done that.

Watch the film, it's free.

But today, Junior stopped by.

As noted, after he showed up initially, I invited his widow Gina to do a session with Jennifer.  Jennifer didn't know who Junior or Gina was - but does so on camera in the film.

It's uncanny.

I don't expect anyone to race out and watch the film - but one day it will become an important piece of the puzzle. 

So we are used to talking to Junior. (Who took his own life after suffereing from CTE. He and his widow had an amazing reunion, and I thank her for letting me film it. She's happily remarried, living a wonderful life, and if she runs across this podcast, this description, she'll know what I'm referring to. 

Junior talks about how people on the flipside can attend the Super Bowl, but mostly through the participation of their loved ones onstage.  So if "Uncle Pete" or "Aunt Betty" seems to be rooting for one of the teams from the Flipside, do not be surprised.

I asked our moderator on the flipside, Luana Anders if anyone else wanted to come forward; and it was Prince.

We haven't had him on the podcast as of late - but he wanted to point out that anyone can connect with him, anyone can call him for assistance. (Junior also said that "anyone can play in his touch (mental) football games" as well.

At some point, I asked Prince about helping someone on this side play a song.  Now - if one listens carefully (and ignores me) they can hear Jennifer (who doesn't know chords or how to transpose guitar chords to piano as I do...)

She says "He's saying "G"

Then E minor. 

Then D. (I heard C, but she clearly says D.)

Then C.  

It wasn't until after the podcast was over that I went to the internet to look for Prince songs that start with "G and then E minor."

And then, to my dismay, shock - when I was putting up the subtitles, I could SEE WHAT JENNIFER SAYS.

She says "G" then "E minor" then "D" then "C."  (later she adds "B and F)

But look it up.

G                                   Em
    I never meant to cause you any sorrow
D                                   C
    I never meant to cause you any pain
G                                        Em
    I only want one time to see you laughing
  D                                           G  
I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain.

(Song by Prince, owned by his estate)

As I was writing this, I wrote to Jennifer and told her what the chords were for and she replied: "He said purple rain - just thought it was... whatever. Amazing!"


It is amazing.  Next time I'll play it properly.




Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Carl Weathers, Luana Anders...

Talking to Carl Weathers on the Flipside

Carl Weathers at a SAG conference (photo by me)


This is one of the those podcasts where I know who it is that I’m talking to offstage, but Jennifer does not — until she realizes who it is. It happens on camera, so no one can be in doubt about what it is we are doing.

We have been doing this for eight years — weekly — where I invite someone to “get past the velvet rope” of the classroom of students that Luana Anders has amassed on the flipside, people who want to speak to those back on the planet, and she helps them to do so.

Just the same way that Jennifer helps people on this side of the veil speak to their loved ones offstage, Luana helps people who’ve crossed over to communicate to us.

In this case, my friend Carl Weathers came through. I mean Carl perhaps 20 years ago, both of us working with the ICT program out of USC, where people in the industry helped people in the defense department with different scenarios. Carl and I sat next to each other on a plane ride and by the time we landed we were working on a screenplay together. (Yet to be made; “A Slice of the Devil’s Pie.”)

That put me into his orbit which was working with someone who is incredibly generous of spirit. I was startled to hear that he passed suddenly, I ran into him at the Director’s Guild just a few months ago, and always considered we’d work together again some day.

Well, today’s the day. Carl shows up in my home a couple of days ago, I heard him tease me about something — and decided to see if Luana might let him past her velvet rope to speak on our podcast.

I’ll let the podcast speak for itself. I was finally able to use the captions generated by Adobe — and the result is best viewed on the YouTube channel MartiniZone.

But for those in their cars, this is an unusual trip into the world of someone I know who is on the flipside, clearly alive, clearly aware of what he’s observed.

At some point, I revealed who Carl was by way of asking a series of questions to friends of his; #RandalKleiser, #SylversterStallone, #ArnoldSchwarzenegger, #AdamSandler, #JonFabreau, #PedroPascal, #RonGronkowski, #FanDeul, #SuperBowl2024. He also talks about seeing old friends of his on the flipside, #MichaelJackson, #TinaTurner. I asked him who he was surprised to see, and it was my old friend #CharlesGrodin whom he shared laughs with.

He has messages for his family, his friends, fans of #GreefKarga, #TheMandalorian” — he mentions the memes about his character WHEN JENNIFER HAS NO IDEA WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT, HAS NEVER SEEN THE SHOW, DOES NOT KNOW WHO GREEF KARGA IS.

But he tells her about how he’s amused by the memes of him from the show. (I put one into the video version of the podcast.)

For those visiting our podcast for the first time, Jennifer is a medium who works with law enforcement nationwide, she has been donating her time for this research weekly for 8 years (we have four books BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE 1, 2, 3 and TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE). Jennifer is a well known intuitive medium who works out of Manhattan Beach, can be found at JenniferShaffer.com

I’m a best selling author (Kindle in their genre) of books about the afterlife (FLIPSIDE, TALKING TO BILL PAXTON and HACKING THE AFTERLIFE documentaries are on Amazon, along with ten other books)

I am sorry to those who may be offended by talking to people offstage, but I’ve been doing it for 15 years on film, Carl was aware of it, and we talked about it when we weren’t working on our screenplay that we pitched at a number of studios together. Maybe one day I’ll turn it into a book — it’s a fun story, had elements of his own life, and he would have been great in the lead role.

But in the meantime, here I am posting a half hour interview that we did yesterday, a few days after his passing, and what he has to say is in line with all of the other research I’ve filmed. (The most recent book has 20 interviews with scientists, clergy, doctors accessing “Divine Councils in the Afterlife”).

If there’s an value in sharing this information it’s to remind people that our loved ones are “not gone, they’re just not here.” And as Carl puts it, “We live our lives in the blink of an eye.” Meaning don’t take it so seriously that you can’t give love, “vote for love” or otherwise be happy to be on the planet. “Dance more” he advises.

It’s good advice. We love you Carl. Thanks for stopping by.


I asked Carl for a comment for Arnold and he said; "Tell him I can still beat him arm wrestling."  I didn't know and clearly Jennifer did not know - he was referring to the iconic scene in Predator where he arm wrestles Arnold.

Today, Arnold posted a link to that scene.

Coincidence?  Me thinks not.





JOURNEY INTO TIBET with Robert Thurman

For the twentieth anniversary of our trip to Mt. Kailash, I’ve gone through the film and added subtitles — trimmed some of the longer scenes, and tried to let the audience experience directly what it was like to take a trip to Geographic Expeditions, go to Lhasa and travel with Robert Thurman across Tibet. (For more info: THUS.ORG)

This film exists because I was making a Bollywood movie in Mumbai (My Bollywood Bride) when I got a email from Robert Thurman inviting me to join their trip around Tibet and Mt Kailash. I left the hot sound stages of Juhi and found myself in Katmandu, then in Lhasa.

From there we visit the Jokhang temple, take a trip to Sera, Drepung and the Nechung Monasteries, then to Samye monastery, then off to Shigatse and Tashi Lumpo monastery, then to Gyantse and the Kumbum… from there it’s a trip to Darchen, and then to a kora around Mt. Kailash, a visit with a saddhu Bikash Giri who lives in a cave overlooking Lake Manasarovar.

This is two hours of a four week trip, funded by Geographic Expeditions out of San Francisco, and created for Menla, Tibet House in NYC. Robert Thurman is a former Tibetan Buddhist monk who became a professor at Columbia University, is the emeritus chair of the Jey Tsong Khapa studies at Columbia, and its the best person to travel to any Buddhist shrines in Asia to hear the history of the place.

For this 20th anniversary I focused on listening to every word that I could translate, and some that I may have erred in translating. But I can tell you that watching this film, which takes us deep into the heart of Tibet, has an overall affect on the viewer that is mind bending.

For those who are interested in the subject, Tibet House in NY is the place to donate any money or to find further information. https://thus.org/
I can’t thank Nena and Robert Thurman enough for allowing me to bring a camera on this trip — there are more clips online of Robert giving meditations in Tibet — you can find them on this page, or searching for them online.

We decided to offer this film for free to the audience — mainly because of how difficult it is for people to travel to Tibet, how difficult it is to go there, or travel in this fashion. For some this will be too esoteric, because Robert knows the names and identities of all the statues that we see — but I don’t think one needs to know who they are in order to experience a benefit from seeing them. Artists created these over the past thousand years, and in the case of the Jokhang a statue that was begun or created in the lifetime of Buddha, and has been destroyed and rebuilt over the centuries. It still is an object of great veneration.

There’s something pure about Tibet that can never be diluted, never be taken away — for centuries it was a place where people used a philosophy of the mind to study the mind, to examine the nature of reality. While Tibet continues to struggle, this is not a film that talks about the country’s current struggles. There are many others who can discuss that.
In one instance, I was filming Robert in Shigatse, and he goes into be blessed by a monk who puts a large stick on his back, and one of those monks came up and whispered in my ear “Thank you for not forgetting us.”

That is why I made this film — and why it is free to the public to view. So we remember these people, the country that they are from, the history and monasteries that were built to honor a profound philosophy of insight into the human condition, where people have fought and died for their right to speak freely about their philosophy.

That’s something that’s worth showing to the planet. If one only watches and listens, there will be a benefit.

In terms of my own story it was on Mt. Kailash, at the North Face where Robert told us “if you make a wish here it will come true.” I planned to ask for money, but out of my mouth came “I want a son.” I had no connection to the sentence. Then two years later, I asked my son if he knew me “from before.” He said “Yes” and I asked from where?” and he said “Tibet.”

Later, he picked up Robert Thurman’s book “Circling the Sacred Mountain” when he was 4, showed it to his mom and said “this is the important book.” He opened it up to a photo of the spot where I made the wish and said “This is where I found daddy.” (He couldn’t read or write at the time.)

Mt. Kailash is a sacred place for four major religions — the Buddhists, the Jain, the Hindus and the Bon all consider it the “center of the universe.” So here’s a way to visit this sacred mountain, without risking one’s life. I offer this gift to the planet, courtesy of my friend Robert Thurman, from Sanjay Saxena who helped lead the tour, Brent Olson, from Josh Davidow who edited the film, (later made his own films with Robert in Nepal) from all those tour operators from Geographic Expeditions who allowed me to film in return for a copy of the footage for promotional material.

To all the people we met in Tibet who opened their hearts to us. Thanks. Taishe Delek. (apologies for typos in the subtitles — “lightning beings” should be “enlightened beings” “sorry” should be “worry” etc will fix for the next edition)



Searching for Amelia Earhart's Plane

Amelia Earhart’s plane

If I had a nickel for every Tom Dick and Harriet who trooped out a blurry, fuzzy photo that shows absolutely not her Electra, I’d be… well, what’s the point?

If somehow someone shoved her plane off Aslito airfield where it was taken by the Japanese who arrested her… if they somehow shoved that in 1944 into the ocean — that would be news.

However, over a dozen US Marines saw her plane, guarded her plane, found her briefcase, found her grave (a partial grave, her body had been moved, they only found an arm and a ribcage). I’ve been to Saipan where 200 eyewitnesses report seeing her, washing her clothes, tending to her wounds, seeing her incarcerated, the dozen GI’s who found the Electra in a hangar, her briefcase, passport, the GI’s who watched as the plane was doused with gas and burned — on the field.

I even have a copy of a coded message asking “what’s that big fire on the runway?” the day it was torched. It’s silly, and after knowing where the heck she is buried, and where the plane is buried, funny. If people want to hear eyewitness reports, they can.

If someone wants to sponsor a trip to dig up the frame (that doesn’t change over time) I can help them, if someone wants to take a trip to Saipan and dig up the rest of her bones — where I’ve been told multiple times where they are — we can.

In the meantime, read about another fella who got sucked into the “she’s buried at sea” rubric — completely disregarding the human eyewitnesses — the “islanders” they cannot believe who saw her land the Electra on Mili atoll, who saw her arrested, taken to Majuro, then Jaluit then Garapan, who tended to her wounds, who have reported these things on camera — not sure why people convince themselves of something that isn’t supported by the reports, is it mysogyny? Misanthropy? Xenophobia? No clue.

But here we go — yet another fella who will produce zero evidence.


Let’s recap shall we?

This is what the data, the research and the eyewitness reports show. (After 35 years of research, interviews and footage).

1. She didn’t make Howland so she turned to land at Gardner Island. She was already 200 Miles NW of Howland when she turned — which was an error she had done in Dakkar and Burbank. She was off course, and her straight line took her to another island.

2. She went straight for Mili Atoll and was able to land the Electra on its then mile long exposed atoll. (Now mostly covered in water).

3. EYEWITNESSES saw her land. Dick Spink, who makes boats, has traveled extensively in the region -interviewed the family of two fishermen who saw the plane land. They fished in that region daily, they saw the plane land on their atoll.

4. She lost her brake assembly as it landed. Pieces of it were retrieved by Dick Spink, taken to an NTSB investigator Jim Hayton (Seattle) who confirmed “beyond a shadow of doubt” that it came from her plane. He happens to have the identical Electra brake assembly — only used on her plane.

5. The Japanese came to the atoll and arrested her. The arrest was witnessed by islanders including the “Queen of Mili atoll” who was later interviewed by an Australian author who wrote a book in the 1980’s. Others interviewed her, heard the same story.

6. Amelia and Fred (badly wounded) were taken first to Majuro. A stevedore who later worked on Majuro with US Navy Andrew Bryce — (pictured on this page) told him that he helped the Japanese drag her plane across Mili to the lagoon, then put it on a Japanese barge. The tools used to drag it (small rail cars) were found by Dick Spink and others in a recent trip to the island.

6. She and the plane and Fred were put aboard the Kyoshu, taken to Jaluit. In Jaluit she and the plane were seen by local islanders, included a young boy who later became a congressman in those islands. Bilimon Amaron was a local medic who was ordered to tend to Amelia and Fred’s wounds. His testimony is on camera (filmed by Mike Harris) and other researchers in the 80’s. Mike and I interviewed his business partner who knew Bilimon well over decades of their working together 10 years ago. He vouches for his testimony, as he puts it “Honest beyond reproach, we all knew that if said he had done that, he had. It wasn’t a secret.”

7. She and Fred were flown by seaplane to Saipan. The plane was taken to Saipan by ship. The Electra was stored on Aslito field where dozens of local people saw it, both in its hangar and out of it. I’ve interviewed or collected interviews with 12 US Marines who saw it while they were fighting the battle for Saipan.

8. Fred was reportedly executed for “being the spy.” They had two aerial Fairchild cameras on board, placed there while the plane was refurbished by the US Navy in Burbank. (The Navy mechanic who installed them is on record). Fred was executed early on for “being the spy” — and Amelia kept as a “bargaining chip” they never used.

9. Saipan was part of the Japanese nation since 1914. They considered Saipan “homeland” and their Naval headquarters was based there. There was also a prison, one of 19 in the Japanese records from 1930’s to the end of the war. I’ve been to the library in Tokyo where they have all the known volumes of names and dates from all of their prisons and prisoners. Detailed, well kept records. When asked why the only volume missing was from Saipan, the librarian told me “these are the volumes that were returned from the US after the war.” Only one was missing; the prison in Saipan.

10. Mike Harris and I filmed interviews with 5 US veterans who were on Saipan or knew about her presence there. One found her briefcase and passport in a safe. Another saw the same briefcase, and was the one who decoded the message “We have found Earhart’s plane on Aslito airfield” in July of 44.

(Why people pretend like they don’t know what they’re talking about, when they repeat the same exact story is beyond me. In Saipan, there were 200 islanders who reported seeing her there, in a recent trip there, fifteen new eyewitnesses came forward.)

11. New eyewitnesses include a man whose mother tended to her in the hospital, who warned him not to tell anyone as the Japanese executed “spies.” Two 80 year olds who both saw her paraded around the island on the back of the truck. There were three Americans on the truck. (Fred had already been executed.) The other two were US pilots who were shot down prior to the US landing on Saipan, who were doing reconnaissance. Both of those pilots were executed, one shot, the other beheaded (and was the source of other reports of AE being shot or beheaded, as islanders knew about Americans who that happened to.) Those two pilots were part of an official military inquest after the war — their bodies were recovered to see if they had been the victims of torture (they were not.)

12. Amelia died of dysentery not long after being seen by these two islanders. (Both spoke of the same day, how she had been parked in front of their school for half an hour, neither had spoken about it until I interviewed them). As one man said “I was 12 years old. She was the first “caucasian” women I had ever seen, and she was wearing men’s clothing, her hands tied behind her back. It’s not something you would ever forget.” That was in May of 1944. (7 years after she arrived in Saipan).

13. She died of dysentery. Her body was buried along with Noonan’s. Later, two GI’s Hansen and Burke reported to CBS correspondent in the 1960’s that they were ordered to dig them up. Later in an interview in the 1970’s (Chicago Tribune, UPI) they said “they had only found an arm and a partial ribcage.”

14. Her body was moved, reportedly by the islanders who had cared for her, who didn’t feel she got a proper Christian burial. That’s why Hansen and Burke only found an arm and a partial ribcage.

15. The rest of her is still on Saipan. I have a pretty good idea of that location based on a number of factors; the Electra was burned (witnessed by multiple GI’s) and buried at the end of the runway (along with all the other crashed planes and detritus from the war). The end of the runway still exists. (The new airport was built in another direction)

However, the NTSB investigator tells me that the steel structure of her plane would be intact, and as it was a unique size, and could be identified by proper ground penetrating radar.

That’s what happened.

Why it hasn’t been told, is beyond my ability to comprehend. It wasn’t that hard to find or figure out — and I am a filmmaker who has spent years looking at a number of other unusual topics. I’ve written and or directed 8 theatrical features, and have worked on others. I worked on the film “Amelia” as a historian (digital media curator of all the footage, books, and details of her life) as well as a reference in the Diane Keaton version.

At some point, because of the vitriol involved with the people who are most adamant about their search for her, I put together a documentary with the footage I’d shot, and let the concept go.

Yes, I know that if I went to Saipan I’d know where to find the plane, and I have a pretty good idea of where she’s buried — a place no one has looked before.

But that would require an Herculean effort. This guy spent 11 million looking for her in a place she never was. I’m sorry to report it, but frankly, am posting this because it’s tiresome to repeat the same story. It hasn’t changed.

One day I will write my own book about my journey to this knowledge — because I’m not interested in proving anything to anyone. Some people cling to their beliefs because it is what keeps them on the planet. In my case, I appreciate the arguments, but having had numerous conversations with Amelia about her journey — with the help of mediums who work with law enforcement agencies nationwide, so I know how effective they can be — her story has never been told.

People focus on the wrong things.

She landed the plane. Amazing achievement.

She was the first POW of a war that didn’t begin for another 4 years.

She was asked to take spy cameras aboard her plane and chafed at the idea. “Imagine me being a spy?” is a comment overheard, much debated, but part of the record of her story. Indeed. Imagine.

Even so, it was Fred who was executed for being the spy — because he was the man. AE survived another 7 years in a difficult place to be in. But she exists today on the flipside, is available to anyone who really wants to know what happened.

She’s funny, witty, and still has much to teach people on the planet. That’s not my opinion, theory or belief — it’s just what the footage, numerous interviews show.

And that didn’t cost 11 million to report.

She deserves a proper credit in history as to who she really was. It’s about time someone really told her story.

FOR MORE INFO SEARCH FOR “EARHART ON SAIPAN.” https://earhartonsaipan.blogspot.com/


Guided Meditation with Richard Martini



Send an email to MartiniProds@Gmail.com
Website with details:
A number of people have asked me about scheduling sessions with me to do a guided meditation.  

It was George Noory of "Coast to Coast AM" who dubbed me "The Afterlife Expert."   If you'd like to spend an hour hearing how people on the flipside say is the best way to communicate with them, send me an email to MARTINIPRODS@GMAIL.COM 
to schedule a session.

Here's a clip with me and George on his Gaia TV show. 

I'm not a doctor, not a psychologist, not a hypnotist (I have studied hypnotherapy with Scott at LightBetweenLives.com) I have done extensive research into the topic, and can share with you how people on the flipside say that you can communicate with them. 

It helps if you've done guided meditation in the past, or have the ability to picture something in your mind and speak aloud about what you're seeing or sensing.

Sometimes just having a spiritual experience of some kind can help. That could be almost anything - a recurring dream you don't understand, or perhaps you've had some consciousness altering event - people who've had a near death experience, or an out of body experience, or even a recurring dream appear to be able to access this information easily.  But I've also found that people who have had no prior spiritual experience that they're aware of, can also access this information if they allow themselves to do so.

Books about hypnotherapy include "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" "It's a Wonderful Afterlife; Further Adventures in the Flipside volumes one and two" and "Hacking the Afterlife."  

There are also numerous videos of me talking about this research that can be found on the MartiniZone channel on youtube.   If you'd like to schedule an appointment, we'll speak by Zoom so I can record it and provide a copy.

My background: I've been filming people under hypnosis for a decade, have filmed over 100 sessions and done 6 of my own. 


So if you'd like to schedule an appointment with me, please do so with the panel to the side of this post. Thanks. To schedule an appointment send me an email to MartiniProds@gmail.com

Fee schedule: it's 250 per hour for an appointment with a one hour minimum.  A guided meditation can take as little as an hour, some take more than two.  

If one is looking to reach Jennifer Shaffer from our podcast Hacking the Afterlife, one can book directly with her at JenniferShaffer.com - if one is looking for the four to six hour hypnotherapy session, I recommend Scott De Tamble at LightBetweenLives.com

For those familiar with my books, especially "Divine Councils in the Afterlife" that book gives a pretty solid idea of the kinds of questions asked and information learned.


This review of DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE was posted on our Hacking the Afterlife forum on Quora:

"This was the first book I read by Rich. I was floored, and that’s meant in an incredibly good way. For the first time in my 67 yrs on this planet, I felt I could throw off the shackles of organized religion, a man made method of population control that had pinned most of my generation to the ground with massive anvils of guilt, shame and fear. 

In reading Divine Councils, all the questions and posits I had about post life were answered. I came away feeling a huge sense of relief, as well as an odd feeling of happiness, a calm about what was awaiting me “off stage”. This book is a must read, beginner or not. 

“Dust to dust, absolutely, but energy, ahhhh that my dear is something that cannot be destroyed, changed, morphed, manipulated but always whole.” If that’s not a movie quote, it should be lol."

HackingTheAfterlife.com is our podcast!
MartiniZone.com are clips of our podcast!



Orb City with Duane Interview from the Hacking the Afterlife podcast

Before we have this week's podcast from Hacking the Afterlife, I'm sharing this edited interview which includes footage of "Orbs" flying around various locations, and then an interview with "Duane' whose wife Michelle reached out to 
me with some unusual security cam footage.  I gathered similar footage and combined it with our "interview with Duane" who is offstage, but able to describe what these orbs or lights are. Notice how at times they resemble a string of music - like whole notes on a staff, as if there was a connection between a musical score and consciousness.  Thanks to  Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer​ for doing this little experiment - asking someone we've never met to describe events Jennifer had yet to see.  Mind bending.

Orb lights from Ring cams & home of Duane Dedmore who spoke to us from the Flipside

More orbs flying around...


For those who want to book a guided meditation with me...

Finally I have some free time during the week for one or two people per week to do a guided meditation.

For those fans of "Divine Councils in the Afterlife" or "Architecture of the Afterlife" it will be a bit like that. We will do a zoom call, takes at least an hour, maybe two - and there is no guarantee that one will "get anywhere."


I recommend doing this kind of thing only if you've already done "guided meditation" in the past. Could be with a yoga teachers, could be in a classroom setting - but basically it's the idea of doing a "meditation" where one speaks aloud what what they are imagining, what they are seeing.

If one has done hypnotherapy or had a hypnosis session it will be easier.

If one has not done any hypnotherapy and has done no meditation in the past, it will be more difficult (but not impossible.)  The idea is to "close one's eyes" and imagine some nice place on the planet, picture that place, and then speak aloud what one sees.

"I'm sitting in a park in England - it's a place I used to like to go."  And then describe the trees, the people walking by, etc.  The idea is to free associate, and get used to speaking aloud about what one sees.

And then I can pick up from there and start to ask specific questions.

If one has read "Divine Councils in the Afterlife" or listened to it on Audible they have a fairly good idea of what to expect.

If someone wants to "speak to their loved one" who is no longer on the planet, I recommend booking a session with Jennifer Shaffer (JenniferShaffer.com) or someone like Kimberly Babcock. Both are friends and are highly adept at mediumship. Needless to say, Jennifer and I work together weekly on the podcast Hacking The Afterlife.

If someone wants to know about their previous lifetimes and access other details, I recommend Scott De Tamble in Los Angeles, LightBetweenLives.com - or Paul Aurand in NYC. There are many very talented hypnotherapists, and I would suggest that taking the time to do a four to six hour session may result in the most benefits.

However, I am skilled at this shorter version - a guided meditation where people can speak to one or two individuals that are related to them, their guides, their teachers, sometimes their council members.  I tend to ask the same questions to people, but it is off the top of my head, so there's no set script to follow. 

If you're interested in booking a session, I suggest it will take one to two hours, and since I use zoom, I will be able to provide an MP4 of the session afterwards.  For those interested in signing up for this, or for more information, you can reach me at MartiniProds@gmail.com - and we will figure out a fee, as well as a time frame where we can have this adventure together.


(Price will be based upon time required, other factors, something I haven't pinned down yet.)

Put it this way; if someone on the flipside is insisting that you book a session with me - as some have told me that is the case, then shoot me an email at 



What was left out of the book AFTER by Dr. Greyson


A fascinating talk at IANDS from Dr. Greyson in August of 2023 discussing the research that he had to leave out of his book AFTER about his career and work at the University of Virginia, focusing on 5 topics that were left out of the book. "LOVE IS EVERY THING."

Worth hearing:




Part two. Listen to the podcast HACKING THE AFTERLIFE from New Year's Day to hear Duane talk about how he created this effect from the Flipside.


Talking about why it's hard for people to accept the flipside exists


Talking about why it’s hard for people to accept the flipside exists

I moderate a forum on Quora called “Hacking the Afterlife.” There have been over 50 million views. Here was a post about why it’s so hard for people to accept there might be an afterlife we don’t comprehend.


Have you ever encountered someone who refused to believe the near death studies that showed consciousness is not confined to the brain and was convinced they were “hallucinations” and other illusions like that? My big question is why are some people so pressed and eager to deny without even looking at the data? It truly blows my mind.

Well, think about it.

If what the studies from UVA Medical school DOPS show — that consciousness is not confined to the brain, then the model of how we navigate the planet is flawed.

Start with something obvious. A crime is committed. Perhaps someone dies from the event. The person is put on trial. They were drunk, or unaware of what they were doing. But then, before they are sentenced, the person who was killed comes to them and says “You weren’t at fault. Don’t blame yourself. This was something I worked out in advance. I’m okay, I’m home. I know you’re suffering from what happened, but you don’t need to. I’m okay.”

This is the kind of thing that would upend law enforcement, how we function as a society. And it’s justifiable to say “That’s insane! That cannot be! That’s not how things work!” If someone stood up in court and claimed that their victim came to them and told them “I’m okay, I’m home” they’d be laughed out of court.

Wouldn’t they?

Well, as noted in the book ITS A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE, I was approached by an attorney in a Western state who told me the following. In her practice as a lawyer defending second degree murderers (drunk driving mostly, but other accidents, mayhem) her clients were frequently “visited by their victims and told that everything was okay.”

(From the chapter: I CAN HELP YOU in the book IT’S A WONDERFUL AFTERLIFE BOOK TWO)


I asked her how many clients she was referring to. She replied “Well, all of them. Over the past twenty years, either they had a dream, or a visitation — where they awoke and saw their victim standing in their room saying “I’m okay, I’m home, you don’t need to beat yourself up over my death.” I asked the attorney if the clients believed what they were seeing.

She said “No.” Because that’s not in the lexicon. It’s not reported. They all were completely freaked out by it, some took their own lives, some went into drug use or alcohol, some went into religious conversions. None of them could process it.

Clearly it’s not something one can argue in court. “Your honor, my client says that his victim came through to say he was okay.”

However, it did happen in Seattle. A killer — a murderer of a family was in court, and was convicted of the murder. The jury was deciding the death penalty. When it came time for his statement, he said “I know this will sound crazy. But I had a visitation from my victims. They came to see me in my cell, and told me to tell you that they want me to live out my days in prison, because then at the very least I can try to help other people, try to pay my debt to society. They told me that they were okay, and this was part of a life plan that I wasn’t aware of.”

One juror found the fellow believable, and that juror’s vote gave this fellow life in prison instead of the death penalty.

Which frankly, is a ticket back home. Sending someone home before their time is what we do in our society — we logically feel that justice must include them suffering for their actions — only what the data, research and footage indicate is that “no one dies.” So gassing them, shooting them, electrocuting them may cause temporary pain — but they return home. They have a life review where they experience all the trauma they caused first hand — and future lifetimes may be affected by those actions — but they aren’t suffering. They’re home.

So that’s one reason why people dismiss the data. They don’t want to hear it.

But there’s something more important involved — which is that people sign up for their lifetime to learn or teach lessons. And the lessons they’re going to learn or teach may depend upon the belief that their religion is sacrosanct, that their belief system is unique, or that their disbelief system is accurate. That’s how humans spend years trying to cure illness — after all if they considered that “life goes on” they wouldn’t be in such a rush to save the life of their patient. Because they would be aware that “they may have planned this illness to learn from it, so they could be a doctor in a future lifetime.”

I recommend not trying to convince anyone of anything.

One can say “I’ve read Dr. Greyson’s book AFTER on his decades of near death case studies;” he was a skeptic who realized his bias was blocking his ability to see the data clearly. He’s aware now that consciousness isn’t confined to the brain. Dr. Tucker’s book BEFORE based on fifteen hundred historically accurate reincarnation cases, as Tucker studied with Ian Stevenson who founded the DOPS lab with Xerox money — and Carol Bowman his fellow student who wrote CHILDREN’S PAST LIVES — both are scientists who use the scientific method and protocols to investigate these cases.

Both of them are now aware that consciousness is not confined to the brain.

So one can share these books — and shrug while saying “who knows?”

It’s really not up to anyone, myself included, to change someone’s chosen path.

The reason I created this forum HACKING THE AFTERLIFE is because some people are suffering immeasurably from the loss of loved ones, and I have seen people turn that around using hypnotherapy, mediumship or meditation. Seeing their loved one, or talking to them, or learning new information from them (as documented in DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE) is a life changing arena. It’s a place where we can share data, research or personal experiences with the flipside.

I could say “have them watch SURVIVING DEATH on Netflix where they visit the DOPS lab, or watch AFTER DEATH where they examine near death events with scientists, or look at FLIPSIDE, TALKING TO BILL PAXTON or HACKING THE AFTERLIFE on Amazon. All demonstrate methods for people to access loved ones on their own.

But God forbid people would be forced to consider something they don’t want to consider.

Not everyone buys a book and reads the ending first, not everyone buys a ticket for a play and standing in line wants to hear “how it’s going to end.” Part of the joy, the beauty, is in the living it, experiencing it, learning the lessons we’ve signed up for.

We all are walking each other home — whether one wants to believe that or preach that is an individual choice. My advice is; leave some breadcrumbs if needed, but otherwise, enjoy the show.

Karen S

Of all your excellent answers, Richard, this is the best I’ve read.



I moderate a forum on Quora called "Hacking the Afterlife." Sometimes people send a private message about something that has occurred. A few days ago, I got an email about some unusual footage that was on a security camera above the garage, or what appeared to be a "visitation" from a beloved father who had just passed away. I looked over the footage, and having been in court as an expert witness to security cam footage, in my opinion, it's genuine. I've seen other footage from the same camera later in the evening with no light in it - based on how the shadows appear, and how the light creates no shadow of its own, how one of the boys appears to see it, the way it was presented to me, seeing other cars pass normally in the background with no reflective surfaces - I would offer my "expert" opinion that it is genuine security cam footage. As fans of the Hacking the Afterlife podcast know, sometimes I seek assistance from medium/intuitive Jennifer Shaffer who works with law enforcement agencies nationwide. Jennifer and I have been recording our conversations with the flipside for 8 years (four books, BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE 1, 2 and 3, and TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE) a 2 years as a podcast. During the podcast I brought it up. In our New Year's day podcast (2024) we spoke to a number of people offstage, but as an experiment, I invited "Duane" to chat with us. I have never met him or his family - and I had just viewed the footage the night before and asked his wife what his first name was. I asked if he wanted to chat with us. Jennifer reported "He says it is him in the video." (She has not seen the video, and had not seen it when we recorded the podcast.) She then mentions his two children - as well as "his family of six." (Which I learned later was accurate.) His wife has confirmed Jennifer's accuracy and wrote; "Jennifer has a real gift and I am so grateful that I was directed somehow to reach out to you. To be honest with you I had never watched or listened to your podcast until you responded to my email." There are fifteen hours of footage of this light disc moving in the front yard, and is apparently seen by one of the boys. This is a 5 minute version if someone wants further info, license the footage, or write a story about this event, the email for inquiries is dedmoremichelle@gmail.com This is not something she expected, had not sent it to me to publicize the loss of her husband and the boys father in any way. After discussing it with her, the main idea of posting it is that it might help someone who is suffering over the loss of a loved one, "to allow for the possibility they might still exist and be able to communicate with them" Something I've been doing for fifteen years, and was startled to hear directly from Duane that he had created the light, and how he discusses how he did so. It's one thing to see footage of something like this, and another to hear from the source how they crafted it. This was filmed three days before his funeral, on "All Saints Day." Ironic and very touching. (We do have loved ones who keep an eye on us.) If one wants to share data, research or experiences with the flipside, they can do so on our forum Hacking the Afterlife on Quora. https://hackingtheafterlife.quora.com/ Thanks for tuning in.




Some fun reviews for a book that would have gotten me torched in a previous era. Thanks to David Kirkpatrick for nudging me into writing it. Something to stuff in Grannie's Xmas stocking (kindle or audible available).

Top reviews from the United States
5.0 out of 5 stars The most important book you May ever read
Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2023
Verified Purchase
I absolutely loved this book. I am actually going to be reading it again. It is amazing, it is astounding it is eye-opening to your core... As a young girl my parents took me to church, and I never necessarily believed in what the Bible had to say, it sounded too corny, too fairy tale like for me.. I have never been one to believe what I've been Told unless I've done the research myself... Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not I urge you to read this book. It was remarkable but chapter 10 by far was my favorite.. I can honestly say that I'm a believer now of Jesus and I do believe by reading this book it has changed my life in a short period of time..
5.0 out of 5 stars Bravo!
Reviewed in the United States on June 6, 2023
Verified Purchase
A compelling read worth opening your mind and heart to the possibility of its truth filling its pages. As Issa reminds those who find their way to this story that it isn't about correcting history, it is about remembering what the original message has always been... LOVE and the way to the path is within each of us to find by going into our hearts. Rich does a fabulous job researching what is shared through past life regression hypnosis sessions and through mediums to find the treasured gems of validations pointing to a truth that has always been present to find. Thank you for being the storyteller needed in today's world to remind us!
5.0 out of 5 stars An incredible read!
Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2023
Verified Purchase
An incredible read that resonates with me more than any religion could.
Like anything else in life...if you want love...send it out to every one and everything and watch it come back to you!

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