Let It Go and The Revenant

Happy New Year!   The title of the new film "Revenant" is apt for a Flipside discussion - it means "coming back" in French, but the English used it to refer to people who came back from the grave to seek revenge. In like form, according to the research I've been doing about the flipside, we come back here to the planet after a lifetime - not to right wrongs, or correct karma, but because we choose to come back here and learn or teach some lesson

The Revenant
  The film (and book) is based on the true story of this hunter who was mauled by a bear, but they added more events to ensure a stronger connection of "revenge" for what transpires in the film, and added an actual scene of revenge - when in actuality, after his epic journey back to life, Glass actually returned to find that his principal enemy had rejoined the army which kept him out of his reach of justice - of seeking revenge. 

 How can we take the lessons from the Flipside and apply them to our daily lives?  A person wrote to me recently and noted "What's the point of knowing we reincarnate if there's nothing we can do about it?"  Ah, there's the rub.   According to the thousands of cases of people I've examined under deep hypnosis, or who've had near death experiences, they report that we choose to come here to the planet. So when we allow that it's possible we choose to come here - doesn't it make sense for us to return to a planet that has fresh water, air and land?   

There's gold in them there hills. And every obstacle we overcome.
 If we are coming back, then keep the campsite clean.  If everyone chooses to come here, and chooses basically what role they're going to play - why do we spend so much time worrying about what role someone else is playing?  We can't tell them not to play the role - we can't stop them from playing the role, all we can do is appreciate how good or bad they are at playing the role.  We can offer them alternative paths to go down - so that they don't have to suffer, fear or feel abandoned while they're here. But we certainly are in no position to judge their choice of a role - they've had many choices over many lifetimes, and we can't possibly know or fathom why a person makes a choice to lead a difficult life.  But we can appreciate that they made a tough choice.

  In the flipside, people report a lack of fear, a lack of angst, evil, or negativity - in fact they report the opposite. A profound feeling of connectedness, a feeling of "unconditional love" that they can't express in words. What does unconditional love mean?  As opposed to conditional love - i.e., I love you only when you're nice to me. If my natural state of being (which of course is not being here, it's offstage, as that's where we spend the bulk of our time) then why can't I allow a bit more of that unconditional love into my daily life? 

And further, when we open our point of view to include the idea that we aren't "only" here - people claim only a percentage of our "soul's energy" is in our body at any given time (most people claim it's about a third of their total energy - and claim that 2/3s is always "back home" or "in the between lives realm") - where we experience other realities, other events.  I know how odd it sounds, but I'm just reporting the data. 

 Just opening our point of view to include that concept as a possibility - that we all have a higher self that keeps an eye on us, we can access guides and wiser individuals - as crazy as it sounds - is in the data.  Thousands of people have said basically the same things about the afterlife - I'm just reporting what they said. And when we start to think of these reports as data - as an algorithm of life - by shifting perspective, we can lose some of that fear, get over some of that anxiety, let go of some of that anger, animosity, resentment, we hold towards other beings for slights known and unknown.

    The Dalai Lama has a great quote that in essence says "You can't control how others behave, but you can control how you react to them."  We can't control how or why others choose to perform on stage, or what role they've chosen and we can't really castigate ourselves for choosing the role we've chosen - even though it may not be self-evident - just knowing that we chose to be here, takes a bit of the sting out of the crazy events that happen on a daily basis.

From Friends of the Dalai Lama
 So while examining the flipside from this perspective - that based on the data and research from the hundreds of cases I've examined - there are these concepts that we can use to enhance our current life. 

  I'll close with this thought - when beginning this research, I was fairly skeptical, and agreed to do my first between life session to see if I could prove it was false or somehow "directed."  Instead, I had the same basic experience many have - visiting wise elders to have an amazing feeling of meeting people who have been helping guide me for lifetimes.   Consciously I was in a bit of shock - as I watched my "higher self" make jokes with and ask questions to these individuals who gave answers I could never have conceived.  And as the session drew to a close, I asked if there was any concept I could bring back with me, to share with loved ones, or anyone open to hear about what I'd seen.  I heard myself say "just let go."

That's right. Just let it go.
 I realized I meant to let go of fear, let go of anger, let go of resentment, let go of prejudice of judgment of others, let go of it all because we're on the path we're supposed to be on.   I'd offer that it's probably the most important afterlife hack that I can pass along to anyone who can embrace it; "just let go." 

  Attached is a talk I did with Kevin Moore in the UK, at some point he begins to "channel" what he says is his spirit guide, so I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions with interesting answers. For more info, or to donate, please check out HackingTheAfterlife.com


Anonymous said...

Mr. Martini,

I am from the Chicago suburbs also and within the last year my life has been systematically altered and I now live (as of September of this year) in the Woodland Hills area of California. This was not something I was looking for and I am most certainly not into the celebrity scene. I started listening to Flipside on audio while still in Chicago and have just recently picked it up again. So much of what you are saying is utterly spot on for me. I have decades worth of stories. I am most positive the veil is thinning. I started a moderately difficult kundalini awakening just short of four years ago and it is intensifying all the time. I am currently in what appears (to me) a web from which I can't see the way to extricate myself (job and lifewise). I suspect that is part of the process for me. I was given so little choice (I know we always have one, but really it seemed very little) regarding the move. I had to leave a business and life I loved/was comfortable with and it was very hard for me, but doors were being closed one by one. It was surreal. I feel (as do others) like I am supposed to be here at this time, but I don't know for what. LA seems to be the antithesis of what has been important to me all my life and my position/work is putting me in binds that I had not anticipated. Can you even begin to guess why I might be here at this time? Is this a sacred area? Is there much to transmute here, do you think? It has been a roller coaster and every night I face more of the kundalini symptoms and its accompanying "stuff". It's exhausting, and my "real life" work is quite difficult to keep up with. Anything you can surmise. I just listened to a section of your book that talks about (paraphrasing) the upgrading of humans. I know this is happening. I'm still "me" enough to wish it could be done already. ;-)

Rich Martini said...

Thanks for the post. You can email me directly at my name at gmail - richardmartini - if you want a private response. But since you posted this, my observations would be first that it's really cool that you're able to observe doors closing for you. I know that sounds odd, but the other day a friend of mind was talking about remembering being born. I said "how could you remember being born if your consciousness didn't exist outside your brain?" (He's a skeptic about that being the case). So, how can you observe that doors are closing on you to force a move to another place if they aren't for some reason?

It's hard to look at the life we're living as a stage play. And further if you dismiss the "negative" concepts in the play, because in this research there's no real descriptions of it playing a part in our journey - that what we perceive as negative, from a spiritual perspective, is something we chose to experience. So the question becomes "why is this happening and what part did I possibly play in the creation of it?"

Once you examine events from that perspective, even as an exercise, you get closer to why things happen. So what appears to be doors closing (doors can't close unless another door opens, really, or unless you realize that you're in the room that you chose to be in). Or "one door closes another opens." It's not easy to experience change, especially unwanted change. But in my experience, what I've learned is that the lessons we've signed up to learn don't become apparent until after we've learned them.

All we can do is examine where we are, and then ask "so why are we here?" You can get an answer to that from your guides, (or your subconscious) by using meditation or hypnosis to access them - that's the fastest and most revealing way that I know. But if you can't find a good hypnotherapist, or you can't afford one, then meditation is an option. And the more open you become to meditation, the further you can get. You don't have to be on a yoga mat to meditate "so why is this happening? Who am I here to meet? Who am I here to help or save or share my talents with?"

Just meditating on opening your heart to whatever it is that is in front of you, allows you a different perspective. I've always marveled at the Tibetan monks who are tortured and thrown in prison by Chinese authorities - and while in prison they meditate on liberating their torturers from the pain they're suffering. I met one such monk - 30 years they tortured him, every day with cattle prods - he spirited some out of the prison. And two of his torturers died while working on torturing him. They went to work each day, said goodbye to their families, went in and tortured this old monk - and they died while doing so. Imagine their surprise when this fellow was finally released and he went to India to meet the Dalai Lama. I asked this monk what that was like, and he looked at me with such focus it startled me. Tears came into his eyes. "It was the happiest day of my life."

So even in the worst of circumstances, there's some stone in our path that can turn to gold. Look around to see what the stone is. Then overcome it. Once you're beyond it, it will turn to gold. And you will eventually see how it was transformative and helped you experience something better, more interesting, more enlightening. My two cents.

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