Talking to Bill Paxton on the Flipside - GAME NOT OVER MAN



I created this film with three different mediums where we spoke directly to my old friend Bill on the flipside, and asked him about his journey.

"Game Not Over Man!"
From his role in Hatfields & McCoys
I was startled when he spoke clearly, directly and with great detail about what happened, how he crossed over, who was there to greet him when he got there. GAME NOT OVER MAN! (He didn't say that, I did - but it's funny nonetheless).

I posted the film at - but due to a mixing glitch, there was a music track that drowned out the dialog, generally made it impossible to hear.

I took out the music and remixed it so that audiences aren't distracted by the filmmaking, but can listen to the content.

It's a bit like capturing lightning in a bottle.  With Jennifer Shaffer, we get together weekly to discuss things with the flipside, and I record those conversations to transcribe them and put them in books ("Backstage Pass to the Flipside: Talking to the Afterlife with Jennifer Shaffer").  

In our discussions with Bill Paxton, he said that I should put the footage together into documentary form.  I happened to be interviewing another medium Kimberly Babcock, and during the course of our interview, his name popped into my mind, and I asked "What about my friend Bill?"

I had no intention of filming her talking to Bill - but I did have the camera on in a noisy restaurant.  

If I recreated that event - or even tried to - it would not be the same.  However, the third medium, Raylene Nunes I had interviewed for a chapter in an upcoming book about her journey to becoming a medium. So we met, but she knew nothing about Bill or my relationship with him when she did this interview with Dr. Medhus.

For those not aware, Dr. Medhus' son killed himself, then called her on her cellphone to say he was okay.  She was a skeptic - couldn't believe it - until a medium (Jamie Butler) called her to say "Your son is in my living room and won't leave until I call you." That started a long conversation of interviews between mother and son.  The interviews are all available for free on her site.

Raylene worked with Dr. Elise Medhus on her site - and Dr. Medhus suggested I interview her. Her own personal story is amazing. But when Dr. Medhus reached out a year later and said "Is there anyone you'd like me to speak with?" I suggested Billy.  I supplied the questions, but she had her own as well.  Dr. Medhus didn't know Bill or his work - nor did Raylene. But Bill answered the SAME QUESTION with the SAME ANSWERS the other two mediums recorded.

All three mediums said the same things - how he passed, who was there to greet him, how we met in a pub in London and what movie he was working on when I met him. ("Aliens")  

I've shared the extended version of these interviews (warts and all) with his wife, but have edited it down to something that is just about our relationship.  How we met, why his career took off - despite our trying to make a film together - and what his journey on the flipside is like.

We have the unique window to "hear" his voice when he's talking through this medium. He talks about Jim Cameron, talks about "Titanic" and other events in his life.  For me - and it can only be for me - it's absolute proof that life goes on. Some will be put off by the sound - my apologies - the lightning - or other things that don't fit.  But like I say - trying to catch lightning in a bottle here.

Much better filmmaker than me. Obviously. He likes to remind me.

It just demonstrates why his career rocketed and mine was another path altogether. Perhaps to make this documentary with its wacky sound of a film.

So please, I encourage ALL OF YOU to check it out at - 

Here's a new trailer for the film.

The film is FREE if you sign up for a month and cancel - but it's worth checking into.  And I don't mind angry comments - just don't tell me the sound is too difficult to hear - 

"If you can't hear what they're saying then you're trying not to hear what they're saying."

So please ignore the comments about the "bad sound" as they PREDATE the newer version.

Personally I feel complaints about me filming a medium in a restaurant are silly - because of the artificiality we have every day when we pretend that someone wearing a uniform, or a cassock or some other prop is "better suited" to speaking from the flipside.  

None of that is needed or required. I film inside a noisy restaurant because THE FOLKS ON THE FLIPSIDE LIKE IT.

They like the smells (that we smell) the food that passes under our noses, the people chatting, the music playing.  People think that doing interviews or "seances" in a darkened room with orbs or crystals and a Theremin playing - that's fine for them - but for me, I can't be bothered with it.

They're not gone. They're just not here.

So without further ado - here's the trailer to this film, and here's the link to it on Gaia. GO AND WATCH THIS FILM. It's free and it will free you as well.

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