Visitors from the planet and a near death experiencer.

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Who's coming by for a visit? Why are they visiting this page?  

First I must allow it's random - because they're looking for something else and stumbled here.  
Second, it could be that my page is listed online, where spambots seek out places to put spam and stumble upon it. (Likely answer for those countries above where English isn't a predominant language.)  

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There's a third possibility, which is that for some reason someone on the flipside pointed someone to this material, or this blog.  

I would argue that a percentage of the people who've visited this page - it may be high, it may be low - I have no way of knowing, came here because someone else told them to.  Perhaps someone no longer on the planet.  

But ignoring the first two options ("Hello my friends in China, yes, I've been to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Lhasa.  I recommend everyone visit China, it's about as varied as a rainbow.  And as paranoid as they get. I've been to Moscow, St. Pete's, everywhere else but Indonesia, which I'd love to visit some day") let's focus on the third possibility.

The reason you're reading this page is both a conscious and a not conscious one.  In other words, one possibility is that you've read my work, or heard me talk on the radio about my research, or you're wondering what's the latest from MartiniVille.  Maybe you searched for someone mentioned in the post (Michael Newton, Prince, Robin Williams, Edgar Cayce, etc) and my page popped up.

That's the most likely and most logical option.  But wait... we haven't exhausted all possibilities.  And the odd one is that your higher self sent you here, or one of your spirit guides did.

Wait, what?

Today, I attended an IANDS session where Barbara Bartolome' - director of the IANDS group in Santa Barbara - spoke of her near death experience as well as some unique points in her life where "messages" came through that saved her life.  "Messages" from someone else, somewhere else, literally shouted in her ear "Slow down! Accident ahead!" just prior to an unforseen car accident ahead. She had a number of these "voice activated" reactions in her life, and she shared some with the group.

Gary Schwartz PhD tells the story of how as a student at Harvard someone "shouted" at him to put on his seat belt, and he did for him and his wife, and their lives were saved from a near fatal accident.  He's spent his life's work understanding how voices could come from the flipside, and his work is extensive and profound.

There are a number of these cases, that I report in "Flipside."  Voices that can be literally "heard" by someone over here, and the message is one that is life saving.  But who the heck is talking to us?

Is it God? Is it a spirit guide? Or is it ourselves?

These 3 folks are no longer on the planet, but when they "show up"
I pay attention to what they're trying to tell me.
According to the research only about a third of our soul energy (or call it something else, etheric system perhaps, energetic construct if you will) comes here to our incarnation. And two thirds are doing something else.  Could be that we're "back home" with our soul group - we could even be incarnated somewhere else, and as one spirit guide said during a deep hypnosis session "do the math."

Then we have our spirit guides.  From what I've learned about the flipside is that we can't or don't interfere with a person's path.  It's something that people agree to do. (Otherwise we'd all be winning lotteries all the time.)  We sign up for lifetimes and come here and work them out to the best of our ability, and by interfering with our path, or having them interfere with our path would be screwing up the paradigm.

Tunnel of light. With loved ones on the other side.
Except for those who argue that talking about this research in the first place screws up the paradigm. That once you open a door to the flipside, whether it be unconsciously (through dreams, a near death experience, out of body experience, hallucination, or some other method of consciousness alteration that we aren't aware of why it's happening) or consciously - as in the case with meditation or hypnotherapy done in a particular fashion of "deep hypnosis" as pioneered by Michael Newton - once you open the door, it stays open. But "why" is the door being opened? 

Hey look, it's our pal down below. Let's shout at him.
When we examine these cases, we do find occasionally some form of "well, things weren't going as we had planned them, so we stepped in and gave you a message that you should go and visit a hypnotherapist to change what was happening."  And while a person is under deep hypnosis, they get this message from their spirit guides that they're on THE WRONG PATH or they've screwed up, and the purpose of having them do a session was to ALTER THEIR PATH or get them BACK ON THE RIGHT PATH.

I've filmed 35 sessions.  In nearly all of them, I've heard the same message when a person gets to meet spirit guides or understand "how they are doing on the planet."  And they're told "You're doing pretty much what you signed up for and you should be congratulated for getting this far."

Per Lachaise Cemetery Paris. Nobody's here, except humans
who want to connect to people on the flipside. So they do.
But the research also shows an occasional "course correction." And maybe that's why you're here.  You're looking for a course correction.

It's possible.  So the question is - if you're not familiar with my books or writing or youtube videos - (MartiniProds has about 20 book talks) check 'em out. I'm not trying to sell you on this idea - if people are interested in the books that's great, if they're just interested in the topic that's great too - I try to warn people NOT to purchase these books if it's going to upset their family dinners or some other part of their world - don't look into it.

But I'm not selling a philosophy, a religion, an opinion - I'm filming people under deep hypnosis, or interviewing people who've had near death experiences, or speaking with mediums who appear to have access to the flipside - and comparing their accounts.

A lot of folks over there still have stuff to tell us back here.
They could secretly be meeting somewhere without my knowledge and coming up with a consistent plan that includes convincing me they're talking to the flipside.
Doesn't seem likely.

But I'm here to report that these flipside reports are consistent and replicable.  What does that mean? That means that if you're going to look at them as data - what science requires is consistent reports (all the same questions asked to people across the planet) and that the results can be repeated (and they can be no matter who is doing the questioning or who is doing the answering, or the accounts of the flipside from a near death experience all seem to reach the same point when re-examined) - then we have enough data to draw conclusions from.  And if one takes the time to examine Michael Newton's accounts, and Dr. Wambach's - as I have done - there are some pretty startling and consistent reports.

So here's the point (of this blog, anyway):  nothing in your life that has happened in the past is gone or lost or forgotten. It may have been locked in a different filing cabinet, it may have been put somewhere you can't access it consciously, but it's still there, and with work you can access every moment of this lifetime.  And further, you can eventually examine any moment of ANY LIFETIME.

Cool, huh?

Anyways, just a post Thanksgiving thought for the evening to digest.

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