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I look like I had too much coffee. I did.
Talking with my old pal George Noory on Friday.

As a way of prep, for me and for you dear reader, let's recap.  Who is this guy Rich Martini?

Just a filmmaker.  Grew up in Chicago (Northbrook), home of John Hughes, who went to my high school. Came out to California on a coin flip, went to USC film school, where I met my pal Luana Anders, who was a spiritual person, who got me a job working for her pal Robert Towne, one of the greatest writers of all time.

I wrote and or directed 8 theatrical films, most of them you haven't seen, I know you haven't seen them, because no one has.  But they're all children of mine, and I'm proud to say I can sit and watch any of them today, this very moment and be amused, laugh out loud, or get emotional over something I was trying to convey.
"Dialog coach" on "Movers & Shakers"
Walter Matthau and Charles Grodin pointing to
where all the donuts have gone.

I went to work for Charles Grodin in the 90's, helping produce segments for his show, and later, worked for Phillip Noyce on a couple of films, including "Salt."  I also started writing and researching what happened to Amelia Earhart after she disappeared, thanks to a prompt from an old pal from Northbrook, Abbie Adams Yaffe.

That's turned into a 25 year story - continuing to dig so to speak, last year I went to Saipan and uncovered 15 new eyewitnesses.  People who claim their mom or dad, uncle, or they themselves saw the tall aviator dressed in men's clothes on their island before the war began, which resulted in her passing.

But of course, if you've read any of Flipside, or Its A Wonderful Afterlife, you know that she's not dead. She's just not here. 

And how did I come to that conclusion?  Well, I had a visit from my old friend Luana, and from there I began researching the field.  I found the work of Dr. Michael Newton, a psychologist, and his books that detail the 7000 cases he's had over his career. I interviewed him and other therapists trained in his method of deep hypnosis, called "life between life hypnotherapy."  Turns out all the clients said pretty much the same things about the afterlife.  I detailed that journey in the documentary "Flipside" and the book of the same name.

But as I was talking about the research, I spoke to scientists who were on the cutting edge of consciousness research.  And the stories from people under hypnosis seemed remarkably similar to those who've had near death experiences.  

I spoke to a number of scientists about their work and research, and then continued to film people under deep hypnosis, and then found people who'd had both an NDE and a between life session (LBL). I found remarkable similarities in all their accounts.

Dr. Bruce Greyson UVA is in the book, talking about NDEs.

And like the Earhart research, I tried to stay true to a simple concept.  "What did you see? " "What did you feel or experience?" "What did your family or loved ones say?"  And then sought to corroborate their stories by finding whether or not they lived where they said they did, or spoke to their relatives about their experience, or any other evidence that shows people are likely telling the truth.

For example, when I interviewed Dr. Newton I also got the opportunity to interview his wife, and she was able to corroborate much of what he said.  But what was key to her interview was her saying "He allowed me to listen to the tapes."  And when she heard these accounts of the afterlife, so remarkably similar, knowing the backgrounds of who these people were, how there was little or no ability to find these this information in public - she knew her husband was onto something.

Just found this online - 9 Minutes of Dr. Newton talking about his work.

So I've been filming people during these 6 hour sessions. So far I've filmed 25. (Many with Scott De Tamble, Most of them I've chosen, because I know they're skeptics, or they're not aware of this research, or have no property to sell. Then I make sure that no one could guess who these subjects are - so I take out the possibility of gaining something from the experience.  I eliminate the problem inherent in hypnosis - a patient wants to cure something, they go to a person who wants to cure them.  

In this case, they're not looking for any cures, and the hypnotherapist has no idea who they are or why they're there (other than a phone conversation that loosely goes over what they might want to explore to maximize the benefits of the session).

And then I transcribe the session, edit them for content, and present them as they were filmed.  So anyone can see the same thing that I've seen. Here's the trailer for the film "Flipside":

Last year I asked people to donate whatever they could for the creation of the last book on a gofundme site.  It meant that I was able to finish the book and research and do those things that take time to compile this information.  So THANK YOU for all your support. My family appreciates it!!

It allowed me to present this work in the most unadulterated way that I can, without hype or bravado - because the content of what people say during these sessions is literally mind blowing.

So George and I are going to be talking about how Near Death Experiences closely resemble between life sessions.  How the hallmarks of NDEs which have been studied scientifically under scientific protocol, are remarkably similar to LBLs which have never been studied under scientific protocols.  How the cutting edge ideas of consciousness as told by Dr. Greyson, Neuroscientist Mario Beauregard and Gary Schwartz PhD in the book, can be linked up with what people are saying during a near death experience or while under deep hypnosis.  There you go. We don't die. And "Bob's your uncle."

If George Noory's recognition of this research as something worthy to examine encourages you to examine it, I think that's fantastic.  I've posted at least a dozen book talks, so if you want to hear any of it explored further, for free, check out my youtube page MartiniProds - and subscribe if you care to, as I'm told once I hit 5,000 followers I can get youtube to sponsor a channel.  Wouldn't that be fun?  All Flipside all the time.  The film "Flipside" is available at Gaiam TV (and DVD at Amazon).

Also, I didn't plan to talk about Earhart research, but George asked me to stick around for an extra hour.  Some folks have questioned my sanity about this topic - I've posted excerpts of my interviews with people on Saipan at - where you can see for yourself what these people have said on camera.  And finally, here's three US veterans who spoke to me about what they saw.

At some point, you have to wonder - why are people so skeptical about this information? Is it uncomfortable?  Why?  As I've said - Amelia is not dead. She's just not here.  So if the quest to find out what happened to her and her plane, why not just ask the people who claim they saw her or saw the plane? In this case US MARINES WHO ARE NOT PRONE TO LYING:

Feel free to leave any questions you might have - my email is like the youtube account - martiniprods at the place that owns youtube - gmail.  

Thanks for tuning in.


Martin Woodside said...

You had me going pretty good on CtoC last night , pretty believable , until the Amelia Earhart BS , now I dont believe a thing you say. Sorry.

Martin W.

Rich Martini said...

Thanks for the comment Martin. Yes, I would agree with you, if I hadn't interviewed 15 new eyewitnesses on Saipan and US Marines who saw her airplane. It does sound like BS... until you hear them speak in their own words. I posted links for you on this post. Again, this is not a belief of what happened to her - or a theory. These are merely eyewitness reports of what people saw or what their relatives experienced. The same way that Flipside and It's A wonderful afterlife are transcripts of between life sessions, transcripts of interviews. Don't blame the messenger. I'm just reporting what people have said. So don't believe me - I have no dog in this hunt. Believe them or don't believe them, that's up to you. But thanks for taking the time to post. RM

Martin Woodside said...

Best wishes Rich ... but whoever made the claim the Japanese wanted (seized) Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Electra in order to (figure out) how to build an aluminum aircraft is plain wrong.

The (1934) Mitsubishi A5M was an all metal plane with a max speed up to 279 mph (vs 205 mph for a Lockheed 10E)

That is just one issue that gave me pause. I do not mind fiction , or conspiracy theory , it is a big industry that sells a lot of books , which also is fine with me.

My angst comes from how I enjoyed the first part of your CtoC interview regarding the afterlife , in my opinion it has a lot of merit and I would hate to toss that information into the fiction category .

Hope that makes sense.

Rich Martini said...

No need to have angst. It's all good. This research isn't for everyone. If it bugs you, then let it go. Same goes with the Earhart research. The NTSB investigator I interviewed made the point about her plane. I told him they'd taken it to Japan (Saipan) along with her. He said "Well, that makes sense. Taking it all the way to mainland would be dangerous, they might lose it. So going to the nearest Japanese port makes sense." And if you watch the clip I included for you above - the US Marines who found it in a hangar in July of 44, they say (and I have 12 other eyewitnesses who say the same) that they saw the plane flown. So someone fixed it during the time from when it came down and lost its brake assembly and other parts, and was seen with a "broken wing" on the back of the Kyushu. My point is this - they had her plane, they fixed her plane, they kept her plane in a hangar at Aslito. Yes, I know they owned two Electras. Yes I know that Japanese planes were made of cloth prior to 1937. It is a leap to say they "reverse engineered" her plane - something the Japanese did quite a bit of in those days and after the war. I have no direct evidence of that. But I do have an NTSB expert, who has testified before Congress, who says it's his opinion that her plane was likely taken apart and put back together. And that's why it flew with the US forces found it. Again - this ain't opinion. It's eyewitness testimony. You can believe the Marines are lying, after meeting these guys, war heroes really, I tend to believe what they're saying. Like Louie Zamperini. They're too old to make it up. I have other veterans talking about the plane at - I'm fine with discussing theoretical models of what happened to the Electra. But theoretical models should not, cannot trump eyewitness evidence. Eyewitness evidence (I have 200 eyewitness account to date) can be wrong, but if it was made up - we would have seen other reports coming from Guam, Okinawa, or any other island chain in the Pacific. But we don't. We get reports that she came down in Mili, was arrested, and taken to Japan (Saipan). Not much to argue about here. You're welcome to your opinion, but I'm presenting the accounts of US Marines who saw her plane on Saipan, and then eyewitnesses who saw her arrested, saw the plane taken and transported there. Why people discount what they're saying (Because they don't speak English? I don't get it) is beyond me. But thanks for posting.

Rich Martini said...

Here is the coast to coast show from Friday. Description is accurate except Electra pieces found were in the Marshalls (not Saipan). This free link wont be up long.

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