Jesus and the Supremes

Eight years ago, Proposition 8 was passed in California by a majority of voters to deny same sex marriage.  That prompted David Boies and Theodore Olsen - famous attorneys from opposite sides of the briar patch - to team up to defeat that law.  It went all the way to the Supreme Court and was part of the reason the Justices voted the way they did this past week.

What does that have to do with the Flipside?

Well, alot, actually.

First, think of how this decision would have affected people if it was in the Constitution over 200 years ago.  It wouldn't be an issue, there wouldn't have been a fight, there wouldn't be rainbows bursting out all over.  Other countries passed the same law years ago (Canada over a decade ago), so it is unique to the US that they can be so involved in pendulum behavior.

Reports from the Flipside - as referenced in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" and the other books, show that over there we don't have a panel of judges who judge us.  Some people as they approach this place where they can visit their "council" claim that it's devoid of any negativity, that their guides show them through images, feelings and sensations what their actions have caused during their lifetimes.

The people themselves have the lesson learned, or the transformation.  No one is waving a finger up there, or over there, saying "this is wrong" or "You did wrong."  They do however offer guidance and examples of what people are working on in terms of learning.

By and large these are lessons in compassion.  So it will be very interesting for those folks so angry about this recent decision, or angry about the battle flag decisions, or angry in general - about obamacare, obama, any other host of things that have pissed them off.

Once they get over there - on the flipside - after they're dead, it's almost universally reported that once they get there they're greeted with love.  Not just any kind of love - but unconditional love.  That pure sensation of being totally embraced and loved.

I've gathered reports from a few cases where people got over there and were horrified at what they'd done in their lifetime - murders, killers, other horrific acts - and they get the chance to experience what they've created while over there.  In at least two cases I've reported how people have chosen to "banish" themselves from the incarnation route for awhile, where they experience a kind of self imposed prison where they go (willingly) to examine why and how they acted.

And in one case, his previous lifetime was so controversial, let's say, that he was given the option to "reboot" his energy.  And he chose to do so.  He has no recollection of what it was he did that caused his guides to offer that option - but he claimed that is exactly what they did.  Pulled apart his energy and reconstructed it so that he was no longer a person who roamed the planet doing things that created chaos of awful experiences.

So if you want to call that "being punished" - certainly that's one way to put it.  But these people described it as an option - they didn't have to, but chose to experience these things in order to learn or grow.

Which brings us to Jesus. What's he got to do with this Supreme Court decision and tales from the Flipside?

Well, as noted in "Flipside" and "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" people run into Jesus in a variety of ways - during a near death experience, sometimes during a meditation session, sometimes during an out of body experience, sometime via someone who is a medium, sometimes he shows up in someone's dreams.  Now of course - we can argue "that's not Jesus, that's just people wishing it was Jesus."  Okay, that's true, that's accurate, that may indeed be the case. After all, he's never, ever wearing a name tag.

But people still claim that during their NDE, during some traumatic event, Jesus appeared to help them, to guide them to embrace them, to send them back to the planet.  And what makes it interesting, is that in a number of these cases, when people recount the experience - they have the same physical reaction to telling it.  Their cheeks turn red, their eyes water, and they describe a feeling of "not being able to breathe."

It's possible that's a psychosomatic reaction - but why would different people have the same reaction?  It's like if all three broke out in hives, or all three suddenly felt nauseous and threw up - then we could point to that experience or feeling to show that whatever it was that affected them caused the same physical sensation.  Let's say that every time Jesus showed up in a between life sessions or during an NDE people had an uncontrollable fit of laughter.  It's possible they're all experiencing some kind of psychosis - but why the same effect?

I asked Jesus that very question.

Recently, I was interviewing a medium who is quite successful in her career helping law enforcement. I've checked into  that aspect of her work, and know that the people who are skeptics for a living, still call upon her to help them in a difficult case.  (Their attitude is "I don't know why it works, but why question it if it does?")

So as an experiment, I asked this medium if she could ask Jesus to appear during our interview.  And when she reported that he did - her face turned, red, and she couldn't breathe and began to weep.  I asked "Jesus" what was behind this physical reaction? I pointed out that in three different interviews I'd filmed or seen, the people seeing him had the same reactions - tears, red cheeks and shortness of breath.  I asked him "so why the allergic reaction to you?"  

His reply (again, I know this is a medium replying on his behalf, I know the construct involved, but I'm using syntax to describe how it went) was that "because he was closer to source, the energetic pattern in his makeup caused that reaction."  He also went on to say "other people on the planet, avatars from various religions, also have the same effect, because they're closer to the source in their energetic makeup."

I appreciate the answer.  Do I think the medium made that one up?  Since I've tested her on other details, I find it unlikely. Is some other entity pretending to be Jesus or someone who just looks like him?  Equally possible, except that the same event happens when he shows up.  (Note: it didn't happen to me, and I was sitting in the flight path of where he might have been.  So his energetic pattern didn't affect me in any way I could discern).

I bring this up because in the interview I reprinted in "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volume two, this same fellow claims that his purpose on earth was to show people that we are all equal, just like we are on the flipside.  That over there we have no hierarchy, no race, no caste, no gender, no orientation or preference, we're just who we are, and we are all equal.  And that's why he went through the experience he did on the planet, to teach that lesson to folks.  (Just doesn't seem to have been interpreted that way.)

So if Jesus was here to say "Hey, love your neighbor because we are all equal and we're all from the same source, don't waste your time judging others for how they look, or what path they've chosen" who am I to argue with him?

My two cents for the day.

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