Happy Birthday Luana!

Time, they say, heals all wounds. 

I'm aware of the fact that I'm older now than she was when she took her last breath on the planet... but I'm also aware (as are fans of "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide On How To Navigate the Afterlife "It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside" and "Hacking the Afterlife" are) that she's kept in touch all these years.  

And just yesterday - I spoke to her. 

By that I mean I was meeting with my pal Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer (a medium/intuitive) and we were doing a live interview with a mutual friend of me and Luana's... one of her oldest pals, a very successful film person. He's speaking to us on Skype - this person specifically wanted to speak to a few old friends - when I asked Jennifer if "perhaps Luana could come forward" to help assist us.  

with Dennis Hopper in "Night Tide"
And she did - with her wit, she made her old pal laugh and cry, and gave some criticism about a film project this person is  working on ("open your heart more in the 3rd act." ) 

Just prior to arrival at jennifer's office, I had thought to myself "Well, it's Luana's birthday tomorrow, I wonder if we can get her to come by to speak to us..." and I added a subconscious question - which was "How does it work for you over on the Flipside to prepare or gear up to talk to us over here?"  

And before I could get past the word "how..." she replied (in my head) "It's just like preparing for an acting role." (Luana appeared in over 30 films, 300 tv shows) "You bring up all the memories you have associated with that person, and then appear to them in that role as they knew you while you were alive." - 

I recounted that story during the interview, and Jennifer turned to me and said "Yes. She's saying just that as you speak.  Just like an acting role."  

The idea is - we've had many lifetimes here, we've played many roles - so if someone asks about you, who knew you at a particular time and place in their life, the person who is "being called upon" gears themselves up by accessing the memories of how they looked, how they appeared, all of the details that get filed away... so that the loved one can see and sense or hear them as they once knew them.  

With my pal in Rome
That my friends - and her friends - is a small gift from Luana on her birthday.

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