Speaking of the dead.... with the "Afterlife Expert"

Had a lovely event yesterday with George Noory, illustrious Coast to Coast AM host -  at the Great Greek in the valley.

With and George Noory (Coast to Coast AM)

As I mentioned to the intimate gathering, it was George who dubbed me "The Afterlife Expert."  Which is an unusual moniker, not one I would have given myself (who am I again?) but in light of the past decade of research that I've been doing about the afterlife, and what it's all about, I'll take it.

The Afterlife Expert.  That's me.  

Someone asked me if I "talk to the dead." My answer; "I've focused on interviewing people no longer on the planet, and I can tell you how they say they want to be talked to, and how to listen for messages."

I've been doing this for awhile now with friends and some different people, and after many requests to do it on a one to one basis, I've decided to hang out my shingle to do a session.  I've posted the details at  If you'd like to book an "Afterlife Session" with me, email me at richardmartini (at) gmail (dot) com.

During the event I explained how I'd lived a decade a few blocks from the venue, and how unusual my journey back to Ventura Blvd. was.  (People have read about it in "Flipside" so I won't go into here.)  But ultimately it was giving a public talk at the International Association of Near Death Studies" that led me to George Noory's show, so the idea that we would be in this location together - about a mile from his offices, and a few blocks from my old residence - was uncanny for me.

Flipside film or book.

I spoke about how I came to interview "people who are no longer on the planet" with the help of people under deep hypnosis (via Michael Newton's work, and local hypnotherapist Scott De Tamble and how mediums like Jennifer Shaffer ( had helped me "prove beyond a shadow of doubt" that I was actually speaking to people no longer on the planet.

(During one of our many sessions, someone told me a detail about their passing that no one knows - no one had ever heard, including myself with 30 years of research into this person - and yet she told Jennifer a detail about her passing that was not public knowledge - until I literally dug it up months later, confirming its accuracy.)

Available online everywhere.

When we hear "new information" from people on the flipside - meaning something that could not by explained by cryptomnesia (hearing or reading it somewhere else), could not be hypoxia (hallucination), could not be synthesthesia (wires mixed in the brain) - new information that only the person on the flipside would know and could impart to us, then it's either that some part of our subconscious is revealing a mystery that has been hidden from civilization for eons - or we're actually speaking to people no longer on the planet.

So I can help people do that - set the table so to speak - or put the empty chair out for Elijah in the Seder tradition - to make themselves available for a conversation with a loved one.  I've asked the question many times during interview - "So how can someone get a hold of you?" And I've heard consistent answers about that topic.  

Not just to have someone we know and love "show up" in some kind of etheric way, via a dream or a vision - which itself is something to examine - but in a way that allows for them to answer your questions directly.

Only we are capable of knowing when our loved one contacts us - no one else is privy that the feeling or energy involved when a loved one takes our hand, our shoulder, or gives us a hug - only we know that feeling. Someone who doesn't know that feeling might assume it's a "memory" - but memory doesn't include all the senses, normally, unless it's something dramatic.  

A pal on the other side whom I've spoken to often. Heard back as well.

So talking to a loved one on the other side involves all of our senses, and allows us to ask and get answers to our life's more profound questions.  It doesn't mean we're going to always get answers to whatever question we have ("and what were those lottery numbers again?") because we have our own path and journey that would be disrupted by any number of things. Including having a conversation with a loved one who is no longer here.

However, in my research I've found there are numerous "non invasive" ways for our loved ones to reach out to us, ways that won't alter our path and journey, yet will allow us to feel as if we've reconnected with them - perhaps to alleviate grief or stress.

If someone wants to speak directly to their loved ones, I highly recommend seeing a hypnotherapist trained in the Michael Newton method of hypnotherapy (there's a searchable database on their website or finding a medium that you have a connection with, that has come recommended to you for whatever reason. (I happen to know and be friends with , so that's one person that I can recommend. There are many others, but you need to do the research before you reach out to them.)

But if you have a desire to talk to me about it - I've available for that (for a fee!) and you can schedule you're own conference with me by writing me at my gmail address - richardmartini - (not richmartini at gmail, that's another guy) but richardmartini (at) gmail (dot) com.   Let me know if it's something I can help you with. Let's see where we get to...

Not a cemetery per se Per LaChaise.
But a place for memories of loved ones.

And finally, this near death was posted recently at the site (a wonderful place to share and hear about other worldly events)

NDE Account Submitted to IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies):

"Moved to a new city. There was a water advisory I was unaware of.

Thought I had a bladder infection so drank more water. Had very high fever with excruciating back pain. Went to doctor who prescribed me antibiotics that were too weak. It was getting worse. I went back to sleep. 

I was in too much pain but passed out anyway. All of a sudden I was floating in an upward trajectory towards a bright omnipresent light through a tunnel of sorts. The pain was completely gone and I felt lighter than air. The light was unconditional love unlike anything I have experienced here on Earth. 

On my left was a light-being speaking telepathically to me. He welcomed me and we had a bit of a discussion. I was given the option whether I wanted to stay or go back. I suddenly realized I was dead and I came back. 

I returned to the painful, heavy body I had just left. It was as if I had convulsed upon re-entry. It's taken me 28 years to fully integrate this experience into my life."

My comment:

"The light was unconditional love unlike anything I've experienced here on earth." 

Sound familiar? We experience "conditional love" on the planet: "if you love me... I'll return it." But "back home" (as many call it under deep hypnosis) that's where this "unconditional love" is. Not here. There. 

This is "new information" - if you imagined it the feeling would relate to a feeling you had here. But that's not what's reported. The feeling is unique to being "off the planet." 

And how could we remember that feeling if we hadn't been off the planet? NDEs not only prove there is an afterlife, they offer insight into WHY we come here in the 1st place. 

Why would anyone bother to go into a movie to experience feelings or emotions they don't already know? Why read a book, see a play that makes you learn new feelings or emotions? 

Why bother coming to the planet to experience non-unconditional light or love? 

The answers are right in front if you. 
Open the door. 
Open the drapes. 
Let the light in. 

My two cents."

Photo: WR 25 (center) - the brightest known star in the galaxy, 100X more massive and 6 million times brighter than the Sun (Bring extra sunscreen when visiting). Credit: #NASA, #ESA and Jesús Maíz Apellániz


Tomorrow with George Noory - Be There Or Be2

Luncheon with Coast to Coast's George Noory and "The Afterlife Expert" Rich Martini

Enjoy gathering with other like-minded people as you have fun at lunch and meet some of your favorite people in the world of the unknown and curious. Tickets will go fast, so reserve a spot now! 

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