A Flipside email via Vegas

Got an unusual "Flipside" email recently... and it involves my pals Jennifer Medlyn Shaffer and Prashant Solomon.  Jennifer was in Colorado recently where a group was honoring her for her pro bono work with law enforcement cases using mediumship, and one of the parents she helped wrote the following: 

Jennifer Shaffer and Scott De Tamble

"Hi Rich. Something happened last night that I wanted you to know.  It is a validation of something Jennifer told me over the weekend while we in Denver, CO. She asked me "What important thing is happening on October 6th?"  I told her nothing that I'm aware of.  She said she was getting that it was important. (It DID!)  

My son's girlfriend overheard me asking my husband about that date when I returned from Denver. Then on the 6th she was at a casino (in Las Vegas) and heard a man behind her talking about “the Flipside.” She started asking him questions.  He told her about this man 🙂 Rich Martini, how he had met him and was going to publish his book "Flipside." He gave her a copy of the book and said, “I don’t know if this book is meant for you or someone you know, but I know I am supposed to give it to you.”  

My daughter told him that I knew a medium named Jennifer and Jennifer had told me the 6th was an important date.  She didn’t tell him Jennifer's last name and had no idea about her connection to you or that my husband & I had met you (in Jennifer's office in Manhattan Beach). When I told my daughter that I knew you and your book, she was doubly shocked -- said she believes this was a sign -- she will read the book and so will my son.  Can you believe it!!!?"  

Prashant Solomon
And here is Prashant's reply:

Prashant Solomon Rich this is so amazing! Yes I did meet a young lady at the Encore in Vegas on October 6 and there was this immediate resonance between us. We got to chatting over a drink and we're talking about spirituality, the afterlife and how everything that happens was meant to be and not just meant to be, but meant to happen at a particular time and place. 

We talked about our spiritual missions and she told me that she had been told by somebody with mediumistic abilities that something would happen on October 6. She would meet somebody who would change her life forever. 

The moment she said this, I knew from the depths of my soul that apart from this wonderful conversation we were having I had to give her a copy of Flipside, which I am so honoured and humbled at the same time to be the publisher of. 

To add another interesting detail, I was supposed to meet another old friend of mine in Vegas and give him the copy of Flipside, but somehow we didn't meet up and instantly I knew and told the young lady that that this book was brought by me to give to her, written in the stars from the time of creation.. What an amazing and wonderful chain of events! 

Rich Martini, you and me and our friendship, spiritual siblinghood and unconditional love for each other is a testament that the universe moves us where we are meant to go, to meet who we are meant to meet and do what we are meant to do. It is also proof that miracles do happen!


Well, actually, I do. I no longer believe in coincidence and in this case, since there's only one person on the planet who's publishing my book (in India). Prashant Solomon is from New Delhi, writes for the Times of India, and we met for a 4 hour coffee in Santa Monica, where he told me some amazing stories about his life, and that he wanted to publish the book in India. Prashant appears in "Hacking the Afterlife" (as does Jennifer) - the idea that he would run into Jennifer's friend's daughter and feel compelled to give her a copy of the book... well, that's about as normal as my life gets these days. 

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