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Richard Martini
Richard Martini, Best selling author of books about the afterlife

Our son’s first sentence:

“Dad, I was a monk in Nepal.”
I had yet to begin my research into the flipside, I was aware of Carol Bowman’s book “Children’s Past lives” (and the subsequent books by Dr. Jim Tucker with ample evidence of reincarnation studies) but this was way before that… this was while I was home in Chicago and my son was on the phone saying goodnight.
He was 2. It was his first sentence to me. As if he’d been waiting two years to say it.
I said “Put your mom on the phone.” We went over “why did he say that?” Asked if they were watching a tv show, reading a book - no, no, and more no. She didn’t know. I let it go. Until he was 3.
One day riding around in the car I said “Son, where did you meet me?” I’m looking in the rear view mirror at his little face in the child safety seat. He looked up at me and said “Tibet.” Stunned, I said “Where in Tibet?” He said “On the path.”
Trying not to react, or over react, I thought about all the paths in Tibet I’d traversed when going there with Robert Thurman filming a documentary for Tibet House in NYC. (“Journey into Tibet with Robert Thurman” on youtube) Then I remembered when we were on the sacred mt. Kailash, Professor Thurman had offered “If you make a wish on this spot, Tibetans say it will come true.” I thought of an appropriate wish… “Hmmm. A million dollars… No, wait, a three picture movie deal.” I couldn’t make up my mind so determined I would count down from ten and whatever came out of my mouth would be my wish.”
“I want a son.” I said. I froze. What? Why did I say that? I had no clue. It wasn’t one of the two options. We had a daughter back home in Santa Monica… but it was the last thing from my conscious mind. I thought “Wow, why did I say that? Is that like a genetic thing that happens at altitude?” I let it go.
But now I was in the car with that 3 year old son. “On the path?” He nodded. “Wait, was it on Mt. Kailash?”
He shook his head “no.” I thought… wow, I was on a lot of paths in Tibet…but then remembered a name… “Was it on Kangra?”
He nodded. “Yes, it was Kangra.”
Kangra is the name of the path that goes around Mt. Kailash. It’s technically more precise, as that is where I made the wish. He was correcting me BUT IN TIBETAN.
But I said “Kangra” and he repeated it. And he was 3. So I let it go. A year later, I was working on the film “Salt” in Manhattan, had sublet an apt, when I got a call from my wife while I was on set. “Did you show him this book?” “What book?” I asked. She said our son had gone to the library of the apt’s owner, pulled two books out, threw one in the trash. My wife said “What are you doing?” He said “That book is worthless. This is the important one.” It was Robert Thurman’s book “Circling the Sacred Mountain” (written with Tad Wise) about his trip around Mt. Kailash.
Our son opened the book, pointed to a photograph of the place where I made the wish, and said “That’s where I FOUND DADDY.”
He was 4. He could not read yet. I told my wife “I’ve never said the word Kailash to him other than that one time in the car a year ago.”
But wait… there’s more.
When he was 5, we were in a Tibetan shop in LA and he disappeared. I mean my wife came and said “He’s disappeared! I can’t find him!” I looked around. Not a big shop. I said “He’s got to be here somewhere.” She came back 5 minutes later with a look of shock on her face. She said “I found him in the back room. He was in front of a mirror. DOING FULL PROSTRATIONS. (The way Monks stand up, hands over head, to lips, to heart, then go all the way to the ground.) She watched him for 3 minutes before he caught her in the mirror.
He said “Oh mom. You need to meditate more and this is how you do it.” He pulled her to the ground. He looked at her and said “Can you hear the bells in the music?” (A CD of Tibetan music “Traditional Chants of Tibet” by the Nechung Monks) was on the player. He said “Whenever there’s the ringing of a bell; that means peace comes into the world.”
I listened to her and later asked a Tibetan friend what it meant “during Tibetan music, when you hear a bell - does that represent something, like wisdom?” He shook his head. “It means peace comes into the world.”
Not something I knew or was aware of. And finally, since he no longer remembers these conversations, I’ll end with this last one. (This is cribbed from a chapter in “Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife” - “My son the monk.”) I got a phone call five years ago that my mom was dying. My friend the nurse called to say she wouldn’t make the weekend.
I sat the kids down and said “Now look, the next time you see grandma, she’s going to be wearing heavy makeup and will be in a casket.” I was trying to prepare them for my own experience of seeing dead relatives when I was a kid. I thought it was weird they had on heavy makeup and were in a box.
Our son laughed. “Dad, it’s okay.” He picked up a half empty bottle of water. He said “Spirit is like water. Watch.” He threw the bottle on the ground then stomped on it. He started jumping up and down on it gleefully. I can remember looking at my wife like “what is he doing?” He stopped, then picked up the crushed, broken bottle - but it still had the cap on. He showed us the bottle of half empty water and said, “See? The water is okay.”
Easily the most profound teaching I’ve heard about the nature of spirit. Our bodies grow old, they get stomped on a squished, fall apart …but the water is always okay. It may transform into mist, turn into clouds, turn into rain.. but our spirit… is always okay.
One last comment - lest anyone think that only former monks have this kind of ability to “remember their past.” When he was four, we were watching TV and on came a sexy ad for Victoria’s Secret. It was a pretty young model wearing giant white wings, wearing a bathing suit and dancing provocatively. He jumped off the couch, pointed at the TV and said “I want that!”
I laughed, not really knowing what part of the image he meant. But then I remembered what he’d said to me on the phone years earlier. I said “Wait a second, I thought you said you were a monk in Nepal.”
“Not anymore!” he said, happily. “Not anymore.”
What I suggest parents of toddlers do is to ask questions they don’t know the answer to. Ask kids this non denominational question; “Did mommy and daddy choose you? Or did you choose us?” And see what the answer is. The trick is not to judge or react to whatever the answer is. But in about half of the accounts I’ve heard,the answers have been nothing short of amazing.


"Luana Anders Says Hello"

“Luana says hello.”
Luana Anders when Francis met her - He was the sound
man on "The Young Racers" (Mark Damon pictured)
He pitched Roger Corman his first film set in Ireland, Luana and friends
stopped in Ireland on the way home to make it.
It was 40 years ago that I went a screening of “Apocalypse Now” at UCLA, came out of the Bruin and bumped into Francis.  I knew that he had directed my new best friend Luana Anders in his first film, "Dementia 13" and was currently assigned to work with her on a screenplay in a screenwriting class at USC film school.  

FFC with his Final Cut of Apocalypse Now

Being such an intensely private person, I knew I was crossing a Rubicon by walking up to Francis after the screening of his film and saying “Luana says hello.”  

However, when I told her about it, she was thrilled to hear he had said “tell her to call me.”

That call led to a whole bunch of wonderful times at the Coppola home, playing piano, eating pasta, laughing till the wee hours.  Eight years of really fantastic Thanksgiving dinners in Napa valley.

Some of the cast of Apocalypse Now

So it was fun to be able to walk up to him after his recent screening at the Cineramadome of "Apocalypse Now: Final Cut."

To say “Luana says hello.”  Bookends?

The Maestro

Because in essence, she can and does say hello often.
Just after she passed, she began appearing in dreams – I could hear her voice in my apt. It was clearly her, but a younger version of her. I wondered about that, and while working for Charles Grodin at CNBC had an out of body experience where I felt like I had visited her.  So I started looking into the esoteric science (took Buddhist philosophy with Bob Thurman at Columbia) at how that could be.  

Which led me to the research of Michael Newton, a hypnotherapist in LA who claimed that his 7000 clients reported the same things about the afterlife under hypnosis.  It was reading his book “Journey of Souls” where I spotted something Luana had told me before passing; “I have this recurring dream I’m in a classroom in another universe – it’s a class in spirituality, everyone dressed in white speaking a language I’ve never heard, but somehow I understand what they’re saying.”  

Image result for michael newton martini
Michael's last interview is in "Flipside"

In Newton’s book, one of his clients said the same thing. The night after she passed, the day after Francis called her to say goodbye on a satellite phone in Asia, Luana's pal Sandra Nicholson told me “I had a wonderful dream last night, Luana was in a classroom, everyone dressed in white in the fourth dimension.”  She didn’t know that was Luana’s recurring dream.

Which I thought might make an interesting documentary. (It’s called “Flipside” and is on Amazon and 

I’ve filmed over 50 people to date saying the same things about the afterlife – many I’ve chosen for their skepticism. I was startled they all say the same things which are contrary to science or religion.  

Jennifer Shaffer

Then about four years ago, medium Jennifer Shaffer (who works with law enforcement) reached out to me. Since our meeting, I’ve filmed her every week for four years – a couple hours where we “chat” with the flipside.  

Luana wrote the “introduction” (no other way to put it) to "Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer" and is our primary “guide” or “medium” on the other side, helping us access my friends Bill Paxton (Harry Dean Stanton, Robin Williams and others.)  I try not to pass judgment on what they say – just report it.

Backstage Pass to the Flipside Book One: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer by [Martini, Richard]
Backstage Pass to the Flipside

I was amazed, flabbergasted at how wonderful the film "Apocalypse Now; Final Cut” is – wonderful to see a modern day Michelangelo be able to go back to a painting and reconstitute it to his original vision. It’s timeless. Breathtaking. Deeply moving. Funny. And will live forever. (Like we all do.) 

Peter and Dennis in Cannes

Just heard that Peter Fonda has left us into the Flipside.  Luana played his girlfriend in "Easy Rider."  From what I've learned, it sometimes takes away for folks to adjust to their new environment.  Sometime they're startled to see themselves in a place they didn't think existed.

I hope she says hello to Peter.  Help him to make that adjustment that her other pals have; Dennis, Harry Dean, etc.  If she does, I'm sure we'll hear about it.

Luana and Edd Byrnes

Last night I spoke to Art Bell.

Image result for art bell
Asked what he missed about being on the planet is in his hand.
I know Art's no longer on the planet, and I didn't talk to him directly - but I did a show with his protege Heather Wade where she spoke to him.

Two years ago, I did a session live on air with Heather. It was just at the start of my "seeing if we could access the flipside" with no hypnosis at all.  

In Heather's case, she went fast and far... and while transcribing the session for my next book, I reached out to see if she wanted to "take another ride."

Heather Wade
Heather Wade
She did - and we jumped right in.Talked to her guide (same fellow) went to see her council (same number) but met new people. (Dave with the beads.)

And we talked to Art Bell.  What makes this so powerful and fascinating isn't asking Art about his theories, his show, or any of the things so many people talked to him about on the air for decades.  It was him saying to her;

Image result for art bell
Art described how you can create your own
sound studio on the flipside cable by cable.

"I've been trying to talk to you since I crossed over!"  He showed her about "25 different times" where he was there, watching her sleep, trying to enter a dream, help with her broken foot - she even recalled a moment when her foot felt like someone was touching it - she didn't believe it at the time, but here she was accessing that memory FROM HIS POV.

He had some other amazing things to show her - how he "creates a radio studio" from scratch.  Places he likes to walk on the flipside - took her to a grove of beautiful bright colored trees.  To demonstrate something I've learned, I had her "hug" one of the trees, and then "talk to the sentient being within."

That being reiterated what I've heard in this research - humans used to be able to talk to nature, but have lost the ability.  If we want to save the planet, we need to plant more trees to match the amount of humans on the planet. "Plant a trillion trees."

Plant more trees. (even if UFO's fly over them.)

Art took us to visit other planets - I figured his audience would want to know about what he's learned ("I haven't found Elvis he said" - I almost asked "Would you like to meet him?" Because Jennifer Shaffer and I have interviewed him and he's accessible... but I didn't want to screw up his sense of humor.)  So Art took us to a planet he had a previous incarnation on.

Heather too - and that was really mind bending.  But I'll repost the show when she posts it - suffice to say, if you listened in for the three hour tour, your mind is as blown as mine is just repeating what we heard.

Unrehearsed. Unplanned. Improvised. Live on the air.  She went to the Flipside, picked up where she was in a memory from two years ago - and we marched forward into other realms.   Mind altering.

But life enhancing.

And indeed, your loved ones are waiting to hear from you. You don't need me - you don't need a medium - you just need to open up your ears and listen. (Or open up your heart, that's probably the first item.) They are not gone, they are just not here.

Bon voyage!!!!
Flying in.

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