The Moore Show in the UK - Interview with Erik Medhus live on camera

I'm talking on this fellow's show next week, "The Moore Show" - here's a cool interview from last week with Dr. Medhus, her son Erik (who is on the Flipside) and Jamie Butler, who does a great job of speaking on his behalf. (For more videos see 

New information is in here: at one point Erik makes a suggestion that the host says he had just heard from his guides a week earlier. 

Some fun quotes - Erik calls coming back "extreme sport into human life" (the process of making the switch from there to here) refers to the "beauty of being human... the beauty of having the struggle." 

Erik asks his mom for the Schopenhauer quote: 

"Truth goes through 3 phases, ridicule, opposition, accepted as self-evident." 

Erik: "The hot ticket (in the near future) is going to be how science explains energy, and we're all going to have these.. aha moments." 

"Death is kind, death is a transition... we don't have to be so worried about success in a lifetime, focus on the emotions..." 

"Laughter heals... laughter aligns all the energy in the body so the (person) can vibrate higher, and you can perceive that subtle light energy... a wonderful dose of medication." (Same thing I heard in my 1st LBL - "laughter is the fastest way to change a disposition.") 

This is an example of how speaking to people on the Flipside can help enhance and be healing for what we're doing on this side.

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