Amelia Earhart, Thanksgiving Toasts and the Flipside

Jennifer Shaffer and I were conspiring the other day on how we can turn our unusual lunchtime chats into a larger venue.  We came upon doing some kind of weekly event, where we chat up people on the Flipside while having our normal out of this world conversation.

Jennifer Shaffer

For fans of "Hacking the Afterlife" you'll know Jennifer from the extensive interviews I did between her and Amelia Earhart which are transcribed in the book.  I know how unusual that sentence is - but if you'll read the book, you'll see there's no other way to describe what that event was like.  She is the third medium who I have spoken to "Amelia" with.  So just as a data subset, I've asked the same questions with three different mediums. And the answers have been consistent and verifiable.

Many of the questions are not public knowledge because I've been researching her story for 30 years.  (Like one question to a medium was "who was the love of your life and was it a painter?" was correctly answered by all three.)  I knew that she had a relationship with a woman painter, and I knew it was part of her open relationship with her husband George.  I didn't know the exact identity of that painter, and during the second session, she offered that she would share that information with me in a "private session" - meaning one that wasn't being filmed.
Fred Noonan and Amelia
Not only was I able to track down that special friend of hers, but was able to verify a number of other profound details about her life, her disappearance, her death.  I won't go into detail here - it's in detail in the book, and clips can be found at - but suffice to say, Jennifer was the third person confirming the same details, and further offered "new information" that wasn't part of the public record, or any of my research over the past 30 years.

Imagine my chagrin when I verified that these details were accurate - meaning a detail that only Amelia would know about, because no one else on the planet was aware of it, and I was able to verify its accuracy. 

But last night I was at a friend's house, and inevitably the conversation drifted in the Flipside direction.  One of the people at the table had met with Jennifer at my suggestion, and proceeded to tell how Jennifer connected to this woman's brother who passed earlier this year.  The story could only have come from her brother, because it happened years ago in another country in their home kitchen.  

A party my grandparents went to in London 1933
As the story unfolded, this woman's brother showed Jennifer a scene that occurred in this woman's youth - ("He's showing me something that happened in your kitchen a long time ago...") a scene my friend had forgotten, had never shared with anyone, except her mother.  And later, she called her mother and told her what Jennifer had said, and the mother recalled the name of the person in the scene. "Oh you're talking about so and so. I remember that!"  My friend couldn't remember the girl's name, but her mother did. It was new information coming from someone no longer on the planet.

As I pointed out - this story would not convince, could not convince anyone else at the table that there was a Flipside, or that our loved ones are still around.  It would only be "beyond a shadow of doubt" to one person at the table - and that was my friend telling the story. Since no one reading this knows this friend of mine - then just my saying "it's accurate" does no good at proving or disproving anything.  

And if you spend enough time going through all the possible permutations of an excuse - all of it comes up empty.  Either it happened or it didn't. People can make up their own minds how that could have happened. All I can say is that it's consistent with ALL of my research.  People on the Flipside remind us of stories that only they would know - on one hand to tease us about them, on the other hand to prove to us that they're actually communicating with us.

In this case I know it happened, and I've seen and filmed it happen many, many times.

But as someone else at the table said "Well, I think it's great that the Flipside exists, but I like it here, I like being alive, I'm in no hurry to go anywhere else, so what's the point of examining that?"  And I said "Here's the point.  You honor your loved ones by acknowledging that they still exist.  They don't love you any less from over there, in fact they love you unconditionally from their perspective.  So if it's possible to love someone unconditionally who isn't on the planet, how hard can it be to start loving people unconditionally who are on the planet?"

So as an experiment - and based on Jennifer and my "conversation" with Michael Newton the previous week, I suggested this.  I poured a toast into the glasses of the people sitting near me and said "I want you to think of one person who is no longer on the planet that you'd like to make a toast to.  Only I want you to make the toast to them in present tense, as if they were still here, as if they were literally in front of you when you make the toast."  

One woman picked her grandmother, who brought tears to her eyes, because she felt so connected to her. When she started speaking of her in past tense, I asked her to change it, how sweet she is, how incredibly generous she was, became "how generous she is."  And this woman's face brightened as she spoke. As if the simple act of putting the memory of her grandmother into the present tense allowed her to let go of the sadness surrounding her passing.

Vatican connected light
Another fellow called upon his 104 year old grandfather, who had been strongly influential in his life. And as he spoke of him in the present tense; you could hear the pride he had in how this person lived his life up until he passed. 

How influential he still is in his life. And my friend spoke of her brother, who made/makes everyone laugh, and what a bright light he was/is in his family.  As she got used to speaking of him in present tense, toasting his humor, his family, his spirit, it really did feel as if he was in the room.

It was an odd moment.  Everyone expressed a joy doing that. And then a few minutes later, a woman who had claimed skepticism of the topic ("I don't believe in any of all that") said - "I've never told anyone this before, but when I was 22 I had this out of body experience, I didn't believe it at the time, but I was standing there in front of a campfire, and suddenly I lost sense of time until someone shook me."  

I said "Well, let's try to go back to the moment just prior to someone shaking you. What do you see or experience?" At first she said "I don't remember." And I said "Every moment is recorded, we don't have a delete key, so the memory is somewhere if you just allow it to come forward."   She quietly looked off in the distance.  "Okay. Well... I had this feeling of connectedness to everyone.. and to all things. I could see the connections to everyone, its like the invisible strings that connect everyone that we can't see. They look like lines of light, light that exists between objects... and they have color, like red and white."  

I pointed out that I'd heard reports like this before - seeing a "spider web" of light that connects everyone and everything. I asked if she had any emotion with this vision.  She said that she had a sense of love... "overwhelming unconditional love." 

I asked if anyone was around in spirit form when she experienced this moment 15 years ago. She said "Yes." I asked if it was male, female or both. She said, feels like both, but predominantly male. I asked if she could see him, she said "No, he just seems like a bright light." I asked about the content of the conversation and she said "He is telling me how things work. How the universe works. But it's not a linear story. It's like he's downloading all that information into me at the same time."  I asked if any emotion was associated with this information. She said "That everything is going to be okay."

I noted that it's not the first time I've heard about this apotheosis. That Mario Beauregard PhD talked about his experience at 12, when he was in a forest behind his home and "saw how connected to everyone and everything we all are" and had spent his life and career examining that as a neuroscientist. There are other cases, and I mention them in "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" where people suddenly feel "connected to everyone and all things."

I guess it's not that unusual I would meet someone at a dinner party who had the same experience.

I offered that we honor those who are no longer on the planet when we listen to them, especially when they bring along such a profound experience.  She took 15 years to share that message, and now I get the chance to share it as well. 

"Everything and everyone is connected. And everything is going to be okay."

No hypnosis.  No philosophy.  No belief. No religion. I'm just reporting as best I can what I heard at a dinner table at a friend's house, simply asking some questions that anyone could ask. Just a group of people sitting at a noisy dinner party, having a casual conversation, with me slipping in questions about the architecture of what they experienced.  

And now it's out into the planet.  How cool is that?

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