Excerpt from our Workshop at Contact in the Desert - Rich Martini and Jennifer Shaffer

 A fun time was had by all!  

Here's an excerpt from our workshop:

I got to meet a number of amazing speakers, thinkers at the Contact In the Desert conference (

Their website has links to many talks and panels. This is an excerpt our our Workshop (courtesy of Ron Janix). Jennifer and I doing our first live event - I talk about guided meditation, and she reads people in the audience. Demonstrating how anyone can "bypass the filters on the brain" to access people offstage.

Hope this helps someone out there.

For those asking about "donations for the research" : Venmo is @MartiniZone - Paypal is via RichMartini (at) yahoo - if one wants a copy of a book (PDF) audible or print, mention it in the area provided for messages and a return address. Will be happy to send links to the films, or PDF's of the books if desired.

Thanks for coming by!


CONTACT IN THE DESERT this Friday at 10:30 - Saturday with Jennifer at 10:30 - Sunday solo at 2:30


This Friday May 31st, I'll be on the panel NON HUMAN INTELLIGENCE - MESSAGES FROM BEYOND OUR DIMENSION in the Crystal Ballroom 10:30 am (which sounds mind bending to begin with, but the data supports the concept of "consciousness outside the brain.")

On Saturday, June 1st, a workshop with Jennifer Shaffer in the Independence room where we will talk to people offstage (taking suggestions from the audience) at 10:30, on Sunday June 2nd, I'll be speaking about "bypassing filters on the brain" at 2:30 in the Enterprise room.

Details, directions, at Contact In The Desert comContact In The Desert com

Jennifer and I will be doing a workshop on Saturday June 1st at 10:30 at CONTACT IN THE DESERT


and I'll be doing a flipside/filters on the brain talk on Sunday June 2nd at 2:30. C'mon down!

Richard Martini - Contact in the Desert | May 30-June 3, 2024
Author and award winning filmmaker Richard Martini has written and/or directed 9 indie films. A former free lance journalist for Variety, Inc.Com, Premiere and other magazines, a graduate of the Masters of Professional Writing Program at USC, FlipSide: A Tourist’s Guide to the Afterlife 


How to Talk to One’s Council: Including ET’s
Workshop with Jennifer Shaffer and
Richard Martini
Saturday, June 1, 2024
Location: Independence Room

“Picture Yourself in a Boat on a River” – Richard will walk the audience into a guided meditation to see where they might go. Not a hypnotherapy session, but a simple, easy to follow method for accessing one’s guides, teachers, council members, lifetime events, including visitations from ETs. Demonstrating how a simple Beatles tune can open up an entirely different world than the one we’re aware of. In this workshop, a live demonstration with audience members who want to “visit their guide or council.” Helps (not required) if people have had some experience with guided meditation before. 

(LIVE demonstration of bypassing filters with renowned medium Jennifer Shaffer from the “Hacking the Afterlife” podcast)

Rich Martini
Hacking the Afterlife: Bypassing the Filters on the Brain
Lecture with
Richard Martini
Sunday, June 2, 2024
Location: Enterprise Room

For the past fifteen years, Richard has been using hypnotherapy, mediumship and guided meditation to bypass the filters on the brain. People bypass these filters during an NDE, OBE, using hallucinogens, hypnotherapy, guided meditation or dreams that “block information not conducive to survival.” People who are mediums have “altered filters” the way a stereo might pick up unwanted signals. Dr. Greyson from the University of Virginia has discussed “filters on the brain” in his research about near death events. (“After” pg 128). Dr. Helen Wambach discussed these filters in her work “Reliving Past Lives” and came to the same conclusion from different perspectives. What are these filters? Where are they located in the brain? Are they located in the brain?

Dr. Bruce Greyson describes what he left out of his book AFTER....

Turns out that 15% of near death events include seeing Jesus whether they believe in him or not, and 85% report meeting "Source" or "God" - with feelings of "indescribable joy" "Unconditional Love" or "non judgmental acceptance."  Data from Dr. Greyson's decades of NDE research (as they named the NDE scale after him.)  Highly recommend reading AFTER.

Jesus shows up often in the flipside research, so much so that David Kirkpatrick, former head of Paramount studios asked me to share the interviews with Jesus in chronological order.

Those are in the book


People report him saying "The Bible is metaphor" "all religions point to the same garden" and "You don't have to follow me but allow me to walk beside you as we walk each other home."

He also tells a different story about the Crucifixion, what happened, and when asked why he's telling this "alternate version" of his life story, he's said more than once:

"It's not alternate if it's true."

Here's the book on Audible, Print and Ebook 


Memorial Day, A vortex of sadness and a tribute to Mnemosyne


Memorial Day, a Vortex of Sadness and Mnemosyne

On this memorial day, I want to honor an unknown soldier who fell in Vietnam. I don’t know him or her, but I know the feeling that was left behind at the panel where his or her name is on the Vietnam War memorial.

Years ago, might have been around the Clinton Inaugural I was walking in front of the Lincoln Memorial, along the reflecting pond where all the folks stood during the MLK speech.

And I was with a friend from Boston, where we talking about her life and career in DC, and suddenly I was overwhelmed with sadness — tears in my eyes. Overcome with a sad feeling.

“What’s wrong?” she asked. I didn’t know. Then I turned and saw we were walking along the Vietnam War memorial behind me. I was facing her and the reflecting pond, hadn’t seen it. I don’t know anyone personally who fought in Vietnam. I’ve met some since, but at this moment, had no clue why this feeling had overcome me.

That had happened to me twice before — once at the home of Anne Frank, I was walking through the museum, looking at the rooms, out the window at her favorite tree, (since fallen) and wandered into the room where all the translations of her books exist. I was hit with this overwhelming feeling of sadness. I looked around the room — it’s just pages of books or letters under glass. And it was overwhelming. I had to back out of the room.

I did — and the feeling disappeared. So I thought, “What’s this?” and walked back into that book room. And it returned. Also at the Book Depository in Dallas, I felt it while looking out through the window where the shooter of JFK likely stood — and was hit with that wave again. I turned to the security guard and asked him; “Is this common? This feeling?” He said it was, that people often reported it.

And then four years later, the next Inaugural I went back to the wall armed with a camera, I walked slowly down the memorial, past each panel, until at one point I found the panel and the feeling returned.

Complete and utter despair. A few steps to the left or right — no feeling. Just this one particular panel.

I filmed every name on this panel and later looked them all up. I didn’t know any of them… My brother was in the Army, but due to a magical circumstance, was bitten by red ants while in Fort Benning, and was sent to the Korean DMZ. He knew people who died in Vietnam (18 of 21 in his OCS) but I did not.

It was the panel, or someone whose family had come to see the panel, some friend, lover — who left behind this pile of sadness. No other way to put it — I could feel it viscerally.

Since then I have come to realize that people can deposit their sadness in a place. In this case, like a vortex of sadness.

His or her parents, brothers and sisters, friends, someone — went to that wall and left their feelings behind. As people who’ve visited the wall know, some people leave behind trinkets, toys, like folks do in cemeteries. Leaving behind a favorite hat, symbol, something that reminds them that this person lived, this person existed, this person died.

Only — this is the fellow who’s been filming people talking to their loved ones offstage for fifteen years now — I know that people do not die. I know that people return home — that is, they return to “whence they came” when they chose to incarnate, chose to be on the planet. It’s not my opinion, theory or belief that “everyone returns home” it’s in the footage, data from fifteen years of filming since the documentary FLIPSIDE began.

Today, someone wrote a vitriolic post on our Quora forum HACKING THE AFTERLIFE.

“You speak with the authority of someone who knows all about the afterlife, you speak of what people know and do in the afterlife, you speak of how the deceased tell you of everything there, meeting old friends and family, everyone who has ever lived, the perfect eternity.

You speak crap, plain and simple. You do not know of an afterlife, and you are not privy to councel from the beyond.

You are telling lies to the gullible. You are making up tales without the slightest evidence of validity. You should be ashamed in your deceipt, spewing out your own imaginations as if they were the gospel.

And the weak-minded, the gullible, those who cannot think for themselves, eat this diatribe up like so much apple pie.

You, and everyone of us, have a responsibility to say, “I don’t know what the afterlife brings, I don’t know how you exist in the afterlife, I don’t know if you have eternal joy, I don’t even absolutely know if there is an afterlife”. We can hope, some will pray, but we all die either believing or not. We do not die, knowing what comes next. Shame on you.”

To which I replied:

“And Happy Memorial Day to you too!

I’m sorry this is problematic to comprehend.

People report the same data, details, experiences whether using hypnotherapy, mediumship or guided meditation. Those experiences are reflected in the data, research footage. See the data from UVA Medical school DOPS lab that demonstrates consciousness is not confined to the brain.

Dr. Greyson’s book AFTER based on decades of near-death research, Dr. Tucker’s book BEFORE based on fifteen hundred historically accurate reincarnation cases referenced by Ian Stevenson, Dr Kelly’s CONSCIOUSNESS UNBOUND or IRREDUCIBLE MIND with 100s of peer reviewed studies that demonstrate consciousness is not confined to the brain.

Dr. Presti’s MIND BEYOND BRAIN, Dr Mario Beauregard’s EXPANDING REALITY, neuroscientists reporting the same. Footage is in FLIPSIDE, TALKING TO BILL PAXTON and HACKING THE AFTERLIFE on Amazon. Netflix series SURVIVING DEATH covers same territory with a visit to UVAs DOPS lab.

I’m reporting. Fifteen years of filming people bypassing the filters on the brain that block information not conducive to survival. Its not opinion, theory or belief; its footage or data.

In this forum we share data, research or experiences with the flipside. Like it dont like it, data or footage dont change based on opinion. Shame on those who waste lives not opening a book. Telling others opinion as fact.

What’s hilarious about this comment is that there’s zero data, research or experiences shared. Only a profound belief in one’s point of view.

What a shame.

I created this forum Hacking the Afterlife because people couldn’t share experiences, data or research without cranky vitriolic commentary from people who have not had an experience, not seen the footage or data, not aware that the reports are consistent and reproducible.

That’s fine. Plenty of other sandboxes to play in. In this forum, folks who cannot be polite get blinked into the cornfield.”

But I digress.

On this Memorial Day, where we honor those who have fallen defending this country, defending democracy, the rule of law, I’m honoring the memory of whomever this fellow or woman was that was on the panel at the Vietnam Memorial.

Because the pain and suffering were so traumatic, so real, that someone actually deposited their sadness at that memorial. Certainly no bodies are there, no spirits/ghosts to “haunt the mall” in DC. (That’s why my friend the medium Jennifer Shaffer says she loves to go to cemeteries. “There’s no body there!”)

We go to cemeteries. We stand by coffins and salute our loved ones. But they’re offstage. They’ve returned home, are fine… here’s the post that caused that fellow to respond so angrily.

Dear Richard, my mother died last Monday. Although she was fragile and had Parkinson’s disease, her sudden death took us by surprise. Luckily, my sister, nephews and I were with her when she died, like we were with our father 2,5 years ago. I miss them terribly. My question to you: do they miss us too on the flipside? You often talk about nostalgia, but it is still so raw, so terribly painful. Do they cry on the flipside or is that only a human characteristic? Best regards!!

My reply:

“I’m sorry for your loss. I’m glad to hear so many folks were with her when she passed — as that’s always helpful. It’s us who miss that last day on the planet that stress over “not being there.”

It is like leaving the stage. They know they’ve been onstage, and once they are offstage — it may take a minute or two, a week or three, at their own time they will become aware of where they are.

I’ve heard so many different accounts from different people, that I can say that “depending upon their strong belief system, that is what they initially experience” (for the most part.) So if a person is a strong disbeliever in anything happening “after” they may find themselves in that state for awhile. The great scientist and philosopher of physics said that he “wandered for a long time” before he recognized people around him. Because he’d convinced himself it was not possible, he didn’t experience seeing others for awhile.

In today’s podcast, we spoke to an old friend of mine who had been to the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. He describes a trip there — but in vivid color, senses, smells, atmosphere. He too felt “young again” without the worries of older age.

But here’s the thing; we need to rethink what is going on here. Because they aren’t in their physical form anymore, aren’t in their costume let’s say — we tend to think of them as “less than” or not as “solid as” we are.

Nothing could be further from what is reported.

Offstage we are “100% back to normal” back to our fully conscious selves, aware of all of our previous lifetimes, aware of the play, why we chose to be in the play, the actors who are in the play with us — and how they relate to us over many lifetimes.

The other thing we tend to lose sight of because of the filters on the brain — is that we have a myriad of people who helped us get onstage — guides, teachers, council members, classmates (other family members) who all participated in the same play, same journey, have gone through the same process… and are there to greet us.

“And you were there! And you were there!” says Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz after she’s awaken in her bed. Yes — they were there, a version of their selves was there.. and that’s the same for us offstage.

Now the question is about sorrow, sadness, emotion.

Think about that for a minute. When the play is over, does the actor walk offstage carrying all of their worries, fears, trauma from the play? Some do — some are aware of that, some retain that because they want to for awhile… but eventually we let all of that go. Because we’re aware that everyone is fine. Everyone onstage is fine. Everyone offstage is fine.

We can see our loved ones crying, weeping, wringing their hands — and we might say “Oh c’mon Uncle Pete, I barely saw you the past five years.” Or we might see Aunt Betty lecturing someone about the flipside “this is what is happening if it’s God’s will it will be as they said in the book of Blah blah” — when we’re standing just beyond her shoulder, and if she’d only stop talking for half a minute she’d know we are trying to let her know we’re okay.

They’re okay.

They’re home.

We are not.

We can speak to them, talk to them, ask them about their journey. We can ask them “Are you as sad about your leaving as I am?” and see what they have to say about that.

They can fly at the speed of thought. Visit other realms. See anyone in history that has ever been on the planet. Attend classes with guides, teachers whose minds are beyond compare. They can create sporting events, stadiums, plays, any music they’ve ever wanted to here, meet the musicians who created their favorite songs… and meanwhile their loved ones offstage are saying “Hey, why aren’t you focused on us?”

It’s hard to focus on the people onstage who pretend that they can’t see us, or don’t bother to try. I mean, many do try, can’t, give up after two minutes. It’s like visiting the sandbox and finding the kids in the sand throwing toys and arguing about their reality. And as best as we can try to explain to them that the “world inside the sandbox isn’t the whole world, there’s much more than just this sandbox” some of those kids can’t hear that — or don’t want to.

Which is okay too.

They’re fine. They’re home. Ask them. Use mediumship, hypnotherapy or guided meditation and invite them to describe the journey. Then compare notes.”

So on this memorial day remember; they are home; we are not.

You remember her, don’t you?

Then while firing up the BBQ give a toast to MNEMOSYNE.

Go ahead — say her name, it’s worth remembering.

She’s the Goddess of Memory but no one remembers her name. She used to be one of the most important Goddesses, because they said a prayer to her before every Greek play to ask for help in remembering lines that sometimes took days to perform.

She lives on in words like Meme, or Memorial Day — but for some godforsaken reason no one remembers her.

The myth is actually accurate in terms of reports from the flipside:

She gives newborns a drink of water from her river of forgetfulness so they “forget all of their previous lifetimes” while onstage.

She gives those newly departed a drink from the river of memory, so they can “recall all of their previous lifetimes on their way home.”

That’s pretty much how the process is reported. We plan our journeys with the help and guidance from teachers, classmates, guides and council members, only bring a portion of our conscious energy to the play. But once onstage, “filters on the brain that block information not conducive to survival” kick in.

Some children don’t have those filters until the 8th year, recall previous lives, see people offstage. Some elderly lose the filters just prior to passing, see people others cannot. Have spontaneous recovery of memory. “70% of hospice care workers in the UK report dementia patients spontaneously recovering memory just prior to passing” says Dr. Greyson in his YouTube talk “Is Consciousness Produced by the Brain?” (2011). As he puts it; “it’s as if the filters die as the brain is atrophying.”

We have filters on the brain that block information “not conducive to survival.” (See pg 125 of Dr. Greyson’s book AFTER about filters on the brain for a discussion of filters). We can bypass those filters using hypnotherapy, mediumship or guided meditation. It’s what I’ve been filming people doing for fifteen years.

Examples are in the films FLIPSIDETALKING TO BILL PAXTON or HACKING THE AFTERLIFE on Amazon. Transcripts are in the books ARCHITECTURE OF THE AFTERLIFEDIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE (where I have 20 scientists, clergy, doctors do a simple meditation where they access new information from people offstage), and CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FLIPSIDE KIND : HOW TO PHONE HOME, which I’ll be talking about at this weekend.

“How to Phone Home” is the subject, and anyone can do it.

My two cents.

Walter and Charles pointing to where the craft service cookies went.

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