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A letter I got today (and meant for those who have lost a loved one, and how to communicate with them. Sharing with permission. Thx Tim).

Dear Rich, 

I'm feeling compelled to contact you. I've read or listened to most of your books. I've just completed BACKSTAGE PASS #1. (With Jennifer Shaffer)

Book One
I'll do my best to keep this as short as possible. My wife left the planet May 2017. We had a closeness in life that we couldn't explain nor could any of our friends or family understand. We didn't believe in death and would often joke about " whoever left first was cheating". We knew we'd been together before.

When she became ill it simply seemed like what was supposed to happen. Most of our affairs were in order but during the last few months we worked together on her memorial service and as well as what my life would be like by myself. Never really believing I'd be alone. What I didn't realize was I had spent so much time on the practical, I wasn't prepared for the spiritual. For a while, after she passed, I felt disconnected. It was discouraging.

I knew I was the disconnect. Looking back I know it was her idea but I went back to the same books that had began to open our eyes 24 years before. Ten minutes into the first audio book I found her. It was a hot day I was doing yard work while listening. All of the sudden the hair on the back of my neck stood up, goose bumps on my whole body and tears I couldn't control.

In that same moment I heard her unmistakable voice. "I'm here". Before I could mentally compete the word "really?" She answered "yes". Since then we've had an ongoing, moment by moment conversation. I hear her voice, her cadence, her words. Things I would never think or say. I've felt her leaning her head on my shoulder as we walk arm in arm in the evening.

There are times I get too busy but if I just take a deep breath and slow down we're together. I've tried to keep notes on dreams and most of the significant encounters we've had. If somehow it would help someone I would like to share them. (I just thought to write that I don't know how to do that. Very loudly I heard "yes you do ") She's always been a step or two ahead of me.

I don't know how unique we are. She's told me the Veil is thinning. That this is something being worked on over there and we're helping. Someday soon it will be normal if it's not already. Most of the time I haven't any doubt it's her. But there's times when it's really hard to not think it's just me and a good imagination.

I was wondering if you have a speaking engagement in the Los Angeles area or better yet near Palm Springs. I'd really like to attend and maybe spend a few moments speaking to you. I'd really appreciate your feedback as non of my friends or family are prepared in any way to approach this topic.

If our paths never cross, that's really ok. I've learned that what's supposed to happen will.

Best Regards from both of us."

Can't think of a better or more important post. It's not about me sharing what I've learned - it's about people sharing what they've experienced, including when loved ones stay in touch with us from the Flipside.

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