Declassify the Flipside

Another night of active discussion... which I'm passing along.

Another night of conversation on the Flipside
Seemed to be a topic that I'm familiar with, and to the best of my memory, it goes like this:

On the Flipside everyone is equal.  What that means is that when stripped of the classifications that we hold so dearly, everyone on the Flipside is after all, just energy. And by classifications I mean black, white, asian, women, men, young, old, short, tall, fat, thin, talented, not talented, happy, angry... all of them the same.  So everyone you meet on the Flipside is part of that giant energetic pool - as if everyone in the pool was a droplet of water. Hard to discern what different droplets of water are like - I mean I can assume that like snowflakes every drop has different qualities - but from our perspective, snow flakes are just snow, and water droplets are just water, after all.

Just a couple of droplets who met in Tibet outside Mt. Kailash
Each droplet of water is no different, no better, no worse, no richer, no poorer, no different than any of the other droplets of water.  There are some droplets that are older than other droplets, but they're wiser and understand the necessity of accepting all droplets equally - and some of the droplets are younger, and look up in awe to the older droplets - but after all, we're just droplets in the pool.

If you want to experience what it's like on the Flipside, start there.  Imagine yourself diving into a pool of other souls.  They're everywhere around you - but enough space between you and them so you don't feel confined or squished.  And when you send out a positive vibe, like putting an electric wire in a pool - all the other droplets feel that electricity.  Simultaneously.

We're all connected at all times whether we want to be or not.
If you're going to put out a negative vibe, the same thing will occur, but because that's a weaker energetic construct it won't go very far, because the positive charge is that much more powerful than the negative charge.  It's like polluting the clear fresh water with ink - it will be swallowed up and consumed by the rest of the droplets, as if it was never there. (Again, this is a riff from a conversation I was having in my sleep.)

Each droplet has free will.  So we choose to be droplets in the pool.  We choose to be in existence, and we choose to participate in the pool.  We can get out of the pool, that's fine, that's a different experience - but it's akin to being "separated from the other droplets and sitting on the edge of the pool by yourself."  It's certainly needed by some droplets, but the rest of the droplets are saying "Hey dude, what are you doing out of the pool?  This is where the fun is!  Get back in here and experience this with us!"

Get back in the pool! We miss you!
I've heard a number of people say "I don't feel like I want to be here. I'd like to go home. It's too hard to be here."  To which I reply "Yeah, you said that back in 1502, that it was too hard to participate back then - but you haven't read the small print.  You signed up to experience this journey, and you won't get your degree - in fact you may hold back everyone in your class if you decide you can't handle this any more.  You can handle it. That's why you signed up for it.

It's like an actor who says "I can't do this play. It's too hard. I'm feeling too much emotion. I'm tired. I'm bored. I'm anxious."  Well, that's what you signed up for - to experience what its like to breathe.  The other day someone in a sessions said "When we're not on the planet, we covet breath.  Everyone misses being able to breathe."  Well we all know what thats like, not being able to breath - and gasping for breath.  And the idea that we would miss it while we're not here is new to me - it's a new concept I hadn't thought about or considered.

Or its like a person who has a near death experience - they're suddenly out of the pool and their loved ones greet them and say "sorry, your time in the pool isn't done yet. Go back in the pool and finish your swim. We'll see you soon. Go back to work."

Another version of a pool. Pere LaChaise Paris.
There's a lot of things we miss when we're not on the planet (in the pool.)  Cappuccino for me. I'm sure someone makes a mean version over there, but it's just not... the .. same... spaghetti carbonara for example.  i'm sure there's a chef outside of Rome who makes a good version... but I haven't met that chef yet.... and it just won't be the same... oh there's other stuff, holding hands, kissing - these things are different over there, they will be missed. I had one friend say "It's different over here because I can no longer hug trees. There are trees over here, but they don't feel the same when you hug them.  So try to appreciate trees more."

Hungtington Gardens, Pasadena. Nice bench.
Trees are lungs. They even look like lungs. They give us oxygen. Why would anyone kill or tear down a lung? It's hard enough to breathe over here in the first place.  Why would we allow people to tear out our lungs?  

Anyways, my flipside thought for the day.

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