A virtuoso overnight? Or remembering a previous lifetime?

Here's an interesting story:

Funny. Science scrambles to explain the inexplicable. 

The narrator mentions a connection with "Seratonin" release... 

Hello? it's what the amygdala regulates. And what SSRI drugs inhibit. So you're saying seratonin is involved with his musical ability? (Where do we sign up for that same drug? Just kidding.  It's a claim of synesthesia - or the brain rewiring itself to some unknown place where music plays in fairyland.)

How about just having a scientist offer "we have no clue?" 

Here's what science actually shows. That consciousness is NOT confined to the brain. (view UVA's DOPS talk this past week demonstration that consciousness IS NOT confined to the brain.

Start there. 

If consciousness is not confined to the brain, then there is the possibility that a previous lifetime may be involved with his "spontaneous memory." (See Xenoglossy among other brain "miracles") 

This fellow "likely" played the piano in a previous lifetime. (See Dr. Jim Tucker's books on children with memories of previous lifetimes (and talents) or Carol Bowman's work.)  Their books are filled with people remembering all kinds of things about previous lifetimes.

But here's an interesting option:

Youtube has created robot crawlers (for Terms of Service violations) to search out rhythm and note frequency to identify if someone is "stealing" a previous musician's music (TOS copyright violations.) 

If this gent wants to know "who he was" when he "learned how to play" he can seek the help of a hypnotherapist (I recommend those trained in the Newton Institute method) or he can have a search-bot find the same notes/style he's playing in a music catalog. 

You heard it here FIRST.

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