Luana's Birthday and Scott De Tamble talks Flipside hypnotherapy

For fans of "Flipside" today is our pal Luana Anders birthday - or day she chose to join us on the planet.

"The Essence of our Relationship"

Happy Birthday Luana! 

When I put this photo on the fridge in 1996 I said aloud "Look, Lu, the essence of our relationship." - laughs and cappuccinos from L.A. to Rome. About 3 months after she checked off the planet, Charles Grodin had the psychic James Van Praagh on his talk show, and Chuck had me secretly call in to test how accurate he might be. When I asked about "a friend named Luana" Van Praagh said "She says there's a photograph on your refrigerator that is the essence of your relationship." 

Luana's not gone. She's just not here. 

She's home.


On that note, I filmed this talk the other day at the Orange County Iands group about what it's like over there; home.

Scott De Tamble lightbetweenlives.com

In it, clinical hypnotherapist Scott De Tamble talks about between life hypnotherapy and some of the insight he's gained from his 14 years doing it, as well as the Michael Newton method of hypnotherapy.  After his 50 minute talk, there's a 20 minute open discussion, where I add my two cents about some of the cases that I've filmed with Scott.  

I've been filming between life hypnotherapy sessions for the past six years, many with Scott, and the transcripts appear in "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on How to Navigate the Afterlife" or "It's a Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside" volumes one and two.  

The film "Flipside: a Journey into the Afterlife" features some of Scott's sessions, as well as interviews with other hypnotherapists.(all available online, in audible, ebook and paperback via flipsidethebook.com.) If you're interested in booking a session with Scott, he's in Claremont, CA, his website is lightbetweenlives.com. This talk was given at the Orange County Iands group (International Association of Near Death Studies), more info can be found at IANDS.org.  

This is an organization dedicated to sharing experiences of a spiritual nature and most everyone in the room of this talk has either had a near death experience, or is familiar with the concepts Scott is speaking about (and people ask questions that he answers at the end of his talk) the form of hypnosis that is 4 to 6 hours in length, and was pioneered by psychologist Michael Newton, who taught Scott his method that he honed over 30 years with 7000 clients. 

 In the recent books, I examine the near death experiences (which science has been able to catalog and use in peer reviewed journals - see the work of Dr. Bruce Greyson at UVA) and compare them with between life sessions, where people under deep hypnosis see, experience, hear or feel some of the same hallmarks that people do during an NDE - a past life review, a visit with a guide or higher energy, moving into the light and beyond it, the experience of unconditional love, etc.  

Luana waving from home.

The premise of my latest books is that if we can study NDEs in a scientific setting and get verifiable results (that can and have been duplicated, in studies like Dr. Sam Parnia's "Aware" project) then we should be able to view these accounts of deep hypnosis between life sessions through the same lens. 

Thousands of people have had them, report the same events no matter what their religious, ethnic or gender, and Michael Newton has trained hundreds of therapists who ask roughly the same questions to their clients - and the results are remarkable for their similarities, whether the client has ever been under hypnosis, or in many cases, is a skeptic and doesn't believe in any form of afterlife whatsoever.  

So please listen to this talk in its entirety, if you have the 70 minutes, and keep an open mind. 

I've known Scott for six years now, have filmed a number of sessions with him, and consider him a virtuoso in his abilities to explore and examine what a person says while under hypnosis about their previous lifetimes, and the journey of their souls between lifetimes.  This is a pretty amazing talk, and if you're open to it, it will change your perspective about the planet.  

Enjoy. And Happy Birthday Lu. Without further adieu:

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