Nagasaki and the Flipside

70 years ago this bell survived the first blast of a bomb that wiped out hundreds of thousands. As a meditative exercise, uncouple yourself for a moment from judgement either way ("it had to be dropped" "the war was already won" "they" attacked "us"") and observe it from the perspective of someone watching humanity's journey on the planet. 

Seems like a long time ago. And yet, just a flash of light ago. Once you step further into the flipside research, we can pause to honor all the souls who signed up to experience that journey on both sides of the battlefield. Those innocents who certainly were not targets, those innocents into whose hands were thrust weapons of destruction. 

Once we examine the fanciful concept that we don't die - we can't die, we can't be killed, nor can we kill, that we're all identical creatures here, all equal, all imbued with some form of spirit, call it what you will, consciousness, that apparently not only survives this journey, has survived that journey, but continues to survive future journeys in a desire to help others, to teach and learn or show up here to carry the burden, or lighten it, or examine it from all angles.  
Then this bell comes to represent a clarion for all of us to see our actions from a different perspective. We honor those who fell, who fought and died on both sides. We honor them because we recognize they have not died, they have transitioned, and yet they continue their journey, teaching new lessons to an old planet, bringing hearts together again in the future. My two cents.

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Whitehawk said...

Just saw Flipside on Gaiam. LOVED it! And I say this as a pathcutter who's had OBEs and all manner of mystical experiences all my life, literally since the crib. Your film offers a standout representation of what happens in between lives. My goal now tho is to move ON from the earth zone, so might you offer something cinematic about ascending beyond this entire realm next, pretty please? :-)

Then I looked further into YOU, Richard Martini, and learned we are the same age and from the same area. Maybe there's something about Chicago that brings this stuff out in people? Tho I always felt it was overly DENSE while there... I also had more "experiences" there than anywhere else! ... just fewer people to share them with. Dense.

Thanks for your wonderfully *conscious* work. Respectfully...

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