How to Cure CTE from folks on the Flipside; How to Save the Planet via Trees on the Flipside

It's been my observation, since beginning to film people under hypnosis for the past decade, that there could be a practical result from these sessions.

To recap, I've been filming people under deep hypnosis for over a decade. I've filmed over 50 cases, and have compared those responses to the ones that Dr. Helen Wambach got in her research with 2000 cases in the 1980's, and with Michael Newton, who reported 7000 cases over his 30 year career in "Journey of Souls" and three other books.

I interviewed Michael for my film "Flipside" (his last interview) and released that film and book in 2011.  I did my first "Coast to Coast with George Noory on Sept 11th 2012, and my book went to #1 in all its genres at Amazon.

Since then I've written "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" which interviews scientists about consciousness studies (including the scientists at UVA and others in the field), and continued to include "transcriptions"of filmed sessions with various people.  Many I chose for their skepticism and disbelief - I would say to them "Hey, I think if you do a session you'll see there actually is an afterlife" and they'd say "That BS Richard.  There's no way that's the case. And I'll do a session to prove you wrong."

Then they'd say the same things everyone else would say - about guides, teachers, and how we choose incarnation. About how consciousness works.

Then I met Jennifer Shaffer, a renowned medium (works with law enforcement on missing person cases nationwide) and know how effective she is.  She reached out to me, and we interviewed someone I never met, but had researched extensively.  Jennifer reported what this person had to say from the flipside, and it was accurate and included new information that I didn't know - later verified - but proved to be verifiable.  That's in "Hacking the Afterlife."

Then we began to interview people via my friend Luana Anders on the flipside - she became the person with the "backstage pass" that allowed people to come forth and chat with us.  Apparently she was teaching them "How to do that" on the flipside, and Jennifer was reporting what she was hearing, sensing or feeling.  I would be able to forensically verify those details as they came through.

Aretha Franklin told us about her handwritten will that her niece would find (and did find), Harry Dean Stanton had private messages for friends of his at his memorial - details of illnesses he was now aware they had, and I dutifully passed those details on to them.  Each was startled and shocked that I was telling them their atheist skeptical pal not only still existed, but knew things about them they'd not told anyone. (And still have not).

So when we did a session with Paul Allen, it was an experiment.  I know one person who knew him, and he passed a private message on to that one person - but in general, my interview with him was surprising to him as it was to me.  I asked the usual questions I ask everyone "Who was there to greet you on the flipside?" "What do you miss" "Any messages for your loved ones?"

He told me to tell his sister Jody to "go to the doctor and get checked out for illnesses because she's a hypochondriac and doesn't have any."  I have no way of knowing if that's accurate or true - all I can do is report that they ask. (I've had others ask me to reach out to their families about people who are giving them bad legal advice, or from the flipside perspective are misusing funds - but that's not up to me to publically reveal those things.  I seek them out, pass it along, and if it resonates with them - fine. If it doesn't, that's okay as well.) 

But I realized there are some things we can learn about the planet from people no longer on it. For example:

In the interview with Paul, he said that two football players were there to greet him. I asked him why that was, if they were Seattle players and he said they were not.  I realized one was Dave Duerson, the other Junior Seau (Jennifer said "He's Polynesian.")  They had both "greeted him on the flipside to thank him for his work with brain trauma."  

I did research to see if the Paul Allen brain institute does that kind of work - I can't find any evidence they do, but these two players also cited/thanked the doctors who had worked on the autopsies of their brains (including the doctor at Boston University the film "Concussion" was  about.)  I sent a message to him - but doubt he has received it.  Filters and all, you know.

But that doesn't stop me from reporting.

So I arranged for Junior Seau's widow Gina to come to Manhattan Beach for a session with Jennifer - Jennifer didn't know who was coming, didn't know who she was, until her husband showed up in the session.  It was long and involved, and had a number of personal private information.  But he talked about CTE, and he talked about how to help those.  Jennifer kept referring to a quarterback and CTE - she could see his face, but didn't know his name.

My research didn't find any particular quarterback - and I let it go, but that was the second time that information came forward.  First with Paul Allen and the second with Junior, with Jennifer saying "They're showing me this quarterback; I want to say Joe Montana, but he's still alive - I don't know who this is."  I figured it was too hard to dig, and couldn't find any famous quarterbacks who had died from CTE, or reportedly died from it.

But a few weeks later, in another session, Dave Duerson came forward and gave us private messages for his family, which I passed along.  He also talked about CTE and what it had done to him, talked about how "The Fridge" has it (Jennifer didn't know who that was, but I did, being a life long Bear fan), and he joked about how many people "The Fridge" had given it to with his crushing play on the field.  (The Fridge is William Perry, and he reportedly is suffering from CTE.)

But after the session, I renewed my search, because this "Joe Montana like" quarterback showed up again. (Sometimes people will show Jennifer a face she knows and it's either the person's name or their occupation that is supposed to jog her memory - either a guy named JOE or a Quarterback.)  Turns out it was both:


Image result for joe namath cte

Joe has been talking about how he cured CTE using hyperbaric oxygen treatment.  He's been on talk shows about it - they generally want to talk about his exploits, and not about this cure.  But PEOPLE ON THE FLIPSIDE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT.  

They want me to say it LOUD AND CLEAR.  If you want to cure CTE look into the treatment that Joe Namath has been doing.  He's got the key.  Use that therapy to help those who have it, then design equipment that prevents any trauma occuring to the neck or head.

That's coming from the Flipside.  Not from me. It's not opinion, my theory or fanciful thinking.  I'm just reporting that on three occassions, these players tried to direct Jennifer's attention to a quarterback named Joe - and when I sent her a message with his face saying "could it be this Joe?" she said "THEY'RE ALL APPLAUDING.  THAT'S WHO IT IS!"

Image result for joe namath cte

Okay, now on to saving the planet.

For the past couple of years, I've been filming sessions with people not under hypnosis.  That is - I'm just talking to them, sometimes live on stage - and they often report seeing a "place of healing" on the flipside.  I ask them about this "place of healing" and sometimes it's inside, but more often they see a "grove with trees."

Image result for muir woods

One day I thought "I wonder what these trees are? They're energetic constructs on the flipside - so if they're energy, who is creating them? Is it the person seeing them?" So I asked the person I was talking to, "Can you go over and touch this tree?" They say they can.  I ask "Can you put your hand into the tree? It's a construct after all." And they say "Yes, I can." Then their eyes grow wide and they say "I'm sensing something. An entity. A person. An energy."  I ask questions about that - male, female, what's the emotion associated with this energy?

Image result for muir woods

They say - and it's been about a dozen - "This is a very old soul.  He (or she) had incarnated on earth in the past, but now they're here, just like my energy is here as well." What I've LEARNED from talking to trees on the flipside is "WE USED TO BE ABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOU BUT YOU ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO."

Image result for muir woods

Sobering thought.  They say "Trees retain all of their memories in their roots - and because of their long life cycles, they see the foibles of humans in perspective. The most recent tree said he was over 600 years old, had once been a human being who died in battle,and this was his choice to incarnate as a tree...and after his death, he was now existing in this healing place."

But my point isn't to blow one's mind about trees.  Yes, hug trees. Yes,they're sentient.  But I asked "So how can we save our planet?"

Image result for muir woods

And one fellow answered "Plant a trillion trees. We are the lungs of your planet - our physical structure is the same structure that are lungs, but the opposite. If you plant a trillion trees, the temperature of the planet will cool, there will be more oxygen and less carbon."

That's from a tree on the Flipside.

It's not from Jennifer - in fact it was someone else who was accessing this tree. It was from someone who claimed to be a tree and from their perspective could see what it is we're doing killing our oxygen supply.

Image result for muir woods

So plant a trillion trees.  

I'm working on creating an app that will do that. Connecting tree lovers worldwide with tree planters worldwide.  Finding the right property or space - the Amazon may be the best place for trees, but it's not the only place.  And it's worth figuring out how to do that - a million trees at a time.

Image result for muir woods

I bought "" 

It's something to do while I finish my two books on the flipside - one with Jennifer, the other with councils around the universe.

Stay tuned.

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