Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Junior Seau, Jim, Luana and PRINCE

It's that time of year again - the Super Duper Bowl, and we have a super duper podcast to enjoy.

Some years ago, we were just starting this research, and the Microsoft found Paul Allen passed away.  So as an experiment, I asked three people we'd spoken to on the flipside, who knew him, to come forward and help us chat with Paul. 

At the time I didn't know that we could "invite anyone" - but figured if we could invite Paul, he'd be more comfortable with some of his pals.  Much to my chagrin (It's in the book BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE and in the documentary TALKING TO PAUL ALLEN, JUNIOR SEAU AND DAVE DUERSON on YouTube. 

Paul Allen showed Jennifer that two football players who had suffered from CTE were there to greet him. Why? Because of Paul's brain institute.  Jennifer didn't know that there was an institute, I did - but they came forward to tell Jennifer that "Joe Namath had cured his CTE using oxygen therapy."

She didn't get it the first two times they came through - because she doesn't know football, didn't know the Quarterback they were showing her. It was only after looking up what they were saying "Quarterback" "CTE" did I discover that Joe has done that.

Watch the film, it's free.

But today, Junior stopped by.

As noted, after he showed up initially, I invited his widow Gina to do a session with Jennifer.  Jennifer didn't know who Junior or Gina was - but does so on camera in the film.

It's uncanny.

I don't expect anyone to race out and watch the film - but one day it will become an important piece of the puzzle. 

So we are used to talking to Junior. (Who took his own life after suffereing from CTE. He and his widow had an amazing reunion, and I thank her for letting me film it. She's happily remarried, living a wonderful life, and if she runs across this podcast, this description, she'll know what I'm referring to. 

Junior talks about how people on the flipside can attend the Super Bowl, but mostly through the participation of their loved ones onstage.  So if "Uncle Pete" or "Aunt Betty" seems to be rooting for one of the teams from the Flipside, do not be surprised.

I asked our moderator on the flipside, Luana Anders if anyone else wanted to come forward; and it was Prince.

We haven't had him on the podcast as of late - but he wanted to point out that anyone can connect with him, anyone can call him for assistance. (Junior also said that "anyone can play in his touch (mental) football games" as well.

At some point, I asked Prince about helping someone on this side play a song.  Now - if one listens carefully (and ignores me) they can hear Jennifer (who doesn't know chords or how to transpose guitar chords to piano as I do...)

She says "He's saying "G"

Then E minor. 

Then D. (I heard C, but she clearly says D.)

Then C.  

It wasn't until after the podcast was over that I went to the internet to look for Prince songs that start with "G and then E minor."

And then, to my dismay, shock - when I was putting up the subtitles, I could SEE WHAT JENNIFER SAYS.

She says "G" then "E minor" then "D" then "C."  (later she adds "B and F)

But look it up.

G                                   Em
    I never meant to cause you any sorrow
D                                   C
    I never meant to cause you any pain
G                                        Em
    I only want one time to see you laughing
  D                                           G  
I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain.

(Song by Prince, owned by his estate)

As I was writing this, I wrote to Jennifer and told her what the chords were for and she replied: "He said purple rain - just thought it was... whatever. Amazing!"


It is amazing.  Next time I'll play it properly.



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