Here's a link to the upcoming ART OF LIVING AND DYING conference, where I've been invited to give a talk. Last year's was fun - here's the official link for the talk:

Death & the Afterlife

Grandmother Maria Alice Campos, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, Terri Daniel, Henry Fersko-Weiss, Matthew Fox, Joan Halifax, Andrew Holecek, Richard Martini, BJ Miller, Frank Ostaseski, Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza, Therese Schroeder-Sheker, Jai Dev Singh, Robert Thurman, Marianne Williamson, and Alberto Villoldo

March 23-26, 2023

It is our pleasure to invite you to join us in Tibet House US’ 2023 online conference and practice retreat, The Art of Dying and Living. This conference is a new incarnation of a powerfully transformative series of events we launched with the New York Open Center 20+ years ago, which introduced thousands to the profound exploration of the realities of death and dying as the doorway to living ever more vibrantly in the precious moments of life. Last year over a thousand people joined us for this interactive online conference, and we anticipate even greater turnout this year.

In these turbulent times, when we are all confronted by social violence, an epidemic of suicides, overdoses, war, famine, immigrants falling by the wayside fleeing unlivable countries, and the ever increasing series of natural disasters, it is highly fortunate to draw on worldwide wisdom cultures to learn more about death and dying with a view to enhancing our living and thriving and reaching out to others facing loss of life, loss of loved ones, and the sheer scale of planetaary dangers.

Over these four days online together, you will hear from the following leading speakers: Grandmother Maria Alice Campos, Deepak Chopra, Terri Daniel, Henry Fersko-Weiss, Matthew Fox, Joan Halifax, Andrew Holecek, Richard Martini, BJ Miller, Frank Ostaseski, Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza, Therese Schroeder-Sheker, Robert Thurman, and Alberto Villoldo. These renowned presenters will share visions and teachings and lead practices drawn from spiritual wisdom, scientific insight, and time-tested experiential methods of dealing with death and dying that immeasurably enrich the lives of those facing death, as well as those facing bereavement.

We will explore ancient and modern understandings of the art of dying and living through the lenses of different spiritual traditions, including Tibetan and Zen Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Judaic, and Shamanic. Study the nature of death as part of life. Teachings and practices will be woven throughout the conference to help us contemplate our own life and death more fully. Experts from the field of care giving and bereavement will bring support to those who are caring for those at the end of life or grieving for a loved one.

We will explore the relevance of psychedelics to our understanding of death and dying as well as rituals at the time of death and immediately after death, including sky burial, green burial, and cremation. We will learn about different modalities now increasingly being employed to improve the experience of dying, from meditation and bardo yogas to sound healing and the sacred use of psychedelics, and we will even discuss highly controversial topics such as euthanasia and the recent Tibetan tradition of body-immolation.

Richard Martini

Richard Martini is a best selling author and an award winning writer/director. His 8 books about the afterlife have all been #1 in their genre on Kindle. (“Flipside” “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” Part One and Two, “Hacking the Afterlife” “Architecture of the Afterlife” “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” 1, 2 and 3. He's written and/or directed eight theatrical features ("Limit Up," "Cannes Man" "You Can't Hurry Love") curated historical content for “Salt” (Angelina Jolie) "Amelia" (Hilary Swank) was “Associate to Phillip Noyce” on “Salt.” His documentaries include “Journey into Tibet with Robert Thurman”, “Talking to Bill Paxton” (Gaia) and “Flipside” Amazon Prime. “Sister Cities – Chicago/Casablanca” was made for the U.S. State Dept. His latest book is TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE: his most recent documentary is HACKING THE AFTERLIFE 

His documentary about the afterlife under hypnosis ("Flipside") was also a best seller (#1 in its kindle genre); his 8 books on the topic have all hit #1 in their genres. He’s had 10 appearances on “Coast to Coast with George Noory” and seven on the “Beyond Belief with George Noory” on Gaia. This first appearance was the 2nd highest rated show on the network. His three books with medium Jennifer Shaffer (“Backstage Pass to the Flipside”) have all been to #1 in their genre after his Coast to Coast appearances.



 A chat with California Haunts and Charlotte

Fun interview with Charlotte and California Haunts... at the end I demonstrate a simple guided meditation where she helps a pesky ghost take the journey home out of her haunted house. I had no idea we'd go there, but we went there, and he went "home." Bon voyage "Jason!"


A chat with the Queen on the Flipside


A chat with the Queen on the Flipside

I’m a cheeky bugger.

I don’t really know what that term means. But I think it applies.

For the past 8 years I’ve been chatting with people on the flipside. For six years I’d visit Jennifer in her office or a nearby restaurant and film our conversations. Those conversations are the basis of four books — “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” 1, 2 and 3, and “Tuning Into the Afterlife.”

Jennifer is a medium who works with law enforcement pro bono to assist in missing person cases. I know of a number of times that she’s been instrumental in helping the authorities to solve a mystery — often by giving them avenues to pursue. I’ve witnessed this with law enforcement members in the same room.

That aside, we’ve been chatting with people that I knew who are no longer on the planet. I take the time to do the research, and some of that is in the film — where one can see her in action.

This past week, in honor of the anniversary of John Lennon’s passing, I decided to ask him a few questions. I had been nodding off to sleep the night before, and found myself chatting with him. I’ve stopped judging “whether or not this is the real person” after doing this for so long — two years on our podcast

In this instance, I was under the impression that John was telling me something. He said “People are enjoying your writing.” I asked “Who?” thinking he meant on the planet. He replied “Not on earth, but over here.” I said “Okay. But who has told you that?” He stopped and said, “The Queen for one.”

Which was funny to hear. If I was going to nominate someone on the flipside to mention the work — she might not be on the list. However, since Jennifer and I have done this for 8 years weekly — the Queen did show up in a session we did with Carl Sagan.

It was a session where I invited a number of atheists, skeptics to chat with us. And in response to the question “So when did you realize there was an afterlife?” Jennifer said that he was telling her that the Queen had interceded — while still on the planet. Seeing her startled him — as he was aware she was alive on earth. She showed him that she was both on earth and standing with him.

Which is in line with the research. We bring a portion of our conscious energy to a lifetime and the rest is back home. So while we are on the planet, a portion of us is always home. She said that she startled him into being aware where he was.

She repeats that in this podcast. But she adds that she had corresponded with Carl — something I have not been able to verify. However, I can verify that they met on March 1st 1983 on a boat with Francis Coppola in San Francisco.

So when breaking down what she’s saying — she may be referring to “reading his letters” or “reading his books.” When she’s “showing Jennifer letters” it could be a number of meanings related to letters.

I had been listening to tributes to John Lennon earlier in the day, and reflected upon the time I played piano with Julian Lennon at a pub in Monte Carlo, and how he’d generously offered me his couch as the trains had stopped running for me to return to Cannes. And around six in the morning, a gruff voice shouting in my ear said “Who the F$%k are you?” I jumped off the couch — looked around, saw that no one was there.

Then I recognized the voice, the Liverpool accent. This was years before any of my research into the flipside, so I had zero context for it happening, nor did I mention it to Julian. But then his dad showed up in a number of our sessions, Jennifer saying “John Lennon is here.” I asked him the same questions I ask everyone — who greeted him on the flipside, what it was like, when he realized where he was.

He described an unusual experience of walking in the dark and then realizing he was on a stage in front of a giant audience, and Jimi Hendrix was waiting for him. And the song began and they played “Blue Suede Shoes” together. When I asked him what happened next, he said it was the sounds of Yoko’s voice crying that pulled him from that reverie.

Since then, as mentioned in TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE, we’ve had many people report that Jimi Hendrix “was there to greet them.” (That’s the reference in the podcast to “talk show host.” More than one person (Janis Joplin, who had passed only a month earlier said the same) reported that “Jimi was there to greet her.”

In our interview with Jimi, I asked him why that was happening. He said “It’s something I like to do, and it’s fun. Everyone recognizes me, and isn’t stressed about how they are doing so.” It’s like he provides them with a “soft landing” on the flipside. (Who has time to worry about the fact they’ve died, when Jimi is playing a song that you are playing with him?)

As noted in this podcast, I looked up their association with the Carl Perkins song, and both of them recorded it a year apart. So they were both familiar with it — and John said it was “an homage to Elvis.” Again — I’m reporting what the answers were when I asked the questions.

Finally, Princess Diana stopped by — someone we’d chatted with before in “Backstage Pass to the Flipside” — but that was way before the Queen departed. It was something to hear from the Queen, how they greeted each other with a knowledge about the roles they both played in this play.

Someone asked us to “tell more about Diana” in a future podcast — and I said that she had already spoken to us, and told us that she viewed her children with unconditional love. To ask her opinion about current affairs, TV shows, etc — is the same. She loves her children unconditionally, her grandchildren as well. It’s what people report from the flipside. We have a different perspective about the play we’ve just participated in, and recognize all the players for who they really are.

But I thought it appropriate to invite John on this anniversary. Folks on the flipside refer to the “day they died” as their “birthday on the flipside” because they’re returning home after all, and starting a new journey. It’s like riding a bicycle — once we get home, we start to remember how things work.

So apologies to all who are offended by the concept of chatting with folks on the flipside. I’ve been doing this weekly with Jennifer for 8 years, the past two years on our podcast — or — and we continue to do it as long as we can.

One day we won’t be able to, but until then, hope you enjoy tales from the Flipside.

Finally, I excerpted Simon Bown’s interview for the book DIVINE COUNCILS IN THE AFTERLIFE: THE FLIPSIDE COURT, and in a recent podcast, Simon read the introduction. Always sounds more intelligent when a member of the Queen’s island reads aloud:

Simon Bown reading from Divine Councils in the Afterlife: the Flipside Court

 Here's Simon Bown reading from my latest book 



Interview with Christopher Plummer and Heath Ledger Hacking The Afterlife via Jennifer Shaffer

 This is our 8th anniversary of doing our sessions together, and the second anniversary of our podcast. Jennifer and I met 8 years ago, and have been filming our conversations with the flipside weekly.

Portions of the film Hacking the Afterlife has some of our sessions, our books include BACKSTAGE PASS TO THE FLIPSIDE 1, 2 and 3, and TUNING INTO THE AFTERLIFE.

The most recent book is demonstrating how meditation can allow access to the flipside;

In this podcast, we asked our moderator on the flipside Luana Anders who wanted to chat with us, and she introduced Christopher Plummer.  An actor's actor, Christopher left the stage in 2021, his most recent turn was in Knives Out.  

I didn't know much about him prior to the podcast, but used the internet in real time to see that he was survived by his daughter and wife of 50 years.  In Christopher's words, he was "sucked in" to visit our class, where Luana Anders is the moderator. Luana worked in over 300 films and TV shows, and knows many actors the Christopher knows.

My own connection was through the film director Robert Wise. So I asked him some questions about Robert and was surprised to hear the answers. He said that primarily the reason he wanted to come forward today was to remind people that their loved ones are never far away, that it's always difficult during the holiday season, and he wanted to remind people that they are never far away.

Then Heath Ledger came forward, and we had a lively chat with him.  I had not met him, but know people who knew him, and he's as charming and funny on the flipside as he was in life.  He too wanted to mention how proud he is of his family, those loved ones who know that he still exists and converse with him.

He gave a shout out to my friend Phillip Noyce, as they had planned to make a film together "Dirt Music."  I was aware that they had worked on a project together, apparently it was Heath's death that ended that possibility.

Our loved ones are not gone.

They're just not here.

Not far away - are available.

Take the time to learn how to chat with them.

Hypnotherapy, meditation or mediumship are three methods that I've been filming for over ten years.  This is like having a cell phone to the flipside, and it's thrilling to see Jennifer doing the kind of work she can do.

Happy holidays.


Just wanted to add this note

As noted in the podcast, Ken Russell's widow Lisi has been in touch, as he told her FROM THE FLIPSIDE to reach out to me (he literally said "look up Richard Martini.") After watching the podcast, she cleared up some questions raised: "Ken is bouncing. (He says) “I’d go more often to Luana’s class — her fan since PIT (Pit and the Pendulum for Roger Corman) — but I have a grasshopper mind,” Ken says. So funny Christopher came through. (I was Amanda’s understudy on stage.) Robert was curt with him about his singing voice at the time. (Hence, the dubbing.) And he and McGregor, whom Jennifer was surprised to see, were in a good film together (Beginners). You two know so much more than you know, as ever. — Lisi"

Jennifer being accurate with things she and I didn't know. 



#8 with a bullet.  Thanks George Noory for inviting me on to chat about the flipside. Always fun to be on COAST TO COAST  in the wee hours of the morning!

This just in from a therapist, who used the simple guided meditation at the heart of this book; from The Beatles "Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds:" "Picture yourself in a boat on a river."
It's easy to do and once one has pictured the boat and the river, invite one's guide, teacher, guru on the flipside to stop by for a chat and see if they'll allow you to visit your very own divine council. (Not everyone says "yes, sure!" - but most do.) In that adventure of spirit, one can learn the reasons why they're on their journey and who has been watching over them for all their journeys.
Just got this note from a psychotherapist-counselor working with a hospital:
"Just took one of my clients through "a boat on a river" exercise to visit their council. It went really well - my client very moved and found it helpful!" and "Just took one of my clients through "a boat on a river" exercise to visit their council. It went really well - my client very moved and found it helpful!" and "Very profound experience. I will keep looking for opportunities to utilize this approach to helping my clients struggling with their mental health. Thanks for all your work and inspiration!"
Thanks for saying so!



 Upcoming appearance on COAST TO COAST with George Noory - Midnight to 2 a.m. TUESDAY THE 29TH OF NOVEMBER on the West Coast. Always fun to talk to George - we’ll be talking about

Divine Councils in the Afterlife: The Flipside Court
Divine Councils in the Afterlife: The Flipside Court

Basically how the book came about, the people that participated in the experiment to see if people who’d never heard of the research might be able to visit their councils, meet their guides, etc - over zoom. No hypnosis required.

There’s always a call in segment, so if you have questions or want to say hello, set those alarm clocks!



 Hello Hacking the Afterlife fans.

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