"Ten Best Richard Martini Books on Afterlife and Spirituality"

This is an AI generated ad campaign. I didn't generate it - I don't know who did. (Perhaps it was AI wanting people to check out of the Flipside?) Either way - it's fun to see them listed.  
(Top ten? there are 11 in total).

"Welcome to the captivating world of Richard Martini's literary creations, where profound questions about life, death, and the mysteries of the universe are explored. With a unique blend of intrigue, spirituality, and thought-provoking concepts, Richard Martini's books have gained acclaim for their ability to captivate readers and expand their perspectives.

So, whether you are a seeker of spiritual enlightenment, a curious explorer of metaphysics, or simply someone intrigued by the mysteries of life, this list of the best Richard Martini books has something for you.

From exploring the realms of the afterlife to investigating past-life memories and encounters with higher consciousness, Martini's writings take readers on extraordinary journeys that challenge the conventional beliefs. With meticulous research, firsthand accounts, and a masterful storytelling style, Martini weaves together narratives that inspire curiosity and ignite the imagination."

How I came to this research. Filmmaker whose best friend died in my arms, started visiting me and members of my family. I wondered "If she can visit us, how can I visit her?"  Began a documentary about people who under hypnosis could see, learn new information about their love ones. I took the same journey and saw the same things, despite being skeptical I could.

After visiting scientists at the DOPS lab at UVA, I expanded the research into other areas. If what people under hypnosis said was true, it should be reflected in other avenues. Interviews with scientists, professionals about near death experiences, as well as having them do a session where they revisit the near death event.
Forward by the late great Charles Grodin.

Foreword written by Galen Stoller, a young man who passed away but began showing up having conversations with his father a Doctor who helped him with his book "My Life After Life."  I asked if Galen might contribute the foreword to his book. The first foreword written by someone on the Flipside.  Interviews continue with people who recount their experiences with the flipside from various scientists and an attorney who recounts uncanny things her clients have told her.

Research continues, however focused on the author's journey into the life of Amelia Earhart, and then reports of what people claimed Jesus was saying to them from the flipside. Also includes an interview with Edgar Cayce, Prince, Robin Williams. I had edited the Robin chapter out of the book when he came to Jennifer Shaffer, the medium, and told her to tell me to "put it back in." (She did not know there was a chapter about him.)

Includes a foreword by Jennifer Shaffer, a medium who works with law enforcement nationwide, and Luana Anders from the flipside. Jennifer and I began meeting 8 years ago every week, to see what we could learn from people no longer on the planet.  The first of three books with these encounters, book one and two include a "workbook" that helps people access the same information on their own.

Continuing with interviews with people offstage, including the dog of a friend who shows up to talk about what the journey is like for animals.  Includes various people that Luana Anders knew in her lifetime, or were friends of her friends, as she was in over 300 TV episodes and films in her lifetime. Other people that I worked with like Ray Charles also shows up, I directed him in "Limit Up."

A longer book with a number of mind bending interviews with people offstage, including religious avatars. By this time, Jennifer and I have a short hand of the kinds of questions I ask - so the transcripts reflect our casual way of conversing with people no longer on the planet. Tom Petty for example showed up in book one, to say that our friend "Luana was like the bouncer at the VIP entrance with a clipboard of who gets in to talk."  Hence why we called the book "Backstage Pass to the Flipside."

My father was an architect and taught me how to read a blue print as if it was a building to be. In that form, I include about 50 interviews with people - some are mediums, some are average folks, some friends - talking about the process of incarnation without hypnosis. All the sessions are recorded using guided meditation.  Some of the mind bending examples include people accessing beings off planet, or animals, or in one case a "Gargoyle" who points out it's "not his fault people are afraid of him."

Mother was a concert pianist, and music has been a major part of my life. There are excerpts of some of the interviews we did with musicians on the flipside, some famous ones, some classical musicians that my mother brought for us to interview, and all of them talk about the mathematics of music, and how it doesn't end when we leave the stage. In fact for many, that begins their symphonic journey into the flipside.

An experiment where I took 20 scientists, clergy, professionals and asked them to do a guided meditation on zoom for an hour. None of them knew me, none had read my books - yet all were able to see, hear from guides, teachers, council members they'd never seen before.  The book includes 30 more excerpts from councils visitations from the first books, but in each case, I ask council members the same question about who they are and what their roles are.  

And for those curious about the 11th:

Former head of Paramount David Kirkpatrick suggested I compile all of the Jesus interviews in chronological order. That is - people who claim to see or know him, or people who did know him - tell their story from his birth to what becomes part of the "greatest story never told."  It's based on these interviews, transcripts where he says the same contrary to the Bible things: "All religions point to the same garden." "The Bible is metaphor." "My story has not been told." When asked why he was sharing an alternate version of his life he said "It's not alternate if it's true." 

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