A bit of an experiment in writing...

There's a section of "Flipside" where under deep hypnosis, someone talks about how the energy of creating art is the same when it goes into the Universe, whether anyone sees it or not.

However, it would be nice if someone saw it.

So in that vein, I've made three of my screenplays available through  This is an experiment, to be sure, as "who wants to read a script that hasn't been made into a film?"  I agree.  But on some macro level, I've grown tired of writing screenplays and then ten, twenty, sometimes just a few years later, someone else writes the same story essentially.

This phenomenon may be ascribed to the "Jungian unconscious" - that everyone taps into creative thoughts and people have the same ideas all the time.  So perhaps someone will take a look at these screenplays and see what I saw in them initially.

We'll see if anyone is interested - if they are, then the experiment was a success.  If they aren't - well, according to "Flipside" they're still a success.  I'm working on "Flipside II" as we speak.

Here are the following titles:

1. The Merchant of Venice California

This is a literal adaptation of Shakespeare play "The Merchant of Venice" but set in Venice, California.  Shylock in this case is a film producer, and the money he lends is to make a film - this one. The late great actor Ron Silver had agreed to play the title role - I pitched it to Sony Classics - and they went and made the original with Al Pacino.  Find it here: 

The Merchant of Venice, California script

2. Tesla: Power and Light

At one point this was close to being made at the A & E network. At the end of the day it was decided that Tesla was not "an American hero" as they were focusing just on heroes of American history. Be that as it may, this is the true story of Edison, Telsa, JP Morgan, Mark Twain, Anne Morgan and the electric wars of that era.   In honor of Tesla's birthday, here is one version of the events of his life.  Find it here:

Tesla: Power and Light script

3. Younghusband: Journey Into Tibet

In 1904 the British invaded Tibet.  It's a wonderful story, an epic tale, which in today's political climate would have difficulty being made.  But it's based on mostly true events - I focused on both sides of the story as I've been to Lhasa and done research there as well. Find it here:

Younghusband: Journey Into Tibet script

These are all available in Kindle and in paperback through the links or Amazon.  Hope you enjoy these stories that are in cinematic language.

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