Art Bell on the Flipside

I get it. I'm living in a flipside bubble.

When you spend a good part of your day filming sessions where you're talking to people on the flipside, talking to council members on the flipside, then transcribing those sessions - and you can "feel them" over your shoulder as you're typing up their words... well, it's "all flipside all the time."

Art Bell portrait.jpg
Seriously smoker. But funny guy. Art Bell from Wiki.

Recently I went on the show with Heather Wade.  Heather was the person who contacted me a few years back, because she was working with Art Bell and Art asked her to call me about appearing on his show.  He had heard me on Coast to Coast (his old radio show) with George Noory, and suggested I come on to talk about the research into the flipside.

But at some point he must have had a change of heart, or other things transpired - and he stepped away from the mic and Heather took over for him.  I was on the show "Midnight in the Desert" that Art had begun, but she was doing.

Heather had a near death experience years ago - and because she'd had that, I suggested instead of me "talking about the research" we might try an experiment.  I would ask her some questions and we'd see where we could go.

We went. We went far and fast and furious. (For three hours!) She was able to access her guide (he introduced himself as Mr. Chown and she described him in detail) we went to visit her council and she described them in detail as well.  She also described an event that occurred in the future, where she saw herself (they were showing her an image from her Akashic records) of herself down the road, retired and happy.

I went on to do other things, Jennifer Shaffer and I worked together - I wrote two books with her assistance, talking to the Flipside.  I went on Coast to Coast so often talking about the flipside, George Noory dubbed me "the Afterlife Expert."
The last show I did someone called in and said "Could you talk to Art Bell?  He's dead now."

I knew that Art had died.  I was familiar with his show decades ago, and when he called to invite me on his show I thought that would be "full circle."  But it didn't happen.  However, I'm not the person who "talks to people in the afterlife."  I talk to people who can talk to people in the afterlife either via deep hypnosis or through a medium.  I'm not doing the seeing, hearing or talking - just asking questions to a third person.

Got it?

Not me. Them.

But this guy was adamant on the call.  "But why don't you talk to Art Bell?"  I said "I didn't know Art, and frankly someone who knew him should talk to him because then they'd know if the answers were accurate."  I further suggested that based on my research, "Anyone can talk to Art Bell by taking out his photograph, asking him questions and listening for answers. "When you hear an answer before you can form the question you'll know it's him."

This guy then wrote to me at another email and said "I'm reporting you to Coast to Coast as a fake.  You said you'd channel Art Bell and then you said you wouldn't."  I tried to be reasonable about that oddball threat - or annoying email - but just let it go.  I didn't know Art. Wouldn't know what to ask him.  "How's the flipside?"  "Fine."  It wouldn't be up to his standards of radioshowmanship.

But eventually we did talk to Art Bell on the Flipside; via someone who knew him well.

I was transcribing Heather's session for my next book.  And I was amazed at how far we went on the air - I've posted it here before.  She saw and heard and described things in wonderful detail.  I must add that she wasn't describing anything I hadn't heard before in terms of the flipside - but she could see it all very clearly. Live on the air.

Here's that clip.

So I sent her the transcript, and discovered she hadn't been on the air in awhile, and was just returning.  I have no idea of any drama that went behind the scenes, but I'm under the impression his death hit her hard - as it did his family, friends and fans.  

She set up a time and gave us three hours to go on our adventure.  And oh my, it was quite the adventure.  It was fun for me, because I was already familiar with who her guide and council were - I wasn't sure if she would remember - but she did, with great clarity.  Like we'd never left.

We covered a lot of ground. She revealed she'd had an accident that broke her foot, then Art "showed up" and talked to her about his perspective on the flipside. Told her new information - things she'd never heard before about what he was seeing and doing.

And the people he was hanging out with.  How we was having conversations with people's "higher consciousness" which they would not be aware (perhaps vaguely) and could continue where he left off. He talked about accessing memories - and then revisiting them in real time. Talked about visiting his pal Whitley Streiber, etc.

A packet of time with George Noory
Which is in the research. 

Stephen Hawking told us the same thing - (in "Backstage Pass to the Flipside") time packets of events are like CD's of that event.  You can revisit all the information from that event, and then examine it from a different perspective, plus talk to a person's higher consciousness directly.

Which is basically what I'm doing in my interviews with the flipside.  Accessing an event (a dream, a near death experience, hypnosis session etc) and then treating it like a hologram - a time packet - and revisiting it, but bringing in new characters and information (guides, teachers,councils, etc.)  

Art was describing exactly what I've been doing.

Heather talked openly about her depression after he crossed over, including a point where she felt so low she wanted to check herself off the planet.  

So I wasn't surprised when her guides said "We stopped you from ending your journey prematurely. And we want to remind you that it's important you not do so. You still have people to help on the planet."  I had no idea those events occurred to her and learned them on the air from her council. 

I will add here that there are some rabid Art Bell fans - who just are upset that he died, upset that Heather talks about him, upset she's a woman, not really sure what they're so upset about. 

But for some reason there were odd sounds bleeding through her studio - she couldn't hear them, but some in her audience claimed to hear them. Heather mentioned it on air.

I can barely tear Jennifer away from her law enforcement
gigs.  Plus she's booked a long time in advance. But hilarious
to think she'd ever "feed" someone answers.

One of those wackier fans came up with the theory that the medium Jennifer Shaffer was "feeding her the answers from Art."

If we can think about this one for half a second.  This theory is not saying that we're making this stuff up - that Heather was pretending to be "speaking to Art Bell on the flipside" - but that somehow, a medium (who works with law enforcement nationwide on missing person cases) who is booked months in advance, took the time out to spend three hours to feed answers to a radio host she doesn't know, never met - based on my personal loopy questions.  

Argh. People can be really bizarre with the mental pretzels they work up around this stuff.

The other vitriol came from people who were furious that Art's family would be upset.  Art wasn't addressing them directly - wasn't reassuring them he was okay, wasn't apologizing to them for dying - he was answering my questions in rapid fire fashion, asked me questions that threw me for a loop and generally acted like the Art Bell he always acted like.  (If they contacted someone like Jennifer to assist them to talk with him - he'd say exactly what they needed to hear.  Those messages should be private.)

And the idea that this was disrespectful to his grieving family - hold on a second.... what grieving family wouldn't want to know that their loved one still existed?

Think that over for a minute.  Sure, they can believe that I'm making up these questions, and that Heather (or a medium or a "wacky voice on the phone") is making up the answers - but if you actually listen to what Art was saying "I like to walk around alot, there are landscapes over here and I walk alot, I can move at the speed of thought, the vistas are amazing, the forests are filled with color and I can create a sound studio using my memories of how its put together and I'm having a blast...."

No one could make those up... but me. 

Because he was saying THE EXACT SAME THINGS other people I've interviewed have said on the flipside.  

It's not just Art Bell creating a radio sound stage - it's Robert Towne's father Lou Towne creating a racetrack where he gets to watch Seabiscuit run (!), it's Garry Shandling saying he creates golf courses that would defy imagination, when asked if he "plays 36 holes or 18?" he said "Two. The tees are very far apart."

Or Jonathan Krane, my old friend and film producer who said he was "on a yacht and sailing."  There are no yachts on the flipside. We have to create them - like CGI.  And yes, it takes time and effort and focus and concentration - but all of them said the same exact things about how to do that. "Math."

Garry Shandling's thought

Bill Paxton told us he was creating white sandy beaches, where he loved to walk and "think."  Paul Allen told us he was playing a ukelele because it was the "easiest instrument to craft" - Harry Dean Stanton described an elaborate trip to the Monterey Pop Festival from 1967 that greeted him on the other side, and it wasn't until they got a flat tire that he realized his old friend Luana had created the entire event to give him a "soft landing." All created images, from memories. Sorry. It's just data.

I have little tolerance for intolerance. 

To those Art Bell fans upset that Heather would deign to speak to her old friend - hey, move along, these aren't the droids you're looking for.  

Travelers. With Jennifer Shaffer and hypnotherapist Scott De Tamble.
Either or both can walk you into the Flipside. I've filmed both
of them doing so for a long time now.
But if you want to know how that could be - why that could be - what that means for our own journey on the planet, open a book, take the time to read scientists at UVA talking about reincarnation, scientists at talking about near death events that prove consciousness isn't created only by the brain, read up on PSI studies down by Ed or Emily Kelly, examine the science that shows our consciousness lives on. Or even watch the three hour clip above. That was a preamble to the show, which I'll post at a later date.

Then bring it back home and do your own research - try to talk to your dead grandmother. She won't mind. You're not grieving for her anymore, and she's aware of that too.  You haven't said her name or mentioned her in years - went right back to the chat room after her funeral, left Granny's memory along with all the other discarded photos in a box in the basement.

Image result for granny beverly hillbillies
The one and only Irene Ryan. America's granny.

But she still exists. She knows she exists. And she's been waiting for you to reach out to her.

Not through me.  I'm not a medium. Not even a medium needed. Take out her photo - if you still have one, or haven't deleted them yet - and say her name aloud.  Ask her questions you don't know the answer to.  Wait until you hear an answer. When you hear the answer before you can start the question you'll know you're connected.

Don't blame Heather Wade for talking to her old friend.  To those fans out there, he's an abstract esoteric chain smoking fellow who hung out in bunker in the desert talking about things that went bump in the night.  But now he's the thing that goes BUMP IN THE NIGHT and he wants you to know it.  

Nothing to fear here.  Except the liberation of your spirit - your loved ones still love you, Art still loves his fans, try to show him some love back, see what he actually has to say.



I've included the same footage from the previous video - because I own it, and it's something interesting to look at while listening to the audio.

Again - nothing written, scripted or rehearsed here. A LIVE ON AIR demonstration that people don't need to be under hypnosis to talk to loved ones, to recall previous lifetimes, or to speak with their council.  All courtesy of the maestro himself, the one and only Art Bell.

My two cents

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