My wife Sherry came across this symbol yesterday.


I liked seeing it in this context. My wife was the one who had the dream where she saw an old friend who died 20 years ago come to her and say something to her on a topic she was worried about. But my wife, ever the skeptic, said “Wait a second. You died 20 years ago. How can you be here now?”

And the friend replied “Think of 11:11. We meet at the decimals.”

When she woke up she asked me about it. I said “Think of the colon (ratio) symbol as a fence - on one side is the letter 11 which represents a hallway, and on the other side, another hallway. They have to slow down their frequency to speak or send us images, and we have to speed up ours in a dream, meditation or some other fashion to hear or see what they’re saying.”

Mediums don’t have that issue - as they are already seeing or hearing what they’re saying (and hopefully interpreting it correctly.)

But this symbol ↑↓11:11 epitomizes the idea of “so as above, so as below.” Meaning we’re on two sides of a realm, or a frequency, we can’t see it, hear it, know it - but when we cross over, we change the channel the way old TVs used to change between stations. We slip into the “thought frequency” or the “mind realm” - leaving the sense realm.

My wife also had a dream where she was speaking to the physicist Mino (she was reading a book about him at the time.) In the dream he said “All light is both particle and wave. When I was on the earth, my experience was more particle, now that I’m not it’s more wave.”

Two parts of the same coin. As above, so below.

If I could copyright it I would:


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