On the Eve of my Birthday

61 years ago (I'll be 60 tomorrow) I stood in front of my council of elders and talked about my planned journey for this lifetime as Rich Martini. I suggested that I was coming for a variety of reasons, including getting a chance to work with some of my old friends again (Luana, my dad, among others) and I had decided upon the novel idea of using healing arts through work as a filmmaker. 

Paul Tracey and Dave Patlak listen to me opine some years ago.

I know this to be true because I've seen this event, and when I saw it, I remembered it.  So it's no different than any event I remember in this lifetime - it's just there, and I can access it at anytime. I can reflect upon the logic of it - I can remember a number of lifetimes in the healing arts (a "Brahman" Doctor in Boston, a Sioux "Wa'tanka" Holy Man, a Brahman Priest in Kerala, and Dominican Monk in Italy, and yes, even a nun in France who was forced into habit due to a rape that resulted in pregnancy, a even a Priest in Sumeria, a place I'd never been aware of until I described it), and I told my council that I felt that in choosing to be Rich Martini, I could step "outside the box" with this lifetime, and bring healing energy to others through music, writing and film.

Me and George Noory after my Gaiam TV appearance

I reported this to the hypnotherapist who asked me the question during my first between life hypnosis session: Jimmy asked me "Why did you choose Rich Martini?" (Jimmy Quast of 

I said "Look, every thought, word or deed contains energy, and that can be healing energy, so when you write a song, write a screenplay or a book, or make a movie, all the energy that you put into each frame, note or page moves throughout the universe and affects people. And that can be a powerful tonic."  I then said "People who can belly laugh in a movie theater have instantly altered the mindset they were previously on - it's a healing thing to do. That's why you chose comedy as a vehicle.  Tears work in the same manner, but they require catharsis - seeing the tragedy, crying the tears, and then ingesting the lesson.  In the case of comedy, there's no quicker way to change a person's life than to make them laugh."

I also can report that upon accessing this memory, and discussing it again with the elders during a session of deep hypnosis, I said to them "I just wish I'd picked a guy who would be more successful at it." 

I chose well. (from a few xmases ago) Sherry, Olivia, RJ tolerate
my journeys into the Flipside.
I can report to you that got laughs - both from Jimmy who was doing the five hour session, and the "council of elders" that I saw in my mind's eye.  They all laughed, and Jimmy laughed.  The only time I've gotten laughs on two planes.

But - I'm not clear that having more "success" in a field actually helps you in the endeavor to heal others, in fact, it may hinder it. 

If this had been as big a hit as the audience cards
said it would be, I would've missed the Flipside altogether.

I mention this because it's accessible to my mind now, and when I try to think about those lifetimes, more details come into focus.

I could be delusional, that's a given.  And I'm skeptical enough to allow that somehow in some manner that I'm aware of, I'm accessing these "other lives" through some kind of faulty memory - perhaps the Jungian unconscious that so many claim people who remember past lives can access.

But I'm also open to the concept that it is accurate, that I am accessing these memories accurately. That when I hear or experience "new information" from the memory of these events, it's not that I'm accessing someone else's experience or energetic memory - but my own.

Nancy Allen in my fable about trusting our guardian angel.

For example, Dr. Brian Weiss recalled a lifetime where he was a wealthy merchant who met Jesus.  He never told anyone about this past life regression, until a patient who was remembering the lifetime where they saw Jesus walking the Via Dolorosa with his cross, said "And you were there."  And the patient accurately described the unusual robe that Weiss had seen himself wearing with its orange piping along the edges of the cloth.  As I say "new information."  The client could not have been privy to Weiss' past life memory - nor could he have picked it up in some "mind transfer process."  He was there, and Dr. Weiss was there as well.  

So on this eve of my 60th birthday - it's worth reflecting that I would be 61 in Tibet (they count the time in the womb as 9 months being alive.) I'm reflecting on my choice of parents, the concert pianist and the architect, who crafted such a wonderfully musical journey for me.  

Mom & Dad with Paul in front of the homestead

But I'm not 60 in my higher conscious self - I can't tell you how old that fella is, as I don't have access to an accurate date because they calculate time "differently" over there.  Suffice to say it's been a long time that I've been around.

And a long time for you as well dear reader. 

2nd unit on "Cowboy Up"

So while I celebrate this last day of my 59 years, please reflect on the fact that you chose to be on the planet, you chose to be who you are, and you chose to come to this page today to reflect upon it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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