Geometric Shapes and the Flipside

As of late, I’ve been hearing from some folks across the planet talking about experiences that are outside the normal purview of research, but are similar to events in the “Flipside” books.

For example, this is from a reader who contacted me on facebook about the “geometric shapes” reported in a number of between life sessions.  So far, I’ve heard that they contain “information” about previous lifetimes, in a chapter in “It’s aWonderful Afterlife” someone “opens one of them up” to explore the “fractals” and information contained within.  

We’re talking identifiable “flying objects” that appear in people’s peripheral vision.  Some folks claim these objects can be seen as “orbs” in various photographs.  I’ve heard some people describe these orbs as “bits of dust on the lens” to “my uncle Pete showing up from the other side.” 

I don’t claim to know what they are, or why they are.  But I do report what I hear when it’s consistent.  In this case, I’ve had at least half a dozen sessions where people describe some version of these “etheric hard drives” that retain information about our past lives, that travel with us through our lives, and function as “ball bearings” to help us during our lifetime.

I’m sharing this email exchange so as to put the issue onto the planet.

Lynne: Have read your books.  Interesting to read about "packets" of information - I had the experience of seeing a hexagon shape, looked like white sugar icing on it, with symbols/numbers and a red orb - was wide awake at the time!  Just thought you'd like to know that this happened whilst I was not hypnotised!  Odd :-)

RM: I was just talking about these yesterday with a biophysicist... it was like talking to a someone in a foreign language...  I was telling him that people see various different objects... some see fractals, some see geometric shapes - some see lights... and when I ask what they are, they give various answers like "they contain really old information" or "they're like traveling hard drives that retain all the information of previous lifetimes" or "they're tiny, and look like a geometric shape..."

Since you saw one while fully conscious, let me ask you some questions while you're fully conscious... (are we ever fully conscious? Just kidding).  Do me a favor, copy and paste these questions into a document - so you can really meditate on them, or just allow the first thought that comes into your mind...

  • 1. can you draw the hexagon shape? or do your best. 
  • 2. draw the numbers or symbols as best you can.  don't have to be accurate, just whatever comes to mind. 
  • 3. what comes to mind when I ask you "what do the symbols or numbers mean?"  try to examine each one - individually.. (like I saw a symbol on a chalkboard and said "oh, that is the symbol for time and pressure - that this object (a crystal) requires time and a certain amount of pressure to be created, and the symbol represents that).  Don't be concerned if you don't know exactly what the symbols or numbers mean, but try to discern what they generally mean.  number refers to... or that's a symbol that means something like..." as best you can. 
  • 4. What does the color or vibration of energy that looks red signify?  Is this a medium for holding onto it? 
  • 5. Why are they generally not visible? is it because they're moving at a different frequency? (I suspect that many "orbs" people talk about are actually objects that we just can't see with the naked eye - almost like being a hummingbird and trying to make out something moving at a different rate altogether).
  • 6. What's the function of the "sugar icing" on this object? Is that related to you or the object itself? 
  • 7. Is there any way that we can measure, examine or identify these objects using tools available to us?  What tools could we use? 
  • 8. Is there something related to the knowledge of these objects that might be useful to the planet, or useful to pass along?  If we studied them could we help other people, or is it an individual thing meant just for the person seeing or identifying them? 
  • 9.  What specifically is your geometric shape? What does it contain? And how do you access it consciously? (i.e., is it for emergencies, or a tool we use all the time) and
  • 10. Why is it in the shape of a hexagon - if you look at it really closely, how does this object retain information?

I know that's a lot of questions - and I know we're not in a hurry to find this stuff out (or maybe we should be? I don't know.)  But try not to judge it in any way - meaning you can avoid the pitfall of "this odd thing happened to me and I must share it with the world - and oh,that's funny all my friends stopped taking my calls.."  There may be a subtle reason this happened - or it may signal something more...

Lynne: Will do- I've been researching this for the last 7 years - will tell you the history and also I've been looking into other stuff - be pleased to share 😀
PS - I've also seen mosaic shapes 🤔

Lynne’s reply to my questions:

"Just a little bit about me - I’m a retired teacher, was Head of Computing in a High School and also taught teachers.  I am married, with 2 grown up daughters, also married, have 5 grandchildren, 3 living in Australia, and 2 in South Wales, UK, where I live. 

You could say I have my head screwed on the right way!  At least until I retired and started exploring psychic phenomena J 

I took early retirement 7 years ago, and our passion is exploration and travel, worldwide and in Europe.
I am a qualified Reiki practitioner, but only use Reiki on family and friends, love animals and music.
When I retired I decided to start researching things I was interested, including mediumship, (Channelling) , UFOs, astronomy , religions, history, Quantum theories, and anything out of the ordinary.  I was sceptical about so much, and I wanted to prove to myself whether or not there was truth in spirit communication and other phenomena and if it was scientifically provable.

I’ve been reading about conspiracy “theories”  books by David Icke (which sparked off a whole new train of thought)  John Lamb Lash (mythology and truth)  David Wilcock , Colin Wilson,  Alan Watts, Terence McKenna, Rick Strassman MD (DMT and drugs) Jaques Vallee (UFOs) Michael Talbot  (Quantum Theory) Stephen Hawkin, Richard Dawkins, Jung and so many others.

A wide range of “theories, speculations, ideas “as you can imagine.

Seven years ago I learned Reiki, and have used it quite often, on request.  And I still wonder if this attunement changed me in some way.

I’ve had some strange experiences over the years, from a very clear “I am with you” voice when I was in my 20s and despairing, from swimming back to a boat, in rough seas and out of breath – I put my foot down and there was a pinnacle of rock there, giving me time to recover, and reach the boat safely (there were no rocks supposed to be there!)

I think I have has a life that, looking back, I feel was protected.  I was a sickly kid, nearly died a few times, had some miraculous near misses in cars, so I felt it was time to give something back to the universe, and if the universe didn’t want it, to my long suffering family!  My motivation was to investigate and report back to my daughters, so I’ve kept written notes of what has been happening to me since I started this journey.

7 years ago, I went to my local library, searching for books on any of those subjects, and. Being a small local library, a small section on psychic phenomena etc. but nothing I really wanted.  I walked  over to the huge travel section and lo and behold, a book caught my eye – It was the Scole Experiment – Scientific Evidence for LIFE AFTER DEATH.

Put it this way, if I hadn’t had too much experience of synchronicity in my life until that point, this was a slap in the face.  It screamed READ ME.
I did, and it started my off on a path that has taken me to see mediums,  have “readings” , go to my local Spiritual Church,  and read and read and read.

An amazing account of psychic phenomena, and recorded for posterity. It made it big in the Sunday Times and other newspapers, and then, like everything else to do with these matters, disappeared from mainstream news, hardly causing a ripple.

I was amazed.  How could anyone who read this book, not have their eyes opened to other possibilities, other dimensions, human and non-human life existing in the universe  and elsewhere?
It included documented evidence, and the experiments were even investigated by the SPR in
London, who sent three sane and sensible men there, who confirmed the phenomena – Montague Keen, Dr Rupert Sheldrake and Dr David Fontana( who coincidentally turned out to have taught my neighbour at Cardiff University and she is also very interested in psychic phenomena) SO.....

To cut a very long story short, my husband and I went on holidays to France, staying in our motor home and it rained. (This was before I’d read so intensively so no influences there)

The van was an old one, and it leaked.  In fact my pillow was wet, so I told my husband not to worry, and we’d sort it out in the morning.  So I topped and tailed, and slept with my feet where the pillow should have bee.  I couldn’t sleep, turned on my back, and saw a hexagon shape hovering at my feet.

It was brown in colour, looked solid, but was covered with numbers and symbols, that were “raised” like icing sugar in white.  I was astonished, and even more so when this red orb started to rise and passed my over my right shoulder.  I tried to catch it but it accelerated and disappeared.  

Did some research and I found this on the internet.

Hexagon and red orb – Someone else had a similar experience!


(No drugs or even some nice French wine involved by the way)

Until I read your books, I have never come across anyone describing this type of phenomena before, the difference being I was not hypnotised, but fully awake.

After this there seemed to be a “shift” in my consciousness - I had a few incidences of clairvoyance which were even odder after this event.

I do meditate, and I’ve also seen “mosaic” type patterns whilst doing so (In fact I thought one was a clairvoyance episode as I saw the design in an Italian church) 

I do not consider myself at all psychic, but that incident, nearly 7 years ago, has ensured I’m hot on the trail for more information and as I say, your mentions of packets of information struck a bell.

 I actually have done a past life regression, a year ago, with a Dolores Cannon trained hypnotist, which was also interesting, as I was apparently a child in Celtic times and was sacrificed – I saw a +
shape in a cave, and until I looked it up, didn’t realise it was a Celtic symbol, not a Christian one.  

I also (remember) a past life as a child, in Holland, in the 1600s, I have my name a Jocantha – when I looked it up afterwards, it turned out to be an old Dutch name (I’d never heard of it before!) and went to the Dutch East Indies where I died of a fever. I also “knew” about the Dutch slave trade. (In reality, or at least this one, I knew nothing about Holland’s history – zilch!)

Just one very interesting recent psychic event – I went to see the psychic David Thompson, and had my mind blown, which is the right word I think.  He is a physical medium, based in Australia, but comes back often to the UK.  All I can say is look at his web page and the phenomena in the séance room leaves now little doubt in my mind of survival of spirit.

Yes, my friends probably think I’m bonkers, but also when I speak to others about this, it seems people often tell me about something that has happened to them.  (I tend though to be careful with whom I share!)  I hope this is of some interest,  Regards, Lynne 

RM: Thank you Lynne!  Clearly this was a personal experience, and not everyone will have one like it - but it's consistent with the other reports about these shapes and I offer it here for further review.  So perhaps whoever is supposed to read this information will find it. Rich

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