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"Richard if you are able to can you someway tie out Jesus Christ, God the Father, and The Holy Spirit to this after life I firmly believe in. Recently during a difficult day I was having, I asked out loud " God where are You" the answer came back " I'm everywhere". I believe that answer. 

Are you able to shed some light on my question please?

My answer:

"Interesting reply.

I think the reply was pretty succinct. “Where are you?”

“I’m everywhere.”

Didn’t beat around the bush. Wasn’t parsing the question - “Where are you when I need you?” Same answer. “Where do I look for you?” “What or who are you?”

That’s where the answers get interesting.

During a session in the book It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, a woman asked the question “what or who is God?” She asked it that way because she is an atheist, skeptic, didn’t believe there is any consciousness after death, or an afterlife, but had agreed to experiment, do a hypnotherapy session for four to six hours because her doctor thought it would be “helpful to her to relax.” So she agreed, but in the car to the hypnotherapist’s office, I asked if “she had any questions for her guides.”

She said “No, because there is no such thing, there are no guides, we die and that’s it.” I laughed; so why are you doing this session?” She said it was her doctor’s advice. So I asked “well, how about one question?” She sarcastically replied “Okay, what are who is God?”

During her session she went far and deep, recalled a lifetime in Arizona I could verify, and later met her guide. The hypnotherapist (Scott at Life Between Lives ~ Spiritual Hypnotherapy ) asked her question to him, and the guide said “God is beyond the capacity of the human brain to comprehend, it’s not physically possible to do so. However, you can experience God by opening your heart to everyone and all things.”

I have examined that statement for the past 8 years or so, and realize it’s a formula. Meaning, “learn how to open your heart to everyone and you’ll experience God.”

So what does that have to do with the comment, “I’m everywhere.”

If we allow that the guide was accurate - that the way to experience God is to “open your heart to everyone and all things” - what does that mean? Compassion is a way of opening one’s heart. People describe having an “epiphany” in the research, where they suddenly, spontaneously feel connected to everyone and all things. They even report seeing the planet as a series of atoms, or interconnected lights.

That also shows up often in the research. People on the flipside (or having a near death event) where they suddenly see that we are all lights, all energy, that we are all connected to each other.

So then think about this for a moment. All connected. All part of the same ocean of experience. All part of consciousness which appears to permeate the universe. Not something separate, but like the “ocean” is home, the water that contains all the water droplets in existence, we have individual pitchers of water that is our experience, who we are, all of our lifetimes. That’s our portion of conscious energy - but the composition of that energy is no different, better, worse than anyone else’s. Like drops of water in the ocean - individual but equal and the same.

Further, when one introduces electricity to a pool of water, all the droplets experience the charge simultaneously. Not a wave, but like quantum mechanics - at the same time. Having an epiphany is realizing, seeing, experiencing that we are all connected - at the same time.

So where is consciousness? It’s everywhere. But we don’t call it consciousness. Further, when we examine that statement “You can experience God by opening your heart to everyone and all things” - the things part holds the key. What are things? Atoms agreeing to hold space. This computer, this screen, these ones and zeroes vibrating in a frequency - agreeing to stick together to be the thing we’ve “created.”

And if we open our hearts to the monitor, to the keyboard, the screen - what does that mean? To become aware that all is consciousness, all is “love” for lack of a more cogent term, but that everything is love. It’s not only that “God is love” but Love - the thing we strive for, the thing we experience as “unconditional” when we return home, is what consciousness is.

So back to your first question - how to tie Jesus, the Holy Spirit and source together. (I use the word source, because in an interview with Jesus, I had observed that in the three different filmed encounters with people “seeing him” - or “sensing his presence” - when he got “closer to them” - their faces turned red, tears began to flow and they couldn’t breathe. So I asked him why that physiological thing had happened on three occasions.

I was surprised by his answer. “In this lifetime, I brought more of source with me. When people experience that reaction, it’s because as they get closer to me they feel that unconditional love.”

A mind bending answer. But because of who I am as a person, I responded, “Yeah, but not so much with the Romans.” The medium didn’t know what I was referring to, but she said “He’s laughing. I don’t know what you just said to him means, but he’s laughing about it.”

Which started the conversations with him. I’ve filmed about a dozen, different people - atheists, non believers, skeptics - and believers, who are startled to “see him” using hypnotherapy, mediumship or meditation. All I do is report that no matter who sees him, I ask the same questions. About his life, about the accuracy of the bible, about why he’s the one who seems to greet so many people during a near death event, and how to access him now.

His answers remain the same, no matter who I ask. Now if someone can explain that - people I’ve never met, people who are avowed skeptics saying “This is weird, I’m seeing someone who looks like Jesus” and I say “well ask him. Does he have a name tag? Who is he?” and then I ask him the same questions about his journey. His responses are consistent, and I would be dishonest if I didn’t report them verbatim.

“The bible is metaphor.” “All religions point to the same garden.” “You don’t have to follow me, but allow me to walk beside you.” “We are all walking each other home.” “The stories in the Bible aren’t accurate, especially when used as a weapon.” When asked why he’s allowing people to see, hear this alternate version of his story, he’s said more than once; “It’s not alternate if it’s true.”

So he existed, lived on the planet, and still exists. Has had other lifetimes, but the point remains, he’s “closer to source” in his makeup, and when people are near him, see him, they experience unconditional love. He can’t alter someone’s path or intercede, but he can give hope and solace and great advice. He focuses often on unconditional love for others.

The concept of the “Holy spirit” is actually a mistranslation of text. I’m sorry to report it, but the original Bible in Aramaic and Greek referred to the word “Pneuma” as the “third part of the trinity.” That means “to breathe” in both languages, became spirare or spiros in Latin - also means to breathe. So when the English scribes were translating the text they took “spirare” or “spiros” as a separate entity. A spirit. Which became ghost for awhile, now is back to “holy spirit.” But what is that referring to?

It goes back to the first part of this answer. Consciousness. People were trying to describe how people come to life. They used the term “father” for “source” then used the term “son” to represent mankind, and the difference between a mental energetic state and human state? It’s to breathe. Breathing. A brick doesn’t breathe. But humans do. “The breath of life.” If one uses the word consciousness is represent the same concept - that we exist “as conscious energy” (made up by, imbued by the same qualities of source or the ocean) and when we incarnate, come into a body, we need to bring that portion of our conscious energy that is us to the fetus or womb of the mother. People report entering the womb “after the fourth month” and when someone makes it all 9 months, is born breathing.

Takes their first breath. (As we know, the fetus doesn’t breathe until out onto the planet. But a weird factoid; I know one child who spoke to their parent as they emerged from the womb. I kid you not. Literally said a word aloud, so the father and Obgyn heard it. Father turned to the doc and said “Is that normal? Babies speaking before they emerge from the womb?” Doctor shook his head, “Nope.”)

Later the child was asked what the word meant. She said “It means I’m coming back.” (Said that in a crowd of people at the age of 3. Plenty of startled eyewitnesses including me.)

So there you have it; based on the data, research and footage; Jesus exists, can be asked questions about his journey today, now - just stick around for a reply. The holy trinity is “conscious energy portion from source” “the human animal” and the consciousness that enters the fetus and brings life.

At least that’s my take on it. And when someone replies “I’m everywhere” take them at their word.

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