Reviews are in of "It's a Wonderful Afterlife" volume one

REVIEWS OF “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” volume one: (all verified purchases at Amazon)

5 STARS “Take the time to read the book. It deserves ten stars. DO read it. You won't be sorry.” 

5 STARS “This book and its predecessor "Flipside" brought everything together for me. The story in these books finally makes sense of the life experience that my wife and I have had.”

5 STARS “Love, love, love. Read this book.” A spiritual magnet of a book that smacks you in the head with the kind of truth that you can only understand with your heart. Take a stroll, or if you prefer a rocket-powered zoooooom to buy this book! I believe that it will touch you, no matter what your dogma. Shift-inspiring truths abound here, woven charmingly and masterfully into fascinating tales of a blessed life. Join Mr. Martini as he lovingly gives us open access to his recollection of a life well-spent as a fellow seeker. Thank you for sharing with us your lovely family, loyal friends (both regular joes and Hollywood royalty), and sacred journeys with wisdom teacher greats. Thank you also to the LBL folks for allowing their stories to be shared.

5 STARS More essential information in negotiating the "Flipside"...
I first found Richard Martini and his initial book, "Flipside" as I was training to become a Transpersonal and LBL Hypnotherapist. I found his observations accurate and illuminating. He has the ability to elevate a ground-breaking concept and practice onto platform that anyone can observe, understand and assimilate. In this new book, he presents new research and observations from many points of view, allowing the reader to understand and see different perspectives and to form their own conclusions, while documenting logical summations and supporting evidence. He does all of this with humor and a considerate approach to opposing views, religions, and healthy skepticism. I will certainly refer my clients to the powerful books he has written and the amazing documentary he has created.Thank you Richard, for furthering this amazing research and providing validation for the healing and spiritual growth possible with the enlightened tools of Transpersonal and Life-Between-Life Hypnotherapy.

5 STARS “Excellent book on life after death of the body” Verified Purchase
Excellent book on life after death of the body, plus, interactions with those still alive even with the one who has passed.

5 STARS Verified Purchase “Excellent!”

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