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Sometimes I wake up having had a long and deep discussion with someone... not entirely sure who, about the flipside.

Luana Anders in the Mirror

This morning it was "resting in peace."

I'm going to assume this isn't your first time visiting this page.  If it is, it's going to throw you for a loop - so perhaps take a step back, check out some of this research at "Flipside" the book or the film, if you're interested in that topic, you might continue on into "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and if that piques your interest, you might foray into "Hacking the Afterlife."

And if you'd like some reference books to look into, I recommend a bit of everything - Robert Monroe, Michael Newton, Brian Weiss, Jim Tucker, Carol Bowman, Raymond Moody, Helen Wambach, Bruce Greyson, Gary Schwartz, Ed Kelly, Mario Beauregard... I put bibliographies in my books, and you could spend the next ten years reading about research into consciousness, into near death experiences, out of body experiences, people under hypnosis, reincarnation - and if you come to another conclusion than I have, I'm eager to hear it.

I'm still in this mirror. Somewhere.
We don't die.

I know that upsets people. You'd think it wouldn't.  "Oh boy! We don't die! Life goes on! How cool is that!!??" 

But that's not what happens.  Our entire worldview is based on the fact that we die. That we earn or deserve what happens to us on the planet based on sociological factors, on genetics, on the ethics and morality of good and bad.  

If it's true that we don't die - then all of our societal institutions are incorrect - and then? Woah - we've got a major dilemma on our hands.  

What do we do with criminals?  If we don't die, then putting them to death serves no purpose. In fact, it's giving them a golden ticket "home."  If we really wanted to help a soul - or solve a problem - or even address a problem - we'd have those who've committed heinous crimes the chance to right some of their wrong. The family who lost a loved one could benefit from this person learning more lessons, even if it's in the drudgery of a prison cell - because every day they're on the planet, they have the capacity to learn lessons in compassion by giving compassion.

Gandhi understood this. A man came to him who said he was bereft because his Hindu son had been murdered by a Muslim.  Gandhi advised the man to adopt the orphan child of someone who was Muslim - but then raise that child as a Muslim.  Lessons in compassion over and over again.

What do we do with the concept of abortion?  If we don't die, then there's no point in fighting tooth and nail over it. People need compassion - if they can possibly bring this life to fruition, it's a good thing. It can be a difficult choice, but knowing how difficult it was for this baby to choose them as a parent might make them consider a different path.  In equal fashion, we realize we have no right to judge others for their path and journey - if as reported, we choose our lifetimes,then we have no right to tell others what kind of lifetime to choose unless we are in their shoes.

What to do with evil in the world?  Well, there's a problem there too. In these reports, thousands of between life sessions, they report that evil does not exist "back home" in the realm we return to after death. No Satan, no evil per se, ruling our lives.  I know the conundrum of the concept - but what about evil on the planet? We live in a world of positive, negative - good, bad - yin, yang - it's a polarized world after all.  If we experience one aspect, that means the opposite exists... here.  

How to deal with evil on the planet? First recognize that it's in the eye of the beholder - nature doesn't commit evil acts, animals can't commit evil acts, there's only hunger, desire, fear... and we too contain all those aspects. Fear, desire, hunger... but mostly fear.  We can master fear within ourselves, but can we do so in others? We can if we recognize it as fear and not evil - and then react accordingly.  

Do our best to teach, educate, disarm - but on the other hand, knowing that when we pick up a weapon to kill another person who is threatening to kill us - what we're really doing.  Ending another's temporary journey on the planet.  It's not something to be desired, or wished, and when our time comes we will understand why we needed to do that.  Even the Dalai Lama argues that a person who takes on the "karma" of killing a killer, may do so to protect other sentient beings.  It's all relative.

I know, it's a big topic. I can't solve it here. But I can certainly discuss it here.

Back to resting in peace.  "RIP"

Per Lachaise cemetery. Who's resting here?
Think of it this way - since we don't die - we come to the planet and we experience as much as we can, hopefully its lessons in love and compassion,and we leave behind the energy of all the people we've loved and learned from.

After we check off the planet, our energy returns to "the rest of our energy" that is on the flipside. In Michael Newton's work, he learned from his 7000 clients that only about a third of our energy comes here to any lifetime - and about two thirds of our energy is always "back home" or doing something else.  People describe teaching, being in class, learning, playing, having adventures - all kinds of things that happen or occur while that third of us is down here on stage.
Dalai Lama's bedroom as he left it in Lhasa. Is he here sometimes?
But like a great actor who leaves a stage - once we're off stage, we leave behind the residue of our energy.  It might be in other's behavior, it might be in people's memories of us - it might be in physical objects like photographs, which are slices of magnetic holograms of time - it might be in footage of us, film, it might even be in objects that we owned. Hence why mediums like to hold onto an object of someone who once lived.

How does that work?

Well, from my research, think of everything we touch as gaining our fingerprints.  They're energetic fingerprints and contain all the information that's needed to find us anywhere in the universe. So if you owned a pocketwatch for example, and you check off the planet, and a 100 years later someone takes hold of that timepiece - depending on whether they're thinking of "who owned this before" you can choose to show up and examine "who's holding my watch?"  Remember that you've been busy doing other things for that 100 years (which in flipside time may feel like a few hours or minutes) - but allow for a moment that you have the time to zip back here and see who it is that is "channeling" you.

Old fotos retain some of the energy of the people in them.

And you may show up to them - you may answer their questions. You may tease or cajole them - depending - or maybe you're straight with them and give them some form of insight or teaching.  They may ask you a question and you have to muster up the energy to reply - to focus your energy towards their energy so they can "hear" or "see" you - and you give them a concept or a thought to chew on.

"Everything's going to be okay."

That's a common thought that people claim to hear from their loved ones - sometimes while under deep hypnosis, sometimes in a dream - sometimes during an out of body experience, sometimes during a near death experience. "You're going to be okay."  (Aside from the answer to "How are you?" - the answer is usually "I'm fine.")

In this foto in Caffe Greco in Rome:
Wild Bill Cody and his pal Sitting Bull.
Still existing.
But beyond that... as people pass away and head back to the Flipside - people no longer on the planet - they go about their business and continue to live their lives - there's no other word for it but life - because life, as indefinable as it is as a word, is what we're talking about.  Existence. Consciousness.  It continues on.

And at some point - everyone who knew you - who knew what you looked like, who heard your stories, who knows who you are in a photograph - is no longer on the planet.  So absence of some reason to be here - there's absolutely no reason for you to show up here in the old form that you once held focus on. 

Let's say you were a slave in Rome 2000 years ago.  And you haven't accessed that file, or that information in all your lifetimes since.  Then, at some point, you're in Rome, and suddenly you start to see that it seems familiar. You're not really sure why, but perhaps you have a dream where you access those memories of living in Rome. You wake up, and they disappear. It's just part of your "life" - part of the makeup of who you are. Part of the hard drive of memories that we all retain and compare to our currenty path and journey.

Old Romans

We're never resting.  We're always continuing on, always making the next step on our journey.  (There's been reports of how that process begins and where it winds up, but I'll leave that for another discussion. It's in my books if you can't wait.)

Never resting in peace.  Not that we are being haunted, or that we're haunting - which it's possible to do if that's your thing - the funny part of that is that it's up to you to haunt or not to haunt... most people just want to "go home" after their lifetimes, but sometimes people like to stick around.  It makes for good story telling, makes for kind of silly TV shows, makes for great story telling if you're Will Shakespeare. 

But ghosts give us a glimpse of the afterlife.  Like residue outside the pool that indicates someone got out of the pool and left a wet spot.  Eventually it will dry up - and that soul will eventually head "home."  Michael Newton asked a woman about her memory of haunting an English castle for 200 years... she said "She felt comfortable doing so" and enjoyed the occasional startled tourist. 

Michael Newton in a still from "Flipside"
When Newton asked her "so how did you decide to return home?"  She said that her guide showed up and tapped his wrist - as if pointing to an invisible watch - as if to say "Have you had enough time lounging around here?"  And at that point she decided to "return home" - prior to this lifetime where she was telling Newton about her journey.

I reported in "Hacking" that I used to "sense" a ghost in a friend's home back east. It was a "scary ghost" - someone who whenever he showed up was accompanied by a chill, or a feeling of dread. Something awful happened to this fellow.  I researched the property and found that indeed this location used to contain a British jail.  And what I was seeing was soldiers who had been beaten, tortured, or were dying in this cell.

The next time it happened, I was armed with this research.  Before, I had gotten some sage, had walked around to all the corners of the home and burned it - I heard this from a Tibetan healer when I asked her about it - but again, this was before I came to realize that we choose where we're going to be, and it was my job to investigate why this fellow was showing up.

I asked "So show me you're life, who you are." And what "came to mind" was a British soldier, ginger, unhappy, who had lived and worked in this jail, and who had seen immeasurable suffering.  I didn't ask him to show me precisely what that was - I'm not into revenge videos - but I did ask "Do you see a light anywhere near you?"  And I got the feeling that it was behind him and far away.  I said (in my mind's eye, I was lying in bed when I felt him enter the room) "Behind that light is everyone who ever loved you, everyone who was your friend in your lifetime, and they're waiting for you to come home. Just go into that light, and you'll see that I'm right."  

It was a year later that we were at the same location, and I felt his presence enter the room one early morning. Except this time, he wasn't bloody, worn and beaten - he seemed to be dressed up, his hair shorter, trim.  And he said (in my mind's eye - it's what i heard or dreamed, no way to prove or disprove any of it) "I just wanted to come and thank you for sending me home."


What's interesting about that is that he still had the capacity to return to this location. Again, from his perspective, his fighting for the Brits in 1812 (that's when the jail was there) had occurred 200 years earlier - but in terms of the Flipside, it had only felt like a month earlier.  As I report in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" my friend had a between life session where she remembered a lifetime in 1610. (which i was able to verify).   When she returned to what she had been doing (she was teaching a class) she said "wow, that lifetime (of 25 years) felt like I was gone for ten minutes."

Her class was waiting for her while one third of her energy went and lived a lifetime on the planet.  Those 25 years felt like ten minutes over there. So if 25 years is ten minutes - then 200 years feels like less than 100 minutes over there.,. about an hour and a half.  Not so strange to see that people who've lived years ago might still want to hang around here. It's their choice after all.

So rest in peace! Yes, but the words are meant for us really.  We need to put them to "rest in peace" within ourselves. Our loved ones: They're okay. They're not gone. They're just not here.

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