Children's Past Lives via Carol Bowman

My pal Carol Bowman presenting evidence of reincarnation in some of the cases she's studied. She's a former student of Ian Stevenson at UVA who wrote peer reviewed studies of reincarnation while at UVA, and Carol is also a trained hypnotherapist (trained by the Newton Institute as well) so she's capable of doing some deep digging into the topic. 

"I'm not trying to verify a case in every past life memory... but I see it as an opportunity to help heal the soul (of the child)." It's a riviting true story. It was her book "Children's Past Lives" that I gave to Oxford professor Robert Beer that led to his suggesting I look into Michael Newton's work that put me on the Flipside path. 

If you have a couple of hours to learn about something mind bending; watch this. (And read the comments in the section below - other parents sharing their details). Her talk starts 50 seconds in (after the MUFON commercial) but Carol is the real deal. 

A scientist who has opened her research up to the possibility of the continuity of consciousness. Bravo! Thanks for sharing Carol Bowman!!!!

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