A photo from the Flipside and DAY OF THE NOT SO DEAD

Jennifer giving a hand to see someone on the Flipside

In my spare time, I've been moderating a forum on Quora called "Hacking the Afterlife."  People share experiences they've had with the flipside, unusual visions, dreams or accounts of a myriad of different experiences.  25 million people have stopped by to read my comments on the flipside. (27.5M content views 861.6K this month

Since my documentary "Hacking the Afterlife" has appeared on Amazon Prime (via Gaia) people have weighed in from across the globe with unusual events, either seeing a loved one appear to them in a dream with new information (proving it cannot be cryptomnesia) or people sharing a near death event that happens decades ago, but are still able to access it.

In moderating the forum I try to stay focused on three avenues for "accessing people on the flipside."  That is through hypnotherapy, mediumship or meditation.  As demonstrated in the book and film FLIPSIDE I've filmed people accessing this information via hypnotherapist like Michael Newton, Paul Aurand, Scott De Tamble. In the film "Hacking" I cite the work of pioneering hypnotherapist clinical psychologist Dr. Helen Wambach ("Reliving Past Lives") and Dr. Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters.) 

The data that Wambach (2750 cases) she eliminated bias from her study; it's worth examining. On the website, I include one of her hypnosis lectures where she takes the room into "a sleep study."  Dr. Weiss has 4000 case studies, and the work of Michael Newton and the Newton Institute includes 7000 reports.  What makes them worth noting is that they are consistent reports that match with the 100 cases I've filmed (half without hypnosis.)

So while sharing that information, I also share reports from meditation studies, where I demonstrate that by doing a "guided meditation" (even if one doesn't understand the word comes from Latin - med - to measure) - anyone can access a vivid memory, including but not limited to a near death event (NDE) or out of body experience (OBE) or some vivid dream they had as a child that is still in their conscious mind. I use those memories as a "gateway" to access the flipside (as demonstrated in the 50 accounts in the book "Architecture of the Afterlife" and a third of the film "Hacking the Afterlife." 

Then, after medium Jennifer Shaffer reached out to me six years ago, I began filming sessions with her - six years worth on a weekly basis. The first five years became chapters in the three books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" and then because of the pandemic, we began meeting online, which became the podcast "" (footage of each session is posted at

This is a long preamble to the following:

One of the readers of my posts on Quora reached out to me and spoke of the loss of his wife, and how he spent time mourning and grieving, and wishing that he could speak with her.  Tim said that part of his exploration of how to do that included reading my work on the topic - but I know that he's done his own amount of meditating on the possibility.

About a year ago, he reached out to let me know that it had happened. That one day, just walking along, he suddenly felt her hand on his arm, or her presence next to him, and heard her voice in his head.  Because he'd spent time teaching himself how to "allow that it's possible" that she still existed, that began a conversation with her that has been deep and profound. When he's feeling low, she shows up to give him great advice (new information that demonstrates he couldn't be creating it) as well as solace and help.

He's also a fan of Jennifer Shaffer, who mentioned him in our last podcast, because he said she could.  Tim has taken the time to learn how to hone his communication skills with his wife on the flipside. In our recent podcast, we spoke about it - as well as pointing out that by "connecting with someone no longer on the planet" it doesn't mean you "aren't moving on."  As Jennifer puts it (via Luana Anders, our moderator on the flipside) "They know they've moved on. And by realizing that they still exist helps us move on in a more profound way." 

Our recent podcast:

Moving on to realize that life does go on, and we will "see them" and interact with them in the future.  After that mention I got the following email from Tim about his session with Jennifer speaking to his wife Mari Lynn on the flipside:

"Good Morning Rich,

As I posted on Quora, thank you to both you and Jennifer for your very kind words.  I wanted to share with you a couple of the things that occurred during my session.

Jennifer was pointing out that Mari Lynn was going back and forth between us, standing behind me and then next to her. Jennifer was holding her hand over where she saw Mari Lynn’s head. Then she told me to look at the top of her hand. Everything on my screen was very crisp and clear except the top of her hand was completely blurred out. 

She said what I was seeing was Mari Lynn’s energy interacting with her hand.  

Jennifer Shaffer via Tim Blair's zoom. 

She showed me a method that would allow me to visually see Mari Lynn’s energy and it’s working.  I can now actually see Mari Lynn.

Mari Lynn

The next mind-blowing thing was when I showed her the photo she mentioned on the podcast.  This is a picture of Mari Lynn when she was in high school in Glendale Ca. At the time this was taken, I was living in Dayton Ohio. It was 14 years before we met. This is one of the pictures I study before I connect with her in a way that’s deep enough to write her letters.   

What Jennifer didn’t say during the podcast was that both Jennifer and I were simultaneously able to be in that moment back in 1978 with Mari Lynn.  Jennifer was talking about how the air was thick as if it had just rained and was experiencing the smell of the grass.  I was able to brush the small curl of hair from Mari Lynn’s forehead. As I was doing that my hand touched her cheek. I could feel the perspiration on the side of her neck.

These were two of several WTF moments during an hour-long conversation between the three of us that I thought you might like to hear about. By the way, while it truly seemed like a year, it only took a week or so for us to connect.

As always, thank you for all the work you are doing. I’m very sure we wouldn't be as far along our journey without you.

Best Regards

Tim & Mari Lynn

PS: I’ve attached a  screenshot Jennifer’s hand and the above mentioned photo. If you can think of a way to share any of this without freaking everyone out, be our guest!"


The photo is Jennifer demonstrating where "Tim should look," as she was seeing Mari Lynn standing next to her, underneath her hand. 

Without drawing a red circle around her hand, take a look closely at her hand; clearly something else is there, interfering with the photograph. Because it wasn't a photo taken "on the run" or by accident - but was Jennifer directing his eye specifically to a spot where she could see his wife, it's worth noting. Not a photograph accidentally capturing someone on the flipside - just a photo of "frequencies" or a partial visual of someone or something. 

Tim copied the photo from his Zoom session and sent it to me.

I'm sharing this with my Flipside audience for a number of reasons.

Photographs shouldn't freak people out. They are just photographs. 

Footage shouldn't freak anyone out - it's just footage. 

Data should not freak anyone out, the data doesn't care if people get freaked out by it or not.  

The data shows consciousness is not confined to the brain (see Dr. Greyson's "After", Dr. Tucker's "Before" or Ed Kelly's "Consciousness Unbound" for data), or examine the work of Dr. Wambach, Dr. Weiss or Michael Newton and the Newton Institute. 

(Or just watch my two films on Amazon Prime FLIPSIDE and HACKING THE AFTERLIFE.)

1. I'm not here to prove the afterlife exists to anyone. I have learned it's a reflexive experience - like "skydiving" is something we can all blather about but means little unless we've done it. "Falling in love" is reflexive - because if someone has never done it, they really don't have a clue what they're talking about.  So in this case, I'm sharing something "down the road." Tim has already learned his wife still exists, and these photographs are something that underlines it for him.  

2. Jennifer has been told by loved ones on the flipside, "Your job is not to prove anything to anyone. It's to be as accurate as you can be."  In this case, it's to point out that Jennifer is amazing at what she does. (She works with law enforcement pro bono on many cases).  I have met and interviewed a number of amazing mediums, who have differing abilities. (Simple reason is because the "filters on their brains" are down) Jennifer has always been able to not only hear, sense people around her when she focuses on them, she can also "see" the outline of them during her work.  

As she was speaking to Tim about "seeing Mari Lynn" she held her hand in the space where she saw her. The photograph clearly indicates some anomaly in the air.  (I can verify that the photo has not been altered because I know both individuals. I actually have testified in court in Chicago as an "expert witness" based on my film background and knowing how to manipulate footage.) This has not been altered.

3. Proof of Afterlife is something one can only experience on their own. However, they don't need to "believe in a religion" "put on a pyramid hat" or follow any "rulebooks." The data about incarnation, reincarnation, how consciousness functions is not based on any religious beliefs, or a belief in anything. Data doesn't really care about beliefs. It's just data.

One doesn't have to use a medium (it helps.) One doesn't have to know a hypnotherapist (it helps.) One doesn't have to know meditation (but it can help.)  All three yield the same information and the same results.  See 'HACKING THE AFTERLIFE' for verification (and footage.)

I rarely if ever share these kinds of photographs, because this is the first instance where I know the folks who took them. 

But because I am sharing this photograph, I will also share a photo from Steven Lancia another Quora reader, who has taken many photographs of a person no longer on the planet who shows up in a place he works.  

He can see the fellow clearly - and as evidenced by this photograph below (which he has copyrighted, so one has to reach out to him to license it - get a larger copy, etc - his details are below the photo, and he's interested in telling his story about how this fellow keeps showing up and he's able to photograph him.) 

Man carrying metal who disappears into a wall 
 photo courtesy of Steven Lancia
Symmetry Intl, Rhode Island All Rights Reserved.

Steven Lancia can be reached through Symmetry International Inc.  in Rhode Island. For a clearer, larger photo of this fellow who has appeared walking through this workplace, or rights to other photographs and footage Steven owns, go to Symmetry International in Rhode Island. 

As I'm fond of saying "If they can respond to us, they aren't dead." "If they can speak to us and tell us new information, they are not dead."  "If they can communicate with us and inform us that they "feel more alive" then they ever have, they are not dead."  They aren't gone, they just aren't here. 

Day of the Not So Dead


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders - THE DAY OF THE DEAD

This is another one of those podcasts about process. In this case, Jennifer recounts going to someone's house to do some mediumship work, and this person added a wall of photographs to their home.  The idea was to "remember where we came from and how we got here." Along those lines, a discussion of how Jennifer's father had come through and given us advice from the flipside about how to deal with grief.  He said "grief is only sad memories, but nostalgia is both sad and happy memories - when you can move grief to nostalgia you begin the healing process." Luana, our moderator from the flipside, wanted to talk about "the Day of the Dead."  While having both Basque and Swedish roots, Luana had relatives who had lived in both Mexico City as well as in Santa Fe.  Her Basque relatives came from a long line of people who lived near Spain - and their culture predates the Roman era. She wasn't close to the Mexican side of her family, but we did spend some time in Mexico together - both when we met and then years later with frequent trips south of the border. She's relating to the idea of "putting up photos of loved ones" around one's home in order to stay in touch with them. Luana also speaks about the concept of "moving on" but at the same time, realizing our loved ones have moved on as well, but want to continue to stay in touch with us. A shortened podcast due to a wifi issue, but hopefully next week we'll spend some more time "with the dead" realizing that they can't be dead if they can answer our questions with new information.  There's a mention of the forum on Quora "Hacking the Afterlife" - which is here:


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders

Jennifer is back from the UK and worlds beyond!

In this shortened episode, we discuss some things with our moderator on the flipside Luana Anders, who talks about her observations of the planet.

It bears repeating that Luana was my 20 year companion, who passed to the flipside in 1996, who started showing up in dreams, visions, and then to members of my family prior to doing any of this research into the Flipside. As noted in the book "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" it was her appearance that inspired this journey.

I spent ten years filming people under hypnosis accessing their own loved ones on the flipside, and then, when meeting Jennifer Shaffer, it was Luana who made that connection. And now, she's like the "hall monitor" on the flipside, who has a guest list that allows specific individuals into our classroom to discuss the process.

Jennifer and I haven't spoken for at least three weeks, so I have no idea what we're going to discuss prior to the session. In this one, Luana correctly (mind bendingly) points out that "She and I took a trip to Portugal together."

Except when we went together, she was ashes in a pouch in my suitcase. It was just after she had passed, and I was dutifully scattering her ashes in different places around the globe. I had been invited to Bilbao, and stopped by to see Luana's friend (and "group member") Frank Gehry's design of the Guggenheim.

I didn't know there was a pond outside the museum, but when possible, I scatter a small handful of her ashes in waterways that I go to visit - thinking of her when I do so, thinking of all those tiny particles floating around the water, swallowed by a passing fish or whatever metaphor one might want.

I do have the photograph mentioned of me scattering her ashes in Sydney, and having the wind blow them all back into my face (just like in the Cohen brother's film with Jeff Bridges) but then a spotlight appeared out of the clouds right onto me. I'll have to track it down and post it on my blog - when I write about this unusual podcast.

Anyways, more to come, just a short trip into the flipside today.

Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders, Jesse Owens

Unusual podcast today - first a conversation about dreams, and how dreams are created, both with folks no longer on the planet, and our memories of them.  A dive into how consciousness functions. And then, when asked if our moderator on the flipside Luana Anders has brought anyone in to speak with us, she introduces Jesse Owens, because "there aren't enough athletes in our class." Which is pretty funny - Jennifer knew little about Jesse, I knew a tad more that she does - but look up some details while we are doing the show.  He wanted to stop by and talk about health, and how the "media we consume" can be a health hazard (without saying it in exactly those words.) At some point I ask him about his famous achievements, and why he might have chosen a difficult lifetime, what he wanted to show people, and he says "Hope." He was only 66 when he departed in 1980, but it was fun to be able to chat with him. Muhammed Ali stops by for a few choice words ("I'm still the prettiest") and again - Jennifer is less aware of his journey than I am. Which makes for an unusual and interesting podcast. Thanks for tuning in.


"25 million views and all I got was this tee shirt."


Your content just passed 25 million views." This message from the Quora forum "Hacking the Afterlife." Basically a small country of folks checking into the Flipside. Happy to share the data, the footage that folks don't pass on. (See "Hacking the Afterlife" documentary on Amazon Prime)

Here's the Quora forum where people across the globe share experiences with the flipside:


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders on Dreams

Another mind bending session with Jennifer Shaffer and Luana Anders on the flipside. I posted some photographs on Facebook of Luana who appeared in Francis Coppola's first film "Dementia 13" as it's being released on Blue Ray this week with a commentary by Francis.  And when mentioning that on our podcast, Jennifer revealed that she's been "reading" a member of the Coppola family since 2009.  I have no idea of how that came about - it clearly didn't have anything to do with me or Luana since Jennifer and I didn't meet until 6 years ago, and I had not known that she had "met" or helped someone from the family meet with folks on the flipside. Luana was close with Eleanor and Francis, and we spent many years at their home for Thanksgiving, and as noted in the podcast, Luana spent many times going up there to visit on her own. Francis not only cast her in Dementia 13, she did voice over work for him the Godfather (she's the voice of the nurse who moves Marlon Brando in the film), and also contributed to the script of "One From the Heart." Fans of this podcast know that Luana was instrumental in dragging me into the flipside, since passing in 1996 in my arms.  She started showing up visually, audibly, in dreams - until I made a concerted effort to "find her."  If she was able to visit me, why couldn't I visit her? And have been doing so since I fell into the research behind "Flipside." Then, Luana become our conduit for our "classroom" on the flipside. As noted, it was Tom Petty who said "Your friend Luana is like the bouncer at the stage door with the list of people who get into the VIP lounge. No one gets to speak to you unless she approves it." Today I got an email from a woman in Italy who asked Luana for some help with a classroom she is teaching, and had the distinct impression that Luana said she would, and directed her to look at a video on my YouTube page ("Going Home" a talk I gave at an iands event.) Anyways, this is a podcast about "Hacking the Afterlife." And Luana gives a number of "Life Hacks" in this one, talking about how to interpret dreams, and how to allow that the visuals we see may be related to other lifetimes as well as other adventures. Mind bendingly so.

Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Luana Anders and Bill Paxton

This is one of those podcasts about process. 

Me and Luana hanging out in Venice

As usual we had nothing on our agenda, but Luana did. At some point she interrupted me (what else is new?) to get Jennifer to say "Luana wants to talk about something." 

I know this is problematic for some people. As I note in the podcast, it's not my opinion, theory or belief that I've been filming people for the past ten years accessing the flipside, it's on film.  It's literally footage.

Take a look at the films "Flipside" or "Hacking the Afterlife" on Amazon Prime. To those who have a problem with this process, find your own. People have suggested I interrupt Jennifer too often; my response is, "Sorry. But book your own session with Jennifer and you can do all the non interrupting you want."

We bring this public service to people because it's not hard to speak to loved ones in the after life. Some claim it is - we're showing it's not.  People pretend it is, but if one takes the time to do the research, look at the clinical case studies, look at the research that shows consciousness is not confined to the brain, their adamant refusal to consider it possible is mind bending.  It is possible. One doesn't need a medium, or a hypnotherapist - but both help.

As to why we do this podcast, as Jennifer notes, about 30% of her time speaking to the flipside is in service of law enforcement. She does that work pro bono - for the public good. It's her version of "tithing."

In my case I've been very clear since publishing "Flipside" in 2012. I've been filming people with or without hypnosis since 2008. 100 cases - half without hypnosis. What they say on camera matches the clinical case studies of Dr. Helen Wambach (a clinical psychologist who did 2750 case studies) or Dr. Brian Weiss (has done 4000 case studies) or Michael Newton and the Newton Institute, who have done over 7000 sessions with people. My version of tithing is to post this podcast, over 100's of hours of footage on this webpage at on Youtube.

For those adamant skeptics, look at the peer reviewed science from Dr. Greyson's "After" and his comprehensive NDE research, or Dr. Tucker's "Before" and his 1500 cases studies of reincarnation, or Ed Kelly's "Consciousness Unbound" - peer reviewed science citing how consciousness is not confined to the brain. All gave me a tour of UVA's lab at the DOPS part of the Medical School.  It's directly related to why we do this podcast.

Subjective experience can be studied based on the 100's of examples. If everyone said something different, then we'd have the argument of bias, or projection. Having filmed people saying the same things with or without hypnosis, having mediums report the same things with friends of mine, shows that it cannot be cryptomnesia or my projections. (In the film "Talking to Bill Paxton" on Gaia I had three mediums answer the same questions put to Bill, and all said the same answers, including the one who was asked the questions by a third party. (Triple blind study)

The only thing confined to the brain is opinion, cemented in years of people arguing that experiences mean nothing, that events that occur are meaningless without "mainstream science" weighing in. It took 66 years to go from Kitty Hawk to the Moon, not from the scientists who said people would "never escape gravity" or people who claimed flight was impossible.

Science asks two main things; reports must be consistent and reproducible.  It's the basis of all data.  In this case, we are getting a "hack" from someone who left the planet in 1996.  She has made it a point to wrangle me out of my director's chair (I've written and or directed 9 theatrical feature films) and put me into this podcast chair where I have learned more than I ever could have filming people pretend to be someone they are not.

So enjoy the podcast, at the moment it's free, and given with love. Enjoy a little sage advice coming from the flipside.


Donation links for ongoing afterlife research

Recently Quora asked me to put my "Hacking the Afterlife" forum behind a paywall so that I could collect funds for each post. I know that's a valuable idea, and it's great that people can do that.

But in the forum, we tend to have people suffering from loss or grief - or want to share some experience they had. If I can answer their questions based on the research I will.

However, some suggested I should have a paywall, or some way for people to interact and donate.

A clip from our podcast "Hacking the Afterlife" (.com)

I've created a Medium account.

A Substack account.

On Substack I'll figure out how to allow folks to donate as well as ask questions that I'll answer personally.

Generally most everything is free. has over 70 podcasts and dozens of videos or films and excerpts from films.

Amazon has copies of the documentary "Flipside" and "Hacking the Afterlife" - and Gaia has "Talking to Bill Paxton on the Flipside."

But some folks don't want to purchase a book (all available worldwide online at your favorite ebook spot) or pay for the films (Gaia has a sign up option, Amazon is per viewing).  Or people have seen the films, read the books and still want more.

So I made this post to share some links.

I'm not suggesting anyone need to do that. But if they feel the desire to do so, I thought I'd provide some links.

Here's the link for Stripe:  It's a ten dollar suggestion... but up to anyone who wants to donate!

Here's the link for paypal. One can go use the Donate button:

Here's a link to Crowdfunding Afterlife Research via GoFundMe:

So if anyone feels the need to donate - it's most appreciate.


It will help cover the costs of research, interviews, podcasts, the whole shebang.  Appreciate the nod. And enjoy this side of the veil!



Hacking the Afterlife with Stephen Hawking, James Dean and Helen Keller

We got lucky today as Jennifer was available for a full hour. We start off with a question about frequency and how electronics seem to influencing and affecting our lifetimes, and at Luana Anders suggestion (neither Jennifer nor I had planned anything in advance) she brought Stephen forward to talk about frequency disruption.  We've had chats with Stephen before - they're in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside" as well as previous podcasts.  The point is - we might not be able to translate what he's telling us, but someone else might try to do the same. Ask him questions about climate change. Ask him to help us alter the path of the planet.  It can't hurt to ask. Then James Dean came forward - as noted, we've had a number of conversations as of late with James and his pals, as well as the fellow that James himself told us he had "come back as."  Just to clarify - people report we bring a certain portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime.  Many report between 20 and 40% - and when we first spoke to him (in the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 3" he said he had brought "about 30% to this current lifetime." What makes it unusual is that I happen to know the fellow who told Jennifer he has "returned" as. And to repeat myself, I reached out to this fellow's best pal and asked him if his friend had ever been told by anyone that he was the "reincarnation of someone." His texted reply "James Dean." Since then I've had the same thing confirmed by other folks, not mediums, who for some reason accessed the same information.  What makes it worth noting is that I've met with this person, asked him about his path and journey, and his "whole life" there have been parallels with him and the late actor. To be crystal clear - he's not going around telling anyone anything. He's not trading in on this detail in any fashion - the opposite actually. He's already got his own life, family, success in many fields - as if James returned in a fellow who exceeded his own expectations. So as part of this ongoing research, we'll continue to report. As seen on the podcast, had no clue I'd invite Helen to the podcast. But I did. And that led me to ask questions about my friend who lived in Helen's house - about her sudden passing and I was able to express my affection and gratitude to her. This podcast exists so people can see how uncomplicated it is to try and speak with loved ones on the flipside. Anyone who tells us that "my religion forbids me speaking to those on the flipside" is inaccurate - because all religions honor, pray to, ask people to converse with those who've moved on. The fact that a religion might suggest not speaking to one's owned loved ones - and only the folks they deem worthy of conversation, belies the falsehood of that concept.   We can and should speak to our loved ones. We don't have to. But we can if we want to. Even if it's someone as famous as Helen - who never spoke in life, but is able to communicate on the flipside. I note in the subtitles of the podcast that I had no clue if Helen had a relationship with someone - but as it turns out, it was a cause of concern, as in her 30's she fell in love with her interpreter and nearly eloped with him. He left during her "ailment" which may be related to what is reported during the podcast.


Hacking the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer, Don Everly and guests

I met Don Everly once in my career playing pianos in nightclubs around the planet.  The amazing sax player Craig Cole, a member of our band "Imminent Disaster" and I were playing a gig at Les Deux Cafe. It was just me and Craig and as I began singing "Knocking on Heaven's Door" there was the sound of someone singing harmony in my ear. As I recount in this episode, I didn't know who it was, but I recognized the voice immediately; Don Everly.  So I thought it would be a good chance that we might be able to connect with him. The session begins with a visit with James Dean. As noted in the podcast, we didn't invite him - but Jennifer and I had a conversation with him last week via someone who has had a lifetime of visitations from him.  So it wasn't odd for us that he would show up and having something extra to add.  It's always mind bending when someone shows up - like at the end of the podcast when Jennifer says "Janis Joplin is here and she wants to say something to you."  It took us awhile to unpack what she wanted to say - and it was about this book that I'm doing, that she will be a chapter in. It's about music and the afterlife, or music back "home" as they call it.   But I invited Don to our class, and he does show up. For those who are eager to hear proof of the afterlife, it's not what we're doing - Jennifer and I have been doing this weekly for six years. There's tons of evidentiary sessions - online ("Paul Allen, Junior Seau and Dave Duerson") where it's clear she's talking to someone on the flipside that has new information. The film "Talking to Bill Paxton" has three mediums ask my old pal the same questions. The film "Hacking the Afterlife" on Amazon Prime is chock full of experiences that cannot be ascribed to cryptomnesia - so I don't spend time in these podcasts trying to prove something. I'm more interested in process, what "Harmony" means - and if people have journeys they planned in advance. I know that Phil and Don were estranged, and his description of "hearing his brother" before he saw him is priceless. Having been doing this for six years I always hear something new and fascinating when I ask "So what was it like when you crossed over?" I also took the time to ask his brother Phil some questions, also to ask Craig Cole some questions (I'd interviewed Craig years ago, but he's not in the books "Backstage Pass to the Flipside") - his description of having a "concert in his honor" makes total sense to me. I played with Craig at the House of Blues, he had a huge following in Los Angeles, was a monster sax player, and if anyone wants to hear him play, search "Point of Betrayal Theme" as he came in and recorded that for me, as well as played on the soundtrack for "Cannes Man." (Hope his wife Mariella sees this.) But for all those folks listening in for the first time - it's not about talking to "famous people" or "celebrities." There is no celebrity on the flipside. There is only love. Only the people we loved, who carry the frequency of our love. Who know that we grieve for them, who want to let us know that life goes on. Interesting discussion about that as well - as Don points out "inundating people with information that shows life continues can inspire some people to wallow on grief and not move on" - and that by "not talking to them" allows them to grieve and move on. It's an unusual point of view - in light of how much work we've done to show people that their loved ones are not gone, they're just not here. But it's what he's saying - and I'm happy to share what he had to say.  Believe in an afterlife, don't believe in an afterlife - that's a choice - but allow for the possibility that it exists, or that life as we know it does not end.  Based on the research we are "fully aware" prior to coming to the planet that we've chosen to be here, when we are here, we are semiconscious of that fact (some bypass filters to experience the flipside or their higher selves via an NDE, OBE, with LSD, meditation or hypnotherapy).  But this is yet one more example of a conversation with someone no longer on the planet, but fully aware of what he's talking about, even though he passed less than a week ago. Note: Don's mom is alive and well in Nashville. We bring a portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime and the rest stays home. So we all can be greeted by our mom, even if they're still here on the plane; it's reported often. Jennifer reports what she's getting verbatim, but thanks to my pal Cis for pointing this out. Here's to having a mom who's a 101! Also - Phil said he was greeted by his first wife - or what seemed like his first wife - and she is a songwriter, Jacqueline Alice Ertel, who is on the planet. Since I didn't know that detail, I couldn't dig further into it. But again - Jennifer is reporting as best she can.


Carlos Santana speaking about why we are on the planet

 Anderson Cooper Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets | United States

 Carlos Santana speaking about why we're on the planet.

Recently, Carlos Santana was interviewed by Anderson Cooper during the “Homecoming Concert” in August, 2021.  Anderson asked Carlos about performing live, coming out of the pandemic and his new album, “Miracles and Blessings.”

Carlos: It’s wonderful to be able to connect with people’s hearts (again). The message is that we can transmogrify (transform in a surprising and magical manner) fear and darkness, we can coexist with unity and harmony, accept our own totality, accept our own light and create miracles and blessings.

People are thirsty; we’re bringing living water to people with a sound resonance vibration. We are at the right time and right place to present to them another frequency, different than fear darkness and separation – which is what we’ve been dealing with for years.

Most people have crystallized their intentions during this period – and the questions is, “Can you prioritize why am I on this planet?” There’s an opportunity for a lot more equilibrium, balance and competence.

From my point of view, time is an illusion. From where I am, I discard time and gravity. You just have to spend more time with your heart and less time up here (points to his hat).

Because that’s what’s happening with everybody. We’ve been bamboozled – we were imbued before we came out of the womb with heavenly powers which means we can create miracles and blessing. The program we’ve been given is for us to believe we’re a wretched sinner unworthy of our own life. (Laughs) I don’t think so – “Keep those beliefs to yourself, man.”

I believe I am made of the same essence that God is – look it up in the Bible – we’re “In god’s image.” God is only good – anything that’s less than that…  there’s a lot of Godzilla energy in the Bible – with jealousy, if he doesn’t like something, he would flood it.

That’s not God. God is love. Just like you update your phone and your laptop – we need to update the Bible and the Constitution.

Gratitude is very powerful, when you say the word, even before you say it… We’re at the place where we can program your whole molecular structure to say “Today I’m only going to only contemplate and entertain thoughts that are inspiring and elevating – anything else I’m going to say “No, that’s going to put me in a misery ditch. I’ll be sad, lonely, depressed – that’s boring. I don’t want to be boring. I want to be effulgent. (Shining forth brilliantly; radiant.)

I love to see people cry and laugh and dance at the same time – my metaphor is like when we see a wet shaggy dog shake off the water, he creates a rainbow next to the sun. That water he shakes off, we can ward off fear, we ward off lack of self-worth.

I love all the things that I’ve learned from people I love from John Coltrane, Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Dolores Huerta, Harry Belafonte – I love who I’m becoming. I’m learning from those who have impeccable integrity on a very high level. It’s fun to be Carlos now. What I focus on, is for the highest good for all people, impeccable integrity – if you’re not with that, catch the next train, because this one’s leaving.”  

Carlos Santana.


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