Its About Time

All this talk about the Flipside has my brain working when I'm asleep.

Sometimes I wake up to hear what it was I was talking about over there.  Or while I was asleep. Or while I was dreaming. Take your pick.

But lately it's about time.

I've heard the new age gurus talk about "Time doesn't exist" on the Flipside, and that's a topic I've written extensively about in my books.  I don't care if people have heard from folks on the other side that "Time does not exist" - because my research shows that it does exist - just relatively.

What I mean by relatively is simply this; we have young souls and old souls over on the Flipside.  A soul goes through experiences to become an old soul.  Souls don't start out complete - they get complete.  So if you're going to discuss progression, then there is absolutely progression on the Flipside.

If you think of it like a University, it might help.  We start as freshmen, and end as almuni -of each class, of each life lesson.  We may not learn all the lessons at the same time, just like in life, we can teach old dogs new tricks, we can learn things late in life that we never knew.

Likewise, some young people come in as "old souls" talk like "old souls" and then that seems to fade away, depending on their age and sociological backdrop - and they get about the business of living a life.  But their "soul" or their "life energy" is here learning those lessons which get transmitted back to ourselves. And those life lessons are shared with everyone in our soul group.  And by extension that means that everyone in our soul group can access that life lesson, so therefore, everyone in the universe may actually get something from the life lesson.

We can think of those lessons as increments - as teeny tiny movements of the soul - but if you examine what I'm saying, that the universe is "sentient" as was reported in one of the sessions in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" - I think that's what he was talking about.  That we can and do learn from others experiences and mistakes - not in a cognizant, conscious way - but on some other subliminal energetic way.

Doesn't mean those lessons are going to be valuable for our lifetime.  But they may be valuable to our overall progression.

Back to the time frame.
A sunset here is a sunrise somewhere else.

I've been trying to wrap my head around it.  I had one person in "It's A Wonderful Afterlife" describe her 25 year lifetime here on earth as if "she had gone out for a 10 minute cigarette break" from what she was doing on the Flipside (she's a teacher over there - she was saying her class was waiting for her upon her return, and noted that it felt like that 25 year lifetime living as an English Captain aboard a ship in 1610 - "felt like it was only ten minutes long.")

So let's begin there.

If ten minutes over there feels like 25 years here (relatively), then imagine what 100 years feels like (40 minutes) or 250 years feels like (length of a movie, about 120 minutes) - and a thousand years will feel like about 4 movies, and 2000 years will feel like sitting through 8 movies...

So what's a million years feel like?  Over there on the Flipside? About 500 movies. 500 two hour experiences.  Like watching movies for a year and a half straight.

I mean it's a relative concept I'm pointing out.  But the reports are consistent in this regard.  "Time exists completely different over here."  I'm just suggesting that we don't have to go into a brain freeze when trying to examine it.  Yes it's different.  It's relative to who we are - and relative to who everyone is.  But there is a time line - just different than the one here.

I speak in movie lengths as it's a common reference anyone can understand
Some people can observe it in multiple dimensions, like seeing all the moves in a 3d chess game played on many levels.  One therapist suggested that from the Flipside, looking at a person's life, was like seeing multiple 3d chess games "from above."  That's useful - but since most of us don't play 3d chess - or can't think 32 moves ahead like Bobby Fisher could - it's a bit hard to wrap our minds around.

texting in the 19th century
My point is that when we think about the Earth, or mankind's journey on the planet - and we consider that civilizations date back about 60,000 years (give or take) we're talking about a relatively short amount of time. (How many movies is that? You do the math, my calculator is tired.) Not just in earth history - but a relatively short time in human history, since we've reportedly lived on other planets, and will do so again.

Yes, that is just my reporting - it's in the data. About 30% of the people who do between life sessions these days report some form of "off world experience."  Meaning lives they lived previously (or currently in a multiple lives perspective) not on this planet.

Further, people report we've lived on other planets before - that our etheric energy moves into various planets and realms and experiences lives over there, just like we do here.  It's a system that's been in place for... oh... a long time I suspect.

But how does that give us perspective into examining our lives over here from a Flipside perspective?

Meaning - how do people over on the Flipside "slow themselves down" in order to communicate with us?  If what they're experiencing is at that great rate of speed - and this is where my brain begins to freeze when thinking about it - what's it like for them to watch us over here?

Is it like watching a fast motion piece of footage?  (I used one to open my film "You Can't Hurry Love" - now it feels prescient). 

The best I can come up with is what it must be like for hummingbirds to look at us... moving in slow motion to their hyper reality.  Or looking at a school of fish that move incredibly quickly - when they look out the fishtank, what do they see? Images of really slow people moving around? 

Honest Abe is still honest Abe over there.
I suspect this is why so many people have reported being contacted by animals after a loved one has past. That it's easier to "manipulate" - not the right word, because I think it's done as a favor or an act of love - that hummingbirds, butterflies and other flying things show up to remind us of our loved ones.  That's a theory - not based on any evidence - not based on eyewitness reports - but just based on my observations.

This is why it's so hard for those on the Flipside to reach out to us on this side - because our receivers are at a different speed - like transistor radios compared to digital signals... however, there still are some analog methods to receive radio signals from a transistor radio - and we just need to be open to how our loved ones reach out to us from the other side. 

My Time frame thought for the day.

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