Hacking the Afterlife Anniversary Special with Jennifer Shaffer and Billy Preston

It's our Anniversary Special!

Jennifer reached out to me 7 years ago, after listening to the audible for my second book "It's a Wonderful Afterlife." At the time I didn't know anything about mediums, other than I'd met a few who were spot on and amazingly accurate. I didn't realize that it was another methodology for accessing information on the flipside.

So we spent three hours together our first meeting - me filming her accessing people on the flipside. Me asking her questions about her path and journey - all on film.  She knew more about a person on the flipside (Amelia Earhart) than anyone I'd ever met - and I'd worked on two feature films about her.  Not because Jennifer knew about Amelia - but because it was like having Amelia in the room answering my pointed questions.

After that we began meeting weekly for seven years.  Let me say that again - for some reason, for seven years, she and I have been conversing with the flipside for seven years.  Excerpts of those conversations are in the film "HACKING THE AFTERLIFE" full transcripts are in the book "Hacking the Afterlife", "Backstage Pass to the Flipside 1, 2, 3" - as the latest book "Tuning Into the Afterlife."

That is all a prelude to what happens next.

A day before, a friend of mine posted a photograph of Billy Preston referring to the trauma he'd experienced as a child. I wrote under his post, "Not gone, just not here."  It's hard to say to people that our loved ones are "not gone" - but to raise awareness that they are somewhere else.

Which made me think, "I would like to interview him on the flipside."  Lo and behold, the next day, doing this podcast, Jennifer says "I'm seeing Nat King Cole."  We had interviewed him before (I spent a semester at his high school when I was in high school in Chicago) so that wasn't odd to hear.  However, she said "He's singing that song "You are so beautiful."

Most people don't know that Billy Preston wrote that song. (with Bruce Fisher, not Diane Warren as I say in the clip). But because she mentioned it - I realized that Luana had put an image of Nat in Jennifer's mind to get me into the ballpark, and by having her hear "You Are So Beautiful" was to allow me to connect those dots.

And it happens live on camera. But Jennifer doesn't know who "Billy" is and I don't say his last name until the end of the podcast. That allowed me to ask her specific questions about Billy and his journey. I knew that Eric Clapton was a close friend, so when I asked her to ask him about his friend Eric's visit to his deathbed, she said "I'm seeing Eric Clapton."

I didn't say his name. She did.

Because we've interviewed John and George before - as Jennifer notes in the podcast she did a session with one of George's friends who was able to access him - (Gary) - and we've chatted with John a few times (anyone can) - I asked for Billy's impression of John and George.

Again - she hasn't seen the film "Get Back" she isn't aware of the relationship between the three of them. So what we get to hear is unadulterated reactions to my questions from someone no longer on the planet.

Everything is interpretation - everything is frequency. So some of the answers may be skewed by interpretation, some may be skewed by my asking them inappropriately. For example, I didn't know that Billy had a sister - so when Jennifer says "the love of his life was the husband of his sister" - that may mean "a boyfriend his sister had at a young age" it could mean someone closely associated with his sister.  

And his sister is alive - so if she's reading this, my apologies for asking a question that I didn't know what he would reply - and we tend to not edit or change what comes through. It's an impression that Jennifer got, that the "love of his life" was his first love, which was someone associated with his sister.  Whether they were together or not isn't important.

The portion about the abuse - looking up the details after the sessions, I learn that it was by someone in a church band - not someone in the church per se, but someone who molested and abused him as a child. (When he was forced to move to a new city and be part of this band in Los Angeles.) Jennifer asks if he was an orphan - and the answer was that he "had the feeling of being an orphan" when he was moved abruptly to the new city.

Having been doing this for so long with Jennifer, when it seems as if I'm "leading her" it IS THAT I'M LEADING HER. I've been doing this for so long with her, I'm anticipating what she might say, and as you can hear, I interrupt her to focus on questions I can verify. (Like "did he play drums?" - he did play other instruments, the drums reference might have been about Ringo, but I focused on things I can verify about Billy's life.)

Needless to say - anyone who has seen Get Back will see what I'm talking about when his presence in the band is treated with reverence. I saw it, but Jennifer did not.  And the answers are mind bending if not mind blowing in scope.  

So this is an appropriate Anniversary Special.  It shows what seven years of constant conversation with the flipside can do.  Allow people to open themselves up to the possibility that people live on.

Again - because we live in a world of celebrity, I'm not posting this to connect myself or Jennifer with famous musicians or people. We are doing this specifically to show, demonstrate to everyone that it is possible to connect with loved ones, it is possible that they still exist, it is possible to converse.  All of this work - the seven years of it - has been to open up that door for people.  

Because it's time. It's time to realize that life goes on. That consciousness goes on. That are loved ones still care about us, still want to assist or help us, and we are the ones who either prevent them from doing so - or can open the door for them. 

So open the door by opening one's heart.  "That's the Way God Planned it" "Will It Go Round In Circles" "Nothing From Nothing" "A Change is Gonna Come" "Love the One You're With" (based on a comment Stephen Stills heard from Billy) "You Are So Beautiful" - all these titles are about the beautiful journey Billy took and that we all take.

WOW!  fan of the podcast dug up clip of Nat King Cole intro'ing Billy Preston - as he does in the podcast-

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