A couple of Flipside Memories from those in the audience....

Some unusual emails and contacts from people around the planet lately....

My alma mater.
Phone rang. It was a woman in Canada.  She sounded surprised to hear my voice. She said "It's you!" I said "Yes, I think so. Should be me."

She said she had been listening to me on a blog radio broadcast the night before and fell asleep. She said that she began to dream that I was still talking to her.  But in this case, she was looking at me. (Gray hair, glasses, you know... me.)  The only problem was is that she'd never seen me before. 

So the next morning she went on line and watched a video of me talking and said "oh my god! that's the guy in my dream!"  

Trying to life Curtis Hanson's Oscar
She listened to the podcast again, and at some point they lost the connection with me, and someone in the control room said aloud my phone number to call me back to the show (Podcasts - it happens).  Only this woman could hear the person saying my number.  And she called it.

And I answered.

I said "Oh come on now, you must have seen a video of me speaking somewhere. I'm all over the net."  She said she had not.  I said "Well, there must have been a photograph of me on the blog radio ad" and she said "Well, I didn't see one. I just tuned in while I was in bed."

I said "That's funny. Well, let's examine it for a moment, shall we? Was this a creation of your imagination? Or did I actually come and visit you (not consciously, not aware of it) and speak to you?  What did I say?"  She said that I jokingly said "Maybe we know each other from a previous life."  She said, "Then you got up from the table and left behind your cellphone, keys and wallet."
Exqueeze me?
I said "Okay, try an experiment with me.  Freeze the image that you can remember.  Take a look at the phone. Describe it to me."

She said "It's a flip phone."  I said "Well, I don't own one of those - so it's likely your imagination of me doing this.  Open up the flip phone. What do you see?"  She said "I see a phone number."  I asked her to read it to me.  And in a very slow halting voice she read off the number... one digit at a time... and read off my cell phone number.
Me in reflection outside Ciprianis.
I laughed. "Well c'mon. You called me on this number!" She seemed startled. "Oh, yes, I did, didn't I?"  I said "So you are seeing that number on a cell phone - okay, it means that someone - likely your subconscious wants you to reach out to me for some reason. What about the wallet?" 

She described a wallet (that unnervingly sounded like mine - I instinctively felt for it - still there...) but when she opened it found credit cards and a photograph.  I asked "Who is in the photo? What's the first name that comes to mind?" She said a name. I said "Where does this person live, what year?"  She said a place and a year.  I asked "How do you know this person? Is she on the planet?"  She said "I don't think so. But I feel like I know her from another place - like from over there on the other side."
Everything's gonna be ok.

I told her to see if she could search this woman's name and find evidence of this person's existence. But perhaps that's the person who sent this message to her, for her to call me.  "What does this person want you to know?"  "That everything is going to be okay is what comes to me."

Then I asked "So what about the keys?" She said "There's big and small ones - one is a car key, the other a door key. And a key ring with a symbol."  I asked her to draw a symbol, and tell me what it meant. She drew something like the number 8 - "like the symbol for infinity." 

I said "Take the house key and take it to the door of the house that it unlocks. Describe it to me."  She described a two story house that seemed like it was in Eastern Europe.

I said "Open it. Go inside. What do you see?"  She said she was in the hall, and saw a plant and a mirror." I said "Great. Go to the mirror. Who do you see? A man or a woman?"  She said "A woman."  

She got the impression she was in Bosnia (a place she's never been) seeing a woman from the 1800's.  She gave me a name, a town - other details.  I said, "If you were doing a regression you'd spend more time with this woman. But based on what I've experience, look at this person. Is she a stranger? A friend? Or is she... someone else?" She said "It's me."

I said "Ask her. Why have you shown me this vision?"  She said "What I'm hearing is; "To show you that you don't have to stress or worry so much. Everything is going to be okay."

As I pointed out to her - that's a pretty long way to get to such a simple sentence. But by making it so complex, and a puzzle, when you get to the answer to the clues, it resonates more.  

I asked her if she really heard it. "Everything is going to be okay." She says she did.

Can you hear me now? On the set of "My Bollywood Bride"
A woman contacted me from Europe. She works for an airline.  She found me through one of my youtube videos.  She had recently had some very powerful dreams, and wondered if I might help her source them.

She told me that in one dream, which sounded like she was having an "out of body experrience" she felt like she was drifting over a desert setting at twilight... 

"My body started to shake, at my spine a tingling sensation (a bit like Kundalini when it's active, mine awakened a few years ago, but I didn't had it under control and it was very painful so I stopped meditating for a few years...but I  know how it feels). 

So I hear this music. It gets louder and louder.... music from movies.... (it was) soundtrack music that I like to listen (like "the force theme" from Star Wars and so on and many others) and then I heard voices. Whispers first. They got louder and then I could hear them saying "We take care of you all" (I felt they meant my family). 

And I asked in my mind "What's with my sister...? (Can you) take care of her?" and the voices said "We will take care of her, don't worry". I tried to stand up from bed, but couldn't move and realized I had sleep paralysis. Then I tried to force myself to fall asleep again to wake up from it. When I did, I immediately started to write to you..."

Turns out her sister has had a sudden illness. She's worried about her - so she got this dream where someone told her -- "It's going to be okay." 

I suggested that she try to meditate on the dream and ask some direct questions to these voices.  As an experiment I suggested she "freeze the frame" and see what she could learn without judging or worrying about whatever she heard.  Here's her slightly edited, complete reply: (grab a cup of tea and savor this if you please).

"Ok. Wow. My first attempt to examine it in freeze mode: I see myself lying on the bed in this situation and I try to freeze the frame. Then I said "Bring me to the place, where the music and the voices came from." 

At first I see a landscape, like a desert with a sky at the evening. I am kind of flying over it, in the air, then I make a sudden move upwards. I see light and then I see a group of people dressed in white (My conscious mind tries to judge it as something that I have read, but I try to say to myself "don't judge it")

I know all these people (not from this life though) and they are super happy to see me, laughing and joking. And they almost crack themselves up about what they did with me with the (Star Wars) music. Like friends who know you very well and who kind of tried to make a surprise party for you.
Here's a soul group. Got a surprise party for you.
I ask them "What's the point of always dressing up in white?" They said "Imagine how you would feel, if you saw us and we were all dressed up in black!". Ok - I get it. (This would really scare me.) 

I see that this form (of the spirits) as humans is just one they take for me but it is also convenient for them. As if they know this form very well.

So now I tried to examine the individuals... (previously, in out of body experiences) I mainly heard a female voice, (but) I knew that she spoke for many.... And (in my visions) I kind of saw her hair. Short wavy greyish, but no sharp face. So I tried to find her in this group.

But for some reason I couldn't examine them individually. Instead I (felt I) was sucked into them. I couldn't resist this force almost. I was just "one" with them. As soon as I tried to examine them individually, (it was like) I was spit out of this oneness. But it felt so calm and peaceful and I thought "Ok, just bathe in it for a while". This oneness... I (felt like I) was like a huge galaxy in this moment. I was in the universe. 

Another piece of home.
Then I tried to find people inside of me (from that "oneness") that I know from Earth. And again, as soon as I found them, I (felt like I) was spit out of the comfy zone of me being the galaxy, peaceful and calm. As soon as I found them, I also felt their energy and all the emotions connected to them and I was not in the oneness anymore. Which felt totally awful.

 I couldn't say if the emotions connected to them and the energy connected to them was my own feeling and energy towards them -- or their own which made them individualized from the "oneness." This really interested me, because in this life I have huge problems to differentiate if emotions are my own or if I just feel the emotions of others. Often it's all just a big enmeshed entanglement for me.

The first photograph... 180 years ago in Paris. 
Then I understood. To experience us and others as individuals we need to have all these emotions... especially/also the bad ones. The more "bad" the emotion the more we are separated from the oneness. Or the best term would be "individualized," not separated really, but defined or distinctive. For the first time I understood this now.

So to experience all this earth stuff from the oneness into this play with individuals, we need these emotions that separate/define us.

Hard to find the horizon that defines us from outer space.

I thought "this sucks, there needs to be another way". I then knew, this is what we have to try to learn as humanity. To hold this state of mind to be the oneness and individuals at the same time. Which as I understood it, is a certain frequency which is super hard to hold.

I then saw that is the reason for the strong movement of immigrants from the middle east to the west.

The middle east humans have more of a group consciousness, but they tend to disrespect the individual's freedom.

The western humans are individuals, but they forgot they are part of a group.

So these wars that are happening -- there is kind of a balancing out of these two two ways to be a human, that clashes now together.
Flipside is in Italian, Spanish

This movement through immigration is a start of a long process of coming together again to learn from each other, so in future we can hold this frequency of feeling oneness and being individuals on Earth at the same time (which I understood will be the end of this cruelty on earth and new kind of experience that will begin here).

I have to say at the same time I also saw myself in front of a bigger group of people. Like a gathering. This kind of "happened" at the same time. My focus was more on the other thing, though. So in front of these bigger group of people --  they were all light and dressed white and they were like listening to what I had to say... I don't know what I said.... but I remember that I asked if i could speak with the part of the soul that is still here (in the light) of someone that I know who is still alive on earth. When I did, the floor under my feet opened up into a dark hole and I was thrown out of wherever I was, and (it's as if) they wanted to send me back to my body. I don't know why this happened. (We discussed this later, it may be related to her "not knowing" how this part of the story would end.)

You can find God in the eyes. Always. There.

I also remember asking if this oneness is all there is. If that is God. I understood that I just felt a tiny part of "all there is." More like a soul group oneness. Which again is part of something -- a bigger oneness -- and that even God as we understand God, and that (concept is) kind of responsible for us as a part of a bigger oneness and it never ends. 

Like circles made of individuals and this circle is again an individual of a bigger circle and every individual in a circle is part of many different other circles. Like clockworks entangled all together. And that's why if there is a tiny eruption somewhere it will effect everything. 

Hope that makes any sense. Hard to put this picture into words."

Stars? Or just shining parts of all of us as one?


Wow. How about that? Pretty cool I'd say.

She tells me she has not read any of my books (although she owns a couple, has just started them) and here she lays out an important message for humanity.  (I could wait and write about this in another next book - and maybe I will - but for now, I'm sharing it with all of you.)

Our loved ones are not gone. They're just not here. You're on the planet for a reason.  Only you can examine that reason, but it's worth examining. We're all part of the same energy - and that energy is what God is.

As mentioned in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" - one person's spirit guide said "God is beyond the capacity of the human brain to comprehend - it's just too much information.  However you can experience God by opening your heart to everyone and to all things."

Got it?

Thanks for tuning in.

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