Coast to Coast Radio Appearance 12-12

This just in....

Appearing on George Noory's "Coast to Coast" AM radio on Dec 12th, from 10 PM to Midnight.

Set your radio dials!!!

Are there any more radio dials?

I'll be talking FLIPSIDE.

cool cat, great radio host George with this double chinned fellow.

The topic?

The new tome(s) - It's a Wonderful Afterlife volumes one and two: More Adventures in the Flipside.

We'll be talking about the science behind consciousness studies... (Dr. Greyson, Gary Schwartz PhD and Mario Beauregard PhD)... we'll be talking Near Death Experiences (Dr. Eben Alexander, Colton Burpo, David Bennett and others) and comparing them to LBL sessions (hypnotherapy as pioneered by Michael Newton) which report nearly identical experiences.

With Kutenla, The Medium of the State Oracle of Tibet.  Cool cat.

What the hell is going on here?

We'll be talking about that as well.

Do we live after death?

Apparently so, based on the research, thousands of cases, and simple logic.  What's unusual about this research is the entire process - that we're always alive - including while we're here on Earth.  According to these reports, about 2/3rds of our "energy" is back in the home realm at all times.

Excuuuuse me?

According to these reports, we choose our lifetimes.  We choose our parents, choose our circumstances, because we believe that it's the best possible way for us to learn the lessons we've signed up to learn.

Come again?

That we don't die - we just move to another realm.  We can access this realm, where we used to be - some of us are more connected than others - but there's plenty of stuff to do in this other realm, including schools, classes, libraries playing cosmic tags and other reports that are frankly... mind blowing.

So if you want your mind blown, pick up a copy of "It's A Wonderful Afterlife: Further Adventures in the Flipside" volumes one or two, or "Flipside: A Tourist's Guide on how to Navigate the Afterlife" or the film that goes with it: "Flipside; My Journey into the the Afterlife."  Follow the links on either side of this page, or go to Amazon, or createspace or Gaiam TV to find the links.

Book features an interview with Robert Thurman on "the Death of Death"

And to Coast to Coast... where I'll see you on the radio!!!




Anonymous said...

Caught your coast to coast broadcast with Noory. As an NDE experiencer I can attest from my anecdotal experience that life indeed goes on, in my particular case, when you leave your drowning body in the cold ocean and do the light at the end of the swirling tunnel routine which draws you to the light much like a moth to a flame. I lead with this to ask if you have investigated the wes.penre papers? His research gels with my own experience as does yours. However, as in the two blind-men describing the opposite ends of an elephant they have never seen, by touch alone, and then arguing the perceived distinctions, the whole truth is lost because the rest of the data are
as invisible to us and to science as the picture of the whole elephant is to the blind-men.

Rich Martini said...

Actually, I've not had an NDE. I mentioned David Bennett's NDE which he writes about in his book "Voyage of Purpose." Highly recommend it. In my research I focus on accounts of NDEs that are similar to each other, or accounts that are similar to between life hypnotherapy sessions. Those LBLs are nearly identical to NDEs in many respects - so if you want to examine your NDE more closely, I recommend finding a Newton trained therapist near you, searchable through the Newton Institute. Best, RM

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