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Talking to the Flipside in Real Time aboard the USS Midway

I've been speaking to people on the Flipside in real time.

With medium/intuitive Jennifer Shaffer
That is, I'm with a medium, we ask questions to, and get answers from, people no longer on the planet.

I work with Jennifer Shaffer,, Jennifer works with law enforcement agencies nationwide on missing person cases.  My point is, she's effective enough to have helped solve cases for law enforcement, and I've had personal experience verifying many of the details we talk about weekly.

We meet up weekly and confer with folks no longer on the planet.

We interview people who I knew, or that she knew - and ask them questions about their own experience on the flipside.  That might seem counterintuitive to some - but in my case, I'm asking the same relative questions that I ask everyone who has traveled to the flipside, so I can compare the answers.  I've asked the same relative questions through a variety of mediums, so I can compare the answers.
Outside the USS Midway

In other words, if everyone we "spoke to" on the flipside said different things about the journey and the path, that would be one result.  But what I've found is that no matter who is the medium (if they have the ability to do so) the answers we get from people on the flipside are consistent.

"Who greeted you when you crossed over?" might be one question.  I could get answers like "no one" or "Satan" or "Jesus" or "nothing" - which are all in the realm of answers - but I don't.  I get answers to the question in terms of "my father/mother/brother/sister etc" - they give me a name, and I then do the research to find out when that person died (if they've died) and then I ask the same question to the same person via a different medium.  If I got varying answers - "I was met by my Rabbi" and then "I was met by a priest" - I would report that.

But that's not what I'm getting.

Outside the Midway, a statue to Admiral Sprague (who knew Amelia Earhart was on Saipan)
I'm getting consistent answers no matter who is doing the asking or giving the replies.

Then, as people have seen me do with a number of folks, I ask average people questions about their journey or their path, hone in on one particular detail of that event, and see if it's possible to learn "new information" from what that person experienced years earlier, or decades previously.

I've done it with people who've had a near death event, but also with people who've had an odd dream or some other experience.  I just ask them questions based on my understanding of the architecture of the flipside, and see where we can go.  I have no idea if we can get anywhere - but in all the times that I've tried to do this, people do "get somewhere."

Take this weekend for example.

I tried to order a cappuccino and a slice, but this dude didn't hear me.

I was on the ship the USS Midway when I had the idea to ask a docent a question about ghosts.

We're on board the giant aircraft carrier, and I'm in the inside of the ship, down near the Captain's Quarters, and an elderly veteran is answering questions and showing people around.  I have my camera on, recording our conversation.

I thought I heard someone ask about "haunting" on the ship - and turned around and went back to record the answer.  Turns out that was not the question so I asked it; "Do you have any reports of ghosts on the ship?"

The docent laughed and said "No."  

I said "Really? Not one?  Not anyone saying they saw or heard something? You haven't seen any ghosts?"  He said "Well, I saw some ghosts once during a near death event that happened to me, but they weren't here. When I was in the hospital, and I had a heart attack."

What are the odds that I would get that answer?

I said "You had a near death experience? Who did you see?"

He said "I saw some friends of mine who died in combat."  I asked if he can remember that visual; he said he could.  I said "Well, can you see them now as I talk to you?"  He nodded, said "Sure."  I said "See if you can do this - freeze frame their image.  Can you see them clearly, like the color of their eyes?"

He said "Yes."

He said "I see the four of them in front of me."  I said, "Okay, so go closer, see if you can walk up and take one of them by the hand?"  The veteran nodded and said "Okay."  I said "Is there any sensation when you do that?"

He said "Yes there is. We were drinking buddies."  

I said "Pick one of them. What's his name?"  He said "Brad."  I said, "Is there any emotion associated with him?"

The veteran said "He sayin' "What are you doing here?"  He laughed, surprised.  

I said "Well that makes sense.  He would have known that during your death event, you weren't supposed to be there. Now see if you can walk around standing behind Brad's shoulder.  Look back at yourself.  What do you see?" 

He said "Wow. I look like I'm about 18." (He's currently in his 70's).

I said "Okay, that's interesting. Here you are your age now, looking back at yourself as a young man." 

I said "Let me ask your friend Brad a direct question and Brad, I want you to put the answer in our friend's mind. Brad, do you still exist?  Are you still around? Do you reach out to our friend here sometimes?" 

The Veteran said "He said, "Where have you been?"  

I laughed. "Does that sound like the kind of thing that he would say?"  Tears came into his eyes and he nodded. "Yeah."

I said "Okay, Brad, this is the kind of work I do, helping people to get in touch with their friends no longer on the planet. Can you do me a favor and could you put a sensation in our veteran friend here, somewhere he can feel it? Can you put a feeling in his body so that he knows that's you reaching out to him?"  

The veteran nodded. "Okay, I feel it."  

I said "So whenever you want to think of your friends, whenever you have this feeling, that's their way of reaching out to you. My research shows that when we leave here, we go home. You're the one that's still on duty. You're the one that's still on deck. Working. They went home. They're all okay."

I said "So boys. Whenever your pal here is feeling blue, lonely, whatever, tap him on the shoulder and give him that sensation. Can you do that for me, Brad? Give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down." I asked the veteran; "What do you see?"

The veteran said "He just gave me a thumbs up."  

I said "Brad, is this weird for you to be having a conversation with your old pal here on board the Midway?"  

The veteran laughed, "It is weird. But you were able to make the connection."

I said, "Well I can't see him. I didn't see his frequency - but you did and still can. And he knows yours as well. But let me give you a formula to stay in touch. 1. Say Brad's named. 2. Ask him questions you don't know the answer to. 3. When you hear an answer before you can ask the question, you'll know you've made a connection."

He smiled, took my hand in a "soul shake" - looked me in the eye and said "Thank you."

I said "Thank you!  It's what I do. And thanks to Brad and your friends for playing along."

All in five minutes below deck on the USS Midway.

Not a real docent.  An animatronic near the Captain's Quarters. He's a recording.

Whether it is the subconscious speaking or the people on the Flipside speaking - it doesn't really make a difference.  

There's no harm in paying homage to our loved ones who've gone before us, and in essence we bring them back to life when we interact with them in this fashion.

My two cents. 

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