A Recipe for Talking to the Flipside

Had a lunch with my pal Jennifer Shaffer today.  We talked about a recent case that she worked on, it was difficult for her to relate all the details because of the tragedy involved.  Sad story all around, but she was able to help some very distraught parents, and a family in the midst of the most difficult days they've ever experienced.

Medium/Intuitive Jennifer Shaffer (.com)
It's a gift to be able to communicate with those on the other side, and of course it's also a stressful thing to be able to do.  It's much easier to be able to speak with our loved ones who've lived to be old and ancient, and are still able to communicate with us. 

Then we get the chance to focus on all the fun things that happened in their lives, and we don't spend too much time thinking about how tragic it is that their lives have been cut short.

But since we're talking to people on the other side, we can ask them questions, and we can observe that their lives continue on - just NOT WITH US.  So that's a source of consternation - especially when we're so used to taking care of our loved ones.  Who's going to take care of my loved one when they're out of my sight?

The answer is that they're okay.  They're not gone. They're just not here.

Easy to say, hard to accept. I know.

But while speaking with Jennifer today, a friend showed up again at our table.  Because Jennifer and I were talking about doing some project together - either to be filmed, or to be written, whichever comes first - but the idea of doing a project about how to help people communicate with the other side.

Michael Newton

As noted here earlier, Michael Newton appeared to come to our table a few weeks ago, and to talk about his working with "that side" of the veil, taking notes on how to help people "on the flipside" communicate with people on "this side."

So I asked him to give me a "one, two, three" process for communicating with folks on the other side.  Recently I've been recommending to people that they take out a photograph of a loved one and to meditate on that photograph, to think about the person in the present tense and to address them that way... 

And he said that was a waste of time.

He said, "Yes, that's fine,that can work for some people, but most people get confused at the word meditation, as it implies some kind of work they have to do, which is just another way of putting up another partition to keep us from seeing that it's not difficult at all to reach out to this side."

That's when I asked him to give me a "one, two, three" recipe that I could pass along.

He said "Just think of them. Say their name and they'll appear."  I asked "Say it aloud?"  He said "No, you can think it.  Just picture them, ask them a question and they'll answer it."  I asked "How do people differentiate between what they're going to see as their imagination or wishful thinking and their loved ones actually speaking with them?"  He said "Write it down.  You'll hear the answer before you can think of what the answer can be. And when you write it down you'll have a heart connection to what's been said, and from that you'll know that it's true."

Michael was (and is) a no nonsense kind of guy.  He was famous for not consulting with other people in the "past life" community - he did all of his research over 30 years on his own, using his own powers of intuition and discovery.  And his four books make for an excellent primer in how to do that.

So I wasn't surprised to hear him tell me to "not waste people's time" with getting them to meditate on their loved ones, as the word itself requires some thinking and practice in order to feel comfortable getting them to appear.  His attitude was to "keep it simple."  

Just think of your loved one. Say their name to yourself or out loud. Ask them some questions. Write down the answers. See which ones resonate with you.
Wise advice from a wise fellow
That's pretty simple.  And I share it here not because I'm claiming that it came from Michael Newton - who also thanked me for talking about him in my books - Jennifer has never met the fellow other than through my books - but she's quite specific about her answers when I ask questions.  I filmed the interview, it's about ten minutes long and will either post excerpts, or excerpt it for my next book.  But am posting it here first, so those who need to hear it can hear it!

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