Portrait of Julian Baird RIP

Sorry to hear of the passing of my pal Julian Baird.

What a prince! Greatest teacher I've ever known, quickest mind i ever met, his mind like a lightning bolt, to earn a laugh from him was an achievement, quite thrilling. So glad i got the chance to reconnect with him, hear his laugh once more, and am looking forward to hearing it on the flipside. Bon voyage Julian, and thank you for your friendship.

Our good friend Julian Baird passed on August 22nd. Julian was a remarkable man that touched a lot of lives. Below are a couple of links that I have posted with Elaine's blessing. One a tribute to Julian on his 75th birthday filmed by former student now filmmaker Rich Martini. It's worth taking a look at to see the kind of special person Julian was. Also I have put a link to the Cape Cod Times obit. He'll be missed.
 — with Julian Baird.

Photo James Demeterion

My professor at BU Julian Baird decided to have a roast instead of a wake on his 75th birthday after being told he had not many months left on the planet. 160 of his friends gathered to praise him, and I was lucky enough to bring a camera. It's 90 minutes, and includes a blues performance by his old student James Montgomery. This is Part One of this portrait - he'd disagree, but as he's fond of saying "I'd agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong."

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