I Shot An Arrow Into The Air

The Arrow  

Longfellow shooting arrow (wiki)

I shot an arrow into the air, 
It fell to earth, I knew not where; 
For, so swiftly it flew, the sight 
Could not follow it in its flight. 

I breathed a song into the air, 
It fell to earth, I knew not where; 
For who has sight so keen and strong, 
That it can follow the flight of song

Long, long afterward, in an oak 
I found the arrow, still unbroke
And the song, from beginning to end, 
I found again in the heart of a friend

This poem came to mind as I was reading the most recent reviews from for "Hacking the Afterlife."

Note: In my text and audio I try to introduce the reader to my world - it's a bit messy, cats meow in the background, there's a cacophony going on - it's not to say that there shouldn't be complete silence, perfect delivery whether playing a recital or reading a book aloud.  But those mistakes, those errors, leave an honesty and raw quality to the work, that while I could edit them out, redo them, fix them, some part of me wants to leave them alone. "It is what it is." It's part of the reason I'm so verbose - to show the surrounding information to this research and to demonstrate I'm not making this stuff up.  I'm not polishing it, because "everything that's raw has beauty" (said Luana Anders in "Flipside").  So I work hard at keeping it raw.  I don't know if anyone will care for it - read it - or appreciate it.  I offer it because I firmly believe that whoever needs to hear it will find it.

Sacred Rain Arrow' by Allan Houser, Santa Fe
Photo Chris Smith/Out of Chicago Flickr

Amazon Customer 

"Awesome Research Material"

Would you consider the audio edition of Hacking the Afterlife to be better than the print version?
Maybe, I listened while reading the words in the Book. and the Material is very interesting and feels very true.

What was one of the most memorable moments of Hacking the Afterlife?
Listening to the chapters on the Message from Planet Earth and the chapter on Issa. Issa's story is one I have always wondered about.

What about Richard Martini’s performance did you like?
I love the pizzazz that Richard adds to his readings of his books.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?
It does not need one, because Richard has already supplied it.

Any additional comments?
Richard has topped his Flipside Series with Hacking The Afterlife. My favorite chapters was the chapter that had the message from Planet Earth and the long chapter about Issa. Everything I have read or listened to Richard's Audible Books are truly Awesome Research Material. I will be listening to this audio book several more times. I finished this book last night and started Richard's Flipside Series again this morning for about the 17th time. This material is truly awesome and consciousness awakening. I Love this information and it truly helps one love the people around one's self.

(Thank you. As I'm fond of saying "It's not me telling this story. I'm just a conduit for people who've shared their story with me.  They're not my words; they're theirs.")


I didn't favor the style of narration. Throughout this audio book the narrator would repeat a word which interrupted the flow or rythum of the story, it was very distracting. However, the material of the book was of interest and rated the story 3+ stars.

(Duly noted. But like I say, refunds are good. I was delighted to see that 2 folks had gotten refunds for their Kindle version. It means they actually heeded my advice to get a refund for whatever reason. My style of delivery isn't for everyone, I tend to repeat what I just said. Let me say that again, I do repeat myself.)


"My cup of tea"

I thought it was going to be really hard getting past the obvious flaws in the narration and all the apologies that kept coming from the author about the content of his book. At first, indeed, it was difficult.
And then I just pretended Mr Martini was in front of a classroom reading from his journal. At that point I was able to focus on the content. This will not be a book for everyone and probably will infuriate more than a few. I allowed myself to be consumed by this and as ridiculous as it sounds (looks) I think this was life changing. I finished listening about 2 weeks ago and I still feel that way. I keep thinking about this book and have nestled it into my belief system where it might really do some good. Honestly, I have had some kind of soul-sigh - a release of stress I didn't know I had or didn't realize how big it was to me until this. It answered a lot of questions and raised quite a few. Even if I end up dismissing this as truth, it was a fabulous experience and a fun ride. I cannot say I am a true believer in all that is revealed. I am taking the coward's way out and saying it very well might be true. That's good enough for me right now. 
I recommend this book and have already told a couple of special people about it. Wow
(Thanks. Again, I'm just reporting what people say whether its under hypnosis, whether its through a medium or some other version of consciousness being altered.  I find that if you string those reports together, you get another view of reality.  Of course it's subjective - everyone is different - but it allows us to not stress "over the small stuff" in a big way. "Release of stress" is important, however we find it.)


"Wonderful book!"

If you are drawn to the idea that death of the soul does not exist, that we are all spiritual beings living physical lives on Earth, then I strongly recommend books written by Richard Martini. His wit, humor and research is both captivating and wise. 
Refreshing ideas and noteworthy for inquisitive minds and metaphysical adventurers.
Thank you Richard!

(You're welcome Kris! Thank you.)


"Thank you, Richard."

Would you listen to Hacking the Afterlife again? Why?
I was one of those people who reviewed "Flipside: A Tourist’s Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" negatively because of the quality of the audio book and I have to say, I'm sorry. As an author who is also producing his own audio book, I now understand how difficult it is to get the work perfect. It's not easy.

Second, you were correct in stating that the work is more important than worrying about a cat's meow in the background.

I have to say that "Hacking the Afterlife" is pretty great. Keep it up.

Have you listened to any of Richard Martini’s other performances before? How does this one compare?
This is much better than previous book(s).

Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you?
It's all good.

Any additional comments?
Talk a little slower if you can. The words run into each other and the message gets garbled.

(I think this is pretty funny - when I read the audible reviews of "Flipside" one of the comments was "we can hear his cat in the background! C'mon!" To which I replied (in "Hacking") "My style is to include cats in the background..." and it turns out this fellow wrote it and responded. I appreciate it. My point was, the cat could have been saying "why are you talking into a microphone when you could be playing with me?" or "I concur with your assessment of the flipside humanoid." You never know. Ha. Note taken)


"Broadly researched, fun and educational"

This is a series of channelings/past life regressions and findings from research. The presentation is very casual - kind of like a podcast where there is only one person talking - but that's okay. The information is very interesting and covers a lot of territory.

This is well worth the price of an Audible credit if you are interested in reincarnation and enjoy reading books such as those by Michael Newton, Dr. Brian Weiss, the Erik Medhus books, Dolores Cannon, and more.

Lighthearted, yet parts of which are deeply researched, this audio book was informative, very interesting and enlightening."

(Thank you. I appreciate it. And am copying here to show my appreciation.)

Longfellow once the arrow landed. (biography)
You just never know where your arrow might land, so shoot it... don't take aim, just lift your bow into the sky and pray that your arrow finds the right oak. My two cents.

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