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Surprised and chagrined by the latest reviews on the version of “Hackingthe Afterlife...”

Narrator/Author was easy to listen to and at the top of my list for books on the afterlife. I have listened to quite a few and would recommend this one as the first book to read/listen to if you are questioning why you are here and what you will do after. Thank you for having it on Audible!

(You’re welcome, thank you!)

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Conservative GirlMiami01-27-17

this is an excellent book and I didn't mind the narrators natural was real, human and endearing. God Bless You and yours, for all your hard work. wishing you nothing but love-liness!!!! Emily

(Thank you Emily, most appreciated)

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Amazon CustomerIllinois, USA01-18-17

I've read and listened to many books in this genre and Rich does a great job at making the subject matter accessible and enjoyable. This is the first book that I have heard Rich narrate and so it was slightly different and not what you would be accustomed to from an audio book. However, his natural approach generates a more intimate and personal environment which adds to the entertainment. 

Having read Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, Jane Roberts, and Dolores Cannon, amongst others, there was not a lot of new material but what he does is bring the concepts together in a manner that is not overwhelming. For those beginning their journey into this field, Hacking is a great springboard that will send you on your way to a deeper understanding of what you will discover on the flip side.

(Thank you!)

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nothing better than a real-world author reading his own words of important things like spirituality in the afterlife, but reading it as if you were sitting in a Tavern and having the conversation over a drink with a good buddy. It's not boring spirituality lectures, it's stories of research into past life regressions and medium sessions with logic and humor SD structure and bases.

(Drinks on the house!)


As in the title, Rich's work is fantastic, but he should have practiced his reading & used consistent acoustics.

His work is real & his humor is great.... if he wasn't surprised over & over by his own words & the wording of the book it would have had the impact that it deserved - I would still want him to be the reader, just practiced...

(I agree.  Elocution lessons for me!)

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Marcia D.01-05-17

A true gift to everyone...particularly those whose hearts and minds pursue the "eternal questions" that continue to plague us and our planet...Rich Martini gladly shares the gold from his studies, research documentaries, filmed and radio interviews, personal experiences in the crossover worlds, questions, conjecture, opinions and, among all those facets gathered and recorded from the combined worlds of earth life and Spirit, issues proffered for any perspectives anyone may seek. I find endless delight in the ebook narration of this work simply because he exudes such irrepressible humor, common sense, joyful spontaneity and engaging warmth in the eager, direct conversations-with-a-friend spirit that leaps into the atmosphere and fills the personal space of the listener. In my almost 50 years of traveling these paths, this is surely the best summation I've found to date of the wisest truths that are there for the gathering. 

Congratulations, Rich Martini...and Thank You!

(Thank you Marcia!  Very kind.)
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BebeCentreville, VA12-30-16

Any additional comments?

While the narration is different from other audiobooks I wouldn't say it bothered me. This book felt more like I was listening to a speech which in no way took away from the content. If you're a fan of esoterica or are open minded to discover new materials then this book is a treasure! I've read or listened to 100's on this topic and while some of the information and ideas already exist in print it's the depth of review that appeals to me in this book. Plus, there was plenty of new information. I found the listen to be delightful.

(I found this review to be delightful. Thanks.)

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JoyChimayo, Nm, United States12-29-16

What did you love best about Hacking the Afterlife?

I love the author's reading of the book. His voice, humor and asides make a subject that is hard to believe very compelling. In studying the afterlife through reading many books, I am still unsure. I like this author. I think that he believes what he's saying. I am not with him as an absolute believer. I'm thinking about taking a deep hypnosis session because I listened to this book. Not sure, but maybe..
The Jesus fixation was a little strange. But I went with it. So many people who were with Jesus at one time or another? Strains credulity to a very, very, very limit. Still, I went with it. Kinda.

What other book might you compare Hacking the Afterlife to and why?
LIfe After Life.

Which character – as performed by Richard Martini – was your favorite?
Richard Martini is very funny and smart, and all of this book is done in his voice. I love his voice.

Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?
No. I listened to it in seven parts.

Any additional comments?
Keep going, Richard Martini. If I'm interested, many people are. Maybe less Jesus next time.

(Thanks Joy! I’ll let Jesus know! (just kidding) I’m just reporting though.)

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G. Merkel01-14-17

What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

Was hoping for some, if not brilliant, at least interesting glimpses of the afterlife. Instead this book turned into a rambling monologue with very little substance and endless "name dropping." Heard about Amelia Earhart to ad nauseum with claims that she was a spy captured by the Japanese (he spent over an hour on that alone). Then of course, there was a long torturous interview with none other than Jesus himself, who claims not to have died on the cross after all. Michael Jackson put in an appearance as well as Robin Williams and the list goes on. Although I have no way of knowing what actually happened to these individuals, the story lines which were supposed to have been given through a medium, were all over the place and sometimes even contradictory. Boring would be an understatement. After about 6 hrs. of listening and trying my best to be open minded, I simply couldn't take anymore.

Has Hacking the Afterlife turned you off from other books in this genre?

Luckily, I have listened to books by many other authors on this subject which I thoroughly enjoyed and felt that I came away with a greater understanding of the topic. Raymond Moody, Jeffrey Long, Brian Weiss, James Van Praagh, Penny Sartori, Michael Newton and Eben Alexander, among others, have some terrific books on the subject and I am hoping they will release more.

How could the performance have been better?

In all fairness, I have read previous books by Richard Martini "The Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and they were not that bad. Although most of his work seems to revolve around the rich and or famous, not the regular person on the street, he at least didn't belabor one historic figure to the same degree in those books. I was able to get through them. My main complaint is that his works are filled with way too much dialogue and irrelevant information, rather than giving much insight into the afterlife. It almost comes across more like a bad script stuffed with fillers.

What reaction did this book spark in you? Anger, sadness, disappointment?

Main reaction was disappointment since I had really been looking forward to listening to this book, and then found out that it couldn't hold my interest.

Any additional comments?

The book came across as being fabricated and lacking in authenticity. If it was genuine, then it fell short of convincing this reader. At the very least, it could have been entertaining, even if I didn't buy it. Which is not to say that I am a skeptic on the subject, just this one particular book.

I tracked down Cheryl on Facebook and wrote the following:

Cheryl! I'm sorry you didn't like my audio version of "Hacking the Afterlife." How can I make it up to you?  I hope you asked for your money back... sounds like you had a hard time listening to it... really, tell me how. have you seen the print copy? (Michael Jackson isn't in it... I think you meant Prince, but that's not my choice - I didn't ask for any celebrities to "come through" - but I do live in hollywood). 

So I knew Robin Williams, I reviewed Prince for a show he did and saw him backstage... I don't know why they reached out to Jennifer Shaffer - but they did. Don't know what to say about it feeling fabricated - you've written positive reviews of my previous books "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife." Everything that I report is filmed. Meaning, I film my interviews, and I either post them online, or provide transcripts for what's said. The book are literal transcripts. The audio is me reading those transcripts. So not much I can fabricate.  

And as to Amelia - what can I say? After 30 years of research, I had 3 different mediums answer questions about her - and they were all accurate - not anything that is available in the research. So the point of her section was "new information" from people in the afterlife. Not because she’s famous. Because she’s still accessible. (as are all our loved ones.) It’s Amelia that tells the medium that US soldiers didn't dig up her body (she doesn't tell me!)

And finally - I thought long and hard about including the Jesus material - but this nearly half a dozen people contacted me to claim that they knew or met him in a previous lifetime... at some point I realized I was being prejudiced by not reporting that... 

Who am I to deny what they’re telling me? Again, I’m a reporter, reporting what I hear. Happy to send you a free copy of the book, or a copy of the film flipside? But Audible is a money back guarantee – and I’m sure you can get a refund. Thanks. Rich

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